Oi, Ninja!

I was quite familiar with ninja behavior long before I learned the term for it. My first encounter with it was during questing. I was in Thousand Needles collecting plants in a water elemental infested area, and there was another guy in the area working through the very same quest. Twice, I cleared the elementals from around a plant, and he ran over and grabbed it as I was finishing the killing. Grr… I relocated to another part of the lake to get away from him, but he was back in my view before long. I remembered there were a few plants on shore, and I only needed a couple more, so I headed toward them. As I collected one, I saw him swimming toward the other, so I ran over and grabbed it before he had a chance. Take that!

Last night our paladin/shaman duo was collecting boxes from around the docks in Eversong Woods, and there were enough people doing the quest at the same time that the competition for them was pretty fierce. We were getting tired of looking for them, and were tempted at one point when we saw a guy fighting right next to a box… “Should we ninja this guy?” “Nah…” We didn’t. This guy didn’t hesitate to take boxes near where we were killing though. Oh well… We did finally collect them all and turn them in, and then a subsequent quest asked to kill a dude at the top of a building. We’d seen him when we were up there looking for boxes, it looked easy, so we started running up there. The box ninja, who’d just gotten the same quest, was running right behind us…

What ensued was a game of leapfrog. You think we’d just party up and help each other, but somehow, it just wasn’t happening here. We’d run and kill stuff and he’d pass us. Then, we’d pass him on the way up the ramp as he was stuck killing something. Boing, boing, boing, all the way up the top. He did beat us up there by a few seconds, and there was already a dude standing up there, too. At first I thought he was waiting for the respawn, so we’d have to wait in line a bit, but when our box ninja friend drew a mob, the waiting guy jumped over the edge. Well, ok.

I wasn’t paying much attention to what the box ninja was fighting, whether it was the quest target or not — I just decided to help him with the kill to speed things up. I dropped a judgement on his head, and the next thing I knew, I was being attacked by the dude we’d been sent up to kill. Ooops… so, my husband and I went ahead and killed him. To my surprise, his head dropped for us and not the box ninja, so I guess we ended up beating him to the punch. I guess we were the ninjas that time.

Anyway, the whole thing kind of sucked. I guess any time an area is crowded, and you’re competing for quest items like that, this kind of thing is bound to happen. I think we’re going to move to the Barrens soon.

We’ve both hit 11 now, and I’ll have my paladin quest to do soon. I need to read up a bit on the mechanics of playing a paladin correctly. Right now, we’re wildly overpowering the enemy in almost every battle, so if I’m not laying down the smartest series of moves, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t want to get into bad habits though.


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  1. I met my share of ninja’s aswell but luckily you manage to take better care of yourself, perhaps keeping people too much at a distance because of this.
    Anyway… the ninja who is freshest in my memory was this gnome rogue who i ran ZF with on my Warrior alt quite a while back. He was a quiet guy and the party (of which i knew none) were a friendly bunch, somewhat noobish but they did their best.
    But at the final boss this Gnome Rogue decided to need all the stuff, eventho he couldnt use a single item.
    I was pretty pissed so i contacted someone in his guild and he was kicked shortly after, i kept an eye on him for a couple of weeks and made sure he got removed from the next guild he joined aswell. (normally i can let go of things better then this πŸ˜› )
    After a while i removed him from my friendslist and simply didnt see him around any more.

    Just 2 weeks ago i saw his name pop up in trade, looking for people to sign his charter or at least his mates charter. I restrained myself from giving him some abuse but when i ended up in a pug with a guildy of him i did mention it. (“you’re not a ninja like that guildm8 of yours are you?)
    Not sure what happened with the rogue but his guildmate did ask me alot of questions on the event and told me he would speak to him on this.

    Sometimes you get punished for being a ninja and it may take a loooong time before it’s forgotten πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow… often I’m running instances for practice, not loot, but I still think I’d probably bail on a pug if someone in the group was consistently rolling need on everything. That is just ridiculous. I’m glad you reported him to his guild, so he didn’t just continue to screw people over without some consequence.

    (Thanks for the comment! It’s my very first… πŸ™‚ )

  3. Hi there, I picked up your blog via BRK and the post about which blogs he’d like to see.

    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this comment as it is quite some time you wrote this post, but I’m going to write it anyway. It’ll probably take me some time to catch up to your present posting time.

    Just wanted to tell you my latest ninja story. In SFK some BoE blue dropped and a hunter rolled need. The others where a bit, huh need?! but he sais he actually “needed” the item. The last player was afk so it did take a little while before the hunter finally got the item at which point he said “tyvm” and left us, sigh.

    Needless to say he got a good place at my “black list” addon You might find that useful with all that pugging going on.

    Oh and while I am in bable mode I remember doing the starter quest in the bloodelf area where you have to run up to some university of sort and kill a guy and his henchmen. I saw another player running up also (we were both level 3) so to avoid needless ninjaing I asked if she wanted to do this together, but got the short answer “no” so while she did the first kill I made myself a sandwich. Still irritating having to do it in the first place.

    Finally I just wanted to say I love you way of writing.

  4. Thanks so much for your comments! πŸ™‚

    Sounds like you experienced the hunter weapon phenomenon first hand! That really is annoying. Those boss quests in the starter areas can be a challenge to one’s patience, too. Folks want full XP, so they very often won’t party up. Thankfully the respawn times on those are pretty quick. I usually do what you did — let the impatient people go first.

    Thanks for the tip about Blacklist, too. I have a couple other addons I want to check out, so I’ll add that to the list!

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