Impending Weekend of WoW

We’re not traveling for Thanksgiving this year, partly due to work stuff and partly due to poor planning, so I have an entire long weekend of WoW fun to look forward to. Thanksgiving Day will be a day of sloth and gluttony with close friends, with possibly a little bit of WoW, but after that… Friday through Sunday = WoWfest 2007.

Some goals….

For my hunter… Rest. I’d run through Zul’Farrak with a full group if the opportunity presented itself, but it would be nice to let that blue bar of double xp goodness get a little longer first. (She did go through it with some guild folk this past week, but it was a run through by some higher level folks in the guild. I normally don’t like to do this, but the quests are done now, I guess.)

For my mage… I’d like to get her to 40, buy her mount, and take her on some mining runs. Her jewelcrafting is at a standstill, and riding will be way more efficient than running for collecting lots of ore.

For my priest… She’s now one level behind her partner character, my husband’s warrior, so I’ll spend a little time leveling her at least that far. She’s well rested so it shouldn’t take long.

For my paladin… She still hasn’t run Ragefire yet, so it would be nice to get that done, even though there’s little experience to be had in it at her level. After that, Wailing Caverns, and possibly Shadowfang, although all this will depend on my husband a bit. He doesn’t have the same endurance for instances or tolerance for pugs that I do, so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

My new computer, according to FedEx, should arrive on Saturday, too! I can’t waaaait….

(Work has been a bit busy lately, hence the lack of posting. Doesn’t my boss understand that I have terrible pug experiences to recap and poor etiquette to complain about?)


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