The new computer arrived a day earlier than Fed Ex’s initial prediction! Last night felt a little like Christmas eve, knowing that I’d have it in my hot little hands by the end of the day today. I played a bit this morning, keeping one eye on my mage as she did a brief SM-Library run with some folks from the guild and the other eye out the window, watching for the Fed Ex truck. I actually didn’t notice he’d pulled up until I heard some banging on the neighbor’s door. I ran down the stairs and poked my head out the door of the apartment building and got his attention. I suspect he was trying to deliver it to the wrong apartment, so I’m relieved that I caught him…

So, it’s now set up, and I’ve got most of my basic everyday software installed (FireFox, WinAmp, etc), and all five discs for WoW are loaded. One big patch installation is complete, and I’m now 21% of the way through a second one, and I suspect there will be at least one more. After that, I’ll pop in the BC discs, install any remaining patches, grab all my addons, and then awayyy we go…

I’m not sure what to say about the computer so far other than it’s absolutely humongous. I think the tower is at least twice the physical volume of the one its replacing. I have one of those big wooden desks with a hutch on top and a compartment below that is designed to hold a tower. The compartment is tall and wide enough, but not deep enough, so the computer sticks out of the front of it about five inches. I guess this means the little door has to stay open, but… whatever. Like I’m going to be sitting here playing WoW and thinking, damn, I wish I could get that little door on my desk closed. Not likely.


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  1. Just a little tip. I recently re-installed WoW on the GFs PC. I installed all wow discs and then immediately installed BC over the top without logging in.

    Once BC was installed I logged on and it started the update process and downloaded one patch entitle wow 1.x.x_to_2.3.0 or somesuch. Much less annoying than download, install, rinse, repeat, go to bed, repeat for rest of week.

    No good to you now, but maybe next time and maybe help other readers šŸ™‚

    this may only have been useful after 2.3 hit but it certainly saved me hassle!

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