A bit of catching up (plus, a new blog)

There is a lot I’d like to write about, but I’ve fallen a bit behind, so I’m going to summarize a few things in short form here, and then expand on stuff later if I have time.

Lalecize asked about how all my characters are progressing…

– Hunter is at 54. I took her to the Un’Goro Crater, and she is plowing through the many quests there. A lot of them are grinding quests, so I’m trying to save up more double experience for her. I love the area… it’s like a humongous Shimmering Flats type area (in form, not in appearance), a wide open area with loads of mobs and overlapping quests.

– Mage is still at 40. She headed to the Badlands last night with my husband’s warrior to collect the flightpath and the rest of the Uldaman quests.

– Priest is at 39, and doing some grinding in Stranglethorn Vale. I’d planned for her to level in Desolace instead, but it seems like there’s a lot more to do in Stranglethorn (again, quests that are familiar and stackable), so she’s there for now. She also picked up that new Weather-Beaten Journal that allows tracking of fishing nodes, so has been spending a lot of time on the shore taking advantage of it. Good fun.

– Paladin is 27ish. Last weekend, she and my husband’s shaman looked briefly for a SFK group within the guild (since they’re both too high level to use LFG to find a group for that instance now), but nobody level appropriate had the time to go. So, just like with WC and RFC, we decided to give it a go, just the two of us. It was FUN. We wiped twice (if you were ever wondering how far a Son of Arugal and the scary wolves would follow you if you ran away, the answer is “all the way back to the beginning of the instance”), and had some other close scrapes, but managed to make it all the way to Arugal himself. I didn’t think we had a chance against him at all, but we got him down to 10% of his health before he killed us. It was incredibly exciting. We were willing to give it another go, but getting back to him would involve dealing with a while lot of respawns, so a guildmate ran us to the end and squished Arugal for us. Normally I don’t like a run-through, but in this case, we’d spent many hours working our way there ourselves, made a valiant effort against him, and simply didn’t have the time or energy to do it again.

My priest ran Scarlet Monastery Cathedral with a pug this past weekend. I logged on to just relax and do some fishing, and got a random invite while I was still dinking around in the mailbox. I decided to go, since I did still need to get the quests done, and they said the whole group was already together and ready to summon me. I went to Booty Bay, grabbed my healing gear, and off we went.The short version — the tank never paid attention to whether the casters were ready or not, so one of the warlocks and I were often left behind, as we sat drinking to regain our mana (even if we said, “please wait while we regain our mana” — he was not reading the chatlog, evidently). Many times I was forced to enter a huge battle without full mana, just to try to prevent a wipe. In addition to the overeager tank, we had an overzealous mage who drew a LOT of aggro and thus took a lot of damage. The most annoying part about this was that every time his health got low, he said, “heal.” Grrrr…. I normally ignore stuff like this, but it really began to grate on me. I finally said something like, “If you notice that your health is low, chances are, I have noticed, too, and am casting a heal on you. You don’t need to tell me. Just relax and wait.” We also did ask him to hold back a bit more and let the tank get aggro before releasing the biggest fireblast in his arsenal, but he didn’t seem to understand because he didn’t change his behavior. We did finally wipe outside the final building. I was soulstoned, so we should have pulled ourselves together again quickly after, but the tank (who died first), ran back from the graveyard into the front of the instance, so had to get by respawns and we all had to go back and help him. *headdesk*

Anyway, we survived the final battle. Whitemane’s Chapeau dropped and it went to the warlock. Plans for the Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing also dropped, and being the only jewelcrafter (and thus, the only one allowed to roll on it, since it’s bind on pick-up), the warlock picked this up as well. We all exchanged congratulations and went off on our merry ways.

Afterward, the warlock sent me a note and thanked me for the heals, and said I’d done a great job in healing for the group. “It was a tough group,” she said, “with people not waiting for you to mana up, and that mage…” We both laughed. She said that her main was a healer, and that it was her preferred role, but the warlock was a nice respite. We chatted a bit about pugs and healing and so forth, and then she asked if she might make me a Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing, since I’d helped her get the pattern. How nice! I looked at the materials, and said that I probably had everything on my jewelcrafter except the gold bars. She said that if I wanted to give her mats, I could, but that really, it was no trouble, that none of it was hard to come by.

So, the warlock danced in and out to grab the mats, and then we met by the bank and she made me the necklace. So nice! I put her on my friends list so that I could send her the mats later, but then it occurred to me that it might be nicer to give her something else that maybe she couldn’t make for herself. I peeked in my bank and saw that I had the materials to give her +2 to all stats on her chest armor, a very nice enchant for anyone, really. “Ooooo,” she said, when I offered. “Yes, please!” And so I enchanted her Robes of Arugal. Very cool.

I’ve started a companion blog called Year of the PuG, where I plan to document my progression through all the instances horde side using only pick-up groups. Could be fun, could be painful… either way I think it could be an interesting experiment and an entertaining writing project. (Entertaining to me, in any case. ;)) You can read my plans for the project in the first entry.

And now I must really go get some work done… Bleh!


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  1. A guild 4-man recently picked up a priest through LFG — he used raid warnings when he was low on mana. They are a little more obvious than the chat log, and might be worth a try if you think that someone’s not paying attention to that.

    Just keep in mind that those warnings get annoying FAST if people are actually paying attention.

    Use /rw to access the channel — pops up nice big red text in the middle of the screen.

    I’m looking forward to reading the new blog.

  2. @Bruthah

    Hehe… thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the pug stories — they’re probably my favorite thing to write, so there will be many more here (and in the new blog). Knowing that I can write about them makes the painful parts of them easier to deal with, too, when I’m actually playing. πŸ™‚


    My pally is protection spec right now. The idea was for her to be the tank in our duo, with my husband’s shaman dealing out the dps. He heals a bit better than I do right now, but we can both cast decent heals if one of us gets into trouble. We both have resurrection capabilities, too, so it makes for a sturdy pair.


    Ah, raid warnings are an interesting idea. Thanks! I agree it would get annoying if they were overused, but it might be a good way of getting people’s attention if they just keep leaving me behind or jumping into combat when I’m not ready. Definitely a better way of getting folks’ attention than a wipe! πŸ™‚

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