Three Pugs in Scarlet Monastery

My priest ran three sections of Scarlet Monastery last night with three different pugs…

Pug #1: The Armory

I ran the Armory with a group composed of two warriors, a paladin, and a hunter. It was very strange — everybody was so durable, it left me with very little to do for the first half of the instance. Even the hunter seemed to keep his pet under control, so neither he nor his pet needed heals. Nice. So, I tossed up some curses and took out my wand and helped them slay stuff.

As we progressed, I had to pay a bit more attention and deal out some bigger heals. I put my wand away and went into mana conservation mode. Because they were splitting up the aggro (I’m not sure that one person had really been decided on as the main tank), I started to have some mana issues. I had plenty of water to drink, but again, it was the same problem as always of getting them to wait for me while I regenerated it. I started telling them during combat “I’m going to need to drink before the next battle.” This helped a little bit, but one of the warriors started getting a bit lippy, saying they didn’t need heals. Right. I ignored the comment for the moment. When the fortitude buff wore off, I said, “Please wait while I rebuff you, and then I’ll need to drink before we continue.” The lippy warrior said, “dont need buffs its noob instance.” I explained that I’d need mana to heal, too, and he said again he didn’t need heals. “Fine,” I said. “No more heals for you.” You know, I’ve had leaders tell me not to heal certain people in parties before (usually folks drawing too much aggro, to “teach them a lesson” by letting them get killed), but I’ve always ignored this. Due to some Hippocratic Oath hang-up I have as I step into the healer role (I don’t like being directed how to play this role, too), I have never actually threatened not to heal someone. He was being such a jerk though, I thought what the heck. And you know the funny thing? He stopped drawing aggro! In fact, he didn’t take much damage for the rest of the instance. I think he took me pretty seriously. Would I have not healed him if he got in trouble? I didn’t have a chance to find out.

Anyway, we killed Herod no problem, and he dropped Herod’s Shoulder, which everyone but the hunter rolled need on. (I passed, of course.) The paladin won the roll, and just as the little wave of mobs post-Herod appeared, the lippy warrior left the party and hearthed out without saying a word. I hope he realized he was a jerk.

Pug #2: The Library

The paladin stayed in the party with me, and we looked for a group for the Library. (Really, the Library was the only section of the Monastery I needed, but the Armory group has asked me to join them before I found a group, so I decided to just go along for the ride.) The paladin found a group of three looking for a Cathedral group, and suggested that we merge and do both. The Cathedral group agreed and so we met in the front of the Monastery.

This group was a breath of fresh air compared to the previous one in terms of general attitude and in keeping track of when the casters needed to drink. Perhaps it’s just because we had more mana users — the other four included two paladins, a mage, and a rogue. Our progression through the Library was very easy, very clean. Doan dropped the Illusionary Rod and the Robe of Doan. Nobody needed the robes, so we rolled greed on it and I won. (Hello, disenchant!) I could have used the staff, but it didn’t break my heart to lose the roll.

Unfortunately, one of the paladins had to leave the group after we were done. I was a little surprised, because it was such a quick run, and I felt a little bad because she came into the group to run the Cathedral, but she was the one who apologized profusely. Ah well. We were in LFG only briefly before we picked up a fifth, a warrior.

Pug #3: The Cathedral

The warrior was level 44 or so, and a very good tank. He was at least a few levels above the rest of us (I was next highest at 39, and everyone else was 36 or 37, I believe). We were lucky to have him because he could take a lot of damage, and he carried us very well through the first parts of the Cathedral. When we got to the final building, however, a couple things happened… one was that his tactics of running into the crowds were no longer viable. The courtyard outside is teeming with monks and every time one flees, they attract several more. We survived one massive battle (though the rogue had to be resurrected), but wiped on another, partly because I wasn’t ready yet and guess who ticked off some of the mobs because they were stealthing around them? Yes, the rogue. As the rest of us flailed around trying to survive, he went afk for a while. After we all ran back and resurrected him, we had to stand there waiting for a while for him to accept the resurrection. Apparently he went out for a cigarette. Nice.

The other problem was that the tank started having lag problems. I’d see him just running in place, while the rest of us tried to fend off the monks as he lost aggro. We wiped again right inside the doorway of the building, and just before I died, the paladin managed to toss up a Divine Intervention … on the tank. Oops. Just beyond my bloody corpse stood the tank, inside the bubble, still running in place from the lag. Heh… another run back from the graveyard.

We did okay for a while after this, and managed to clear all the way back to High Inquisitor Fairbanks and down him with no problems. Then, as we were clearing the left side of the stairs, the tank lagged again and … honestly, I’m not totally sure what happened. Usually, a wipe at this point means that someone got too close to the stairs and caught the attention of the boss, but I didn’t hear the usual shouting that happens when he’s triggered. It was all so chaotic — perhaps I missed something. Our party was completely pummeled. At this point, every piece of armor that I had (and I was in complete repair when I entered the Armory at the beginning of all this) was either red or yellow. Ouch!

It was starting to get late. “Sry, gtg” the warrior said. “Let’s leave,” the paladin whispered to me. The picture of the rogue was replaced with a little red lightning bolt as he decided to make his exit by disconnecting. (Very stealthy.) The mage tried to rally the paladin and I by saying she had someone who could tank and help us finish it off. I said that I was likely going to have to leave soon, too. (I didn’t mention that I really should have logged off an hour earlier so I could wake up for work the next morning.) I asked how soon they could join us. “Soooooooooon,” she said. I told her I desperately needed repairs, and she said that she and the new person could summon me. So, I hearthed out. The paladin left the party without a word and logged off.

I made my repairs and the new person joined the party. We were down to three. “Think we can do it?” said the mage. Uhh… heheh… The mage’s friend said, “Want me to go get So-and-So?” Sounded like an alt. “Are they level 70?” I asked. Turns out that the answer was yes. “Sounds like you’re all set then,” I said. The mage asked if I was sure I didn’t want to come along and I said yes, that I’d already completed that quest anyhow. She thanked me for the heals and I thanked her for the party, and I left.


So now my priest is just shy of 40. I imagine I’ll be buying her a mount before the weekend is out… 🙂


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