BRD, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chain Trap

You’re probably thinking, “hey, you spelled BRK wrong!” Noop — I mean BRD, Blackrock Depths, where I took my hunter on a guild run this past Saturday. I do owe a tremendous amount to BRK, however. Without his helpful posts and videos of chain trapping, chances are, I would still be ignorant about it. If you’re a hunter, I highly recommend watching those. I confess I never even considered trapping anything until watching them.

I long avoided running instances with my hunter, first because I was avoiding groups/dungeons anyway (subject of another post, perhaps), and then after I did start grouping with others, I became nervous about 1) screwing up in the many ways that hunters can, 2) someone asking me to chain trap, and I’d never really practiced with it. My fears about 1 are pretty much gone now. I’ve read enough about playing the hunter class and teamed up with enough hunters that did make the mistakes that I’m pretty confident in my knowledge of what I should and shouldn’t do, what I should be careful about, etc. This isn’t to say that I don’t have more to learn or that I always execute my plans perfectly, but if I botch something specific, I realize it and can apologize accordingly. Seems like my fear of chain trapping would be easier addressed — just go out and practice, right? Well, I’ve just never bothered. My first shot at chain trapping in an instance was in Uldaman a while back, and I haven’t tried it since. Too busy doing quests, I guess, and I’ve never gotten myself into a position while soloing where it was required.

So, anyway, on Saturday morning, a guildmate asked if anyone wanted to do BRD or some other level 50ish instance. I said that I needed to head into the Sunken Temple (almost all these quests are green for me now), but she didn’t seem interested in this at all. Instead, she kept rallying for BRD and told me it wouldn’t take long for me to pick up the quests. (This would be true if I had room in my quest log.) While she continued to try to recruit folks for a group, I worked on finishing off some partially completed collection quests. I really wanted to do Sunken Temple instead, but whenever someone came on, she said we needed three more for BRD, so I just went with the flow. Running an instance with the guild would be fun no matter what, I thought. I did feel slightly panicky about the prospect of chain trapping, but least with the guild, I knew nobody would be too punishing or pissy if I screwed up.

Around 3pm, a mage in the guild said she’d join us. This meant we had a hunter, a mage, and a warlock… “Just need a tank and a healer now,” she said with a laugh. The warlock put us in the LFG, and shortly after, a holy priest appeared there, so we invited him. Knowing we needed just one more, one of the other guild folks brought in his level 50ish warrior alt to tank for us. Hurray! So, we had a complete group of folks ranging from level 50-55 to venture into BRD. Not a total guild run, but close. I made my way to the summoning stone, seeing the inside of Blackrock Mountain for the very first time. Wow. Pretty cool. I’ve been running the 20-40 instances quite a bit, so I’ve gotten used to how they look. No more surprises, really. It was super-cool to see a new place. Even the doors of the place looked pretty scary to me, and walking down the giant chains over the pit of bubbling lava to get to the summoning stone… my palms got a little sweaty. Of course, that could just have been the prospect of chain trapping.

As we were waiting for folks, we discussed looting and how the pulls would be marked. The warrior asked how confident I was with chain trapping. I said that I understood the concept, but hadn’t practiced it much, but that I was willing to try. When he laid out the CC marks, he said last, “blue square for trapping, if necessary.” This made it sound like he might not ask me to do it, but on the very first pull, he put up the blue square. So, away we went…

The first set of pulls were of small groups with a few little hellhound types of beasts. In each pull, the warrior marked one of the dogs with a blue square for me. I broke my own trap during the first two pulls, the first because of just… I don’t know, stupidity. The second broke because I had my finger on the wrong key and pulled with serpent sting. *slaps forehead* I apologized and said I knew why both traps broke (because I broke them myself), but the group seemed unconcerned. “Any pull where we don’t wipe is a good pull,” said the warrior. I appreciated the comment, but I really wanted to be successful at my part of the crowd control. The next pull, I kept the mob trapped until it was his turn in the kill order. I hit my groove. It was so fun! Things went pretty smoothly after that. We had one pull where we were in a narrow hallway and I put my trap in a bad place, and ended up trapping the sheep. Blue square ran right by the giant block of ice, and so the mage polymorphed it instead. “Nice improv on the cc!” the tank said. Heh…

Mostly, others were good about not breaking my traps (unlike in the trip through Ulda). The mage did a few panicky frost novas when she drew aggro that ended up breaking my trap, but most of the times that the traps were unsuccessful were if I somehow broke it myself or if the mob resisted it. After a while, I actually found myself disappointed if there was no blue square marked in the pull. It was really exciting to trap the mob two and three times in a row. The warrior whispered me and told me I was doing a great job. A few times he accidently marked a caster for me to trap, and of course that didn’t work out so well. The first time it happened, I started backing up to try to coax it into the trap, and then came to my senses and just sent my cat after it. After the battle was over, I turned around and saw a row of angry mobs that I certainly would have pulled had I stepped back much further. Thaaaat would have sucked.

Overall, we did quite well. We wiped twice, and I’m not familiar enough with the dungeon to tell you where we were exactly, but at one point, we were in a tiny room where I presume we had to protect the NPC when all the mobs ran in. We were in very close quarters, and it was extremely chaotic in there. All the clothies died very quickly, and I still, somehow, had a full healthbar at this point. As the tank and my cat were crushed, I wondered for a moment whether I could feign death and … *squish* Oh well. Wasn’t like I had jumper cables or anything. Success in that mission required that we keep the NPC alive (he was going to give us a key, apparently), so it was a failure and that was that. We moved on. The other wipe happened in the area where there were a bunch of NPCs sitting in the stands by a small arena, occasionally jumping up and cheering and clapping. The warrior marked the pull at the bottom of the stairs in the adjacent room (there were six mobs, I believe), and then initiated the battle. We managed to kill two of them before the mage did a frost nova and zapped a bunch of the spectators in the stands. We were swarmed and destroyed by the NPCs within a few moments. Ooops.

The group dynamic was excellent, for the most part. There was a little scuffle over rolling for shards at first (the warlock enchanter said she liked to have folks sit out of rolls if they’d won the last shard, and the priest said he thought that was silly, that a roll should just be a roll). At one point, the mage wanted to roll need on an enchanting recipe that dropped, so she could give it to her enchanter alt. The warlock said no rolling “need” because it was for an alt. I mentioned I had an enchanter alt, too, and the warrior said he did as well, so we all did a greed roll, and the mage was very quiet after that.

We made it all the way to Lord Incendius and took him down! Woo! Everyone was really bummed when we finally had to break up the party, leaving the instance incomplete. We were working so well together, I’m sure we could have gotten to the end. It was about 8pm when I needed to go. We’d been in there for several hours, I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, and we had guests over (very tolerant ones, thankfully). Seems this is one of those instances that requires that you run through it several times, anyway, given the way the quests are given to you (chains that send you through multiple times). The priest wanted to look for a replacement for me, but then the mage decided to leave as well, so they all decided they were done. The mage ported us back to Orgrimmar, and we all went on our way. I picked up a few nice things –I won a blue cloak (to which the warlock gave me a +50 armor enchant) and a blue necklace, both with nice agility stats.

On the whole, it was a great experience. Chain trapping is a blast, and I’m really looking forward the next instance as a hunter. No more worries!


2 responses

  1. Heya Ess! I’ve just finished BRD on my pallytank!! To run the whole isntance takes around 6 hours with a decent group. Their are around 16ish bosses total (don’t quote me), and several paths you can take. Its the biggest 5 man in wow, and relatively tough!

    The path you took is the easier side of it, but the part with the most quests, So the usual approach. It sounds like you had a rocking group, good work getting through!

    While pallytanking I don’t use CC (not even in BRD). For this I usually take AoE classes (mages/locks) and my Hunter mate Chop. Poor old Chop hasn’t had much practice with trapping because of this and I feel he’s missing out a bit. You’ve reminded me to make him trap so he can practice heh.

    At 70 trapping is one of the reasons hunters are great in instances. You can sustain CC (unlike my poor Rogue), and that makes you preferential. Theres nothing worse than a hunter who can’t trap and I applaude you!!!!!!! /clap

    Lol ess, don’t you ever feel like just spending your time on one character and getting to Outlands than working on 3?

  2. Whew, BRD takes 6 hours?! I think we’ve got another guild run planned for this weekend, but hopefully the group can get started earlier next time. Congrats on getting your paladin through there!

    That is good to hear that hunters are wanted for level 70 instances. Part of the reason for creating a priest was because I was afraid my hunter was going to have a problem finding groups as the game progressed. With any luck, my endgame activities will require fewer pugs though.

    And so far, I love keeping all these alts going and I haven’t been tempted to push any of them to the Outland yet. I do want to get there, but I’m not in a huge hurry. My hunter is at 56 — she’s close. The line-up as it is now, is… 56 hunter, 42 mage, 40 priest, 30 paladin, 13 mage (for the pug project). All this and I’ve been pondering making a druid… hrmm…. 🙂 No, really, I’m only allowing new alts into the family as I get another to 40. I’m betting my hunter will get to Outland before my pally hits 40, so I won’t spread myself any thinner before that.

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