Pre-Holiday Progress

Going to be a quick post here, as I’m scrambling at work to finish everything I need to get done before the holidays. I played quite a bit this past weekend, and have been playing all evening every evening this week so far. I’ve been playing a lot to get my fix, I suppose, since I’m going to be away from WoW for about a week over Christmas. I think we’re going to load WoW on the laptop before we roll out of town so we can still play around in the Auction House while we’re on vacation, but I doubt we’ll actually manage to do any leveling or questing.

My hunter is at 57 and has wandered to Felwood and Winterspring. I feel sort of like I did the first time I wandered to Un’Goro Crater. My quest log is totally overflowing and I’m surrounded by yellow exclamation points that I want to take care of, but I just don’t have room to collect that many quests! I did a few of them, but before I go much further, I really need to get all those Sunken Temple and BRD quests done. Those two instances will be a priority when I return. There are several folks in the guild planning to run them this weekend and I’m bummed I won’t be able to go, but hopefully I’ll manage something after vacation. Outland is close. Soooo close. I’m not sure I’ll drop all my old world quests and bolt there when I hit 58, but I may just have to go and take a peek… 🙂

I haven’t played my mage or priest much, so they both still sit 41-42ish. Our priest/warrior duo quested together a bit around Stranglethorn over the weekend, and that was quite fun. Still a lot of quests to do there, and we need to get him through SM and both of us through Uldaman soon. We’ve been holding out for guild runs for those, but it would be pretty easy to get a pug together, I think, since we arrive to the group as tank and healer. That was the idea behind this pair in the first place, so we may as well take advantage of it.

Our paladin/shaman duo ran RFK this past weekend with some folks from the guild. This was my first stab at some real tanking, and it was pretty fun to just charge in to melee combat and have a healer looking out for me. Anyway, we started with a group of four that dropped to a group of three when one of the folks had some lag problems. Then the third in the group had to leave us, and we proceeded as a duo briefly. (This has become the tradition with this pair, as so far, we’ve done all or part of each instance as just a duo.) Then our friend with the lag managed to get his issues sorted out, and help us kill the final boss. He had to leave, and so we were left to attempt the escort quest with just the two of us. We had a few close calls, but managed to complete it. Fun! My paladin sits at 31 now.

My pugtastic fire mage has done two RFC runs now, though I’ve only had time to write up the first one. I’ll be writing up the second one today, as I have time.

Anyway, I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting during my vacation. I do have some articles in progress here, and if I find myself with a lot of time to fill in between visits with family, I may get around to finishing some of them. In any case, I wish a safe and happy holiday to you and yours… take care!


2 responses

  1. I would totally recommend going to outland and doing the first few quests there. The gear that they provide is absolutely worth it, I think, and the quests aren’t very hard at all. I know I rocked the Staff of Twin Worlds for quite some time into Outland.

  2. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday…

    As for questing at 58..My alt hunter hit 58 last night. I prompltly dropped most of my old-world quests and went to Honor Hold. The rewards make it so worthwhile out there.

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