My hunter hit 58 in one of my evenings of WoW after we got back from vacation, and although I had a full quest log of old world stuff, I couldn’t resist going to Outland just to take a peek. I exchanged a few messages with a hunter friend of mine who was at 57, and asked if he would head right to Outland or not after leveling, and he said, “No, I don’t have the expansion yet.” Wha? I bought it right after I finished the 10 day trial and became an official subscriber. I guess maybe I thought I needed it, but even if I’d been told I didn’t, I’m sure I would have wanted it to be sure I had access to all the races. (When he sent me a message saying he leveled, I said “Congrats! Now get thee to a Best Buy!” “Thy will be done,” he replied. Hee.) But, I digress.

First impressions? Pretty cool. I did manage to do the first couple quests offered to me in the Hellfire Peninsula, too. At first I was just going to just look around and see what the quests were, but when I saw the rewards? Whew… I couldn’t resist. You guys were right — the rewards are totally worth ducking your head in there as soon as you hit 58, even if just for an hour or so.

More thoughts on Outland after I spend more time there, but the quick post-holiday update for the other alts…

Priest is at 46! She ran through Ulda three times in the last couple days, twice as healer, once as DPS, all three times with pugs. I’m thinking that if she’s going to continue healing in instances, she should respec to holy soon. I happened to run Ulda with very good pugs, which leaves more room for error, but healing as a shadow priest is not very mana efficient.

Mage is at level 44. She did her first run of Ulda a while back, and manage to finish the quests with two more run-throughs, two more pugs. Yes, I spent a lot of time in Ulda over the holidays, and all five of those pugs were actually pretty good. I was stunned! Lots of new additions to the friend list after those.

Paladin is already at 34. Leveling is so quick now. She and my husband’s shaman continue to smash through the content. We finished up the Shimmering Flats collection quests, and have dropped a lot of the Barrens and Thousand Needles quests that we’ve repeated to death with other alts. Previously, dropping quests like this filled me with a sense of panic. I have some completist tendencies, having mostly played linear games in the past that did require you to complete every fight and follow specific chains to the end. I quickly found that WoW was not this way, so I used to avoid the “please go deliver this message to so-and-so in the next town” quests because I didn’t want to see all those yellow exclamation points that my quest log didn’t have room for. (There was also a sense of “well, I told the NPC I’d do it, so … but I know that’s silly.) This bothers me much less now and find myself exploring more. I abandon quests if I need the room in my quest log, if I don’t need the reward, or if they turn gray. No big deal.

Pugging Mage is now at 20 after a long slog through Wailing Caverns yesterday. Now, I like a good long slog, don’t get me wrong, but this time it took about 5 hours from joining the group to finishing the final escort quest. Whew. I shall post the saga over in Year of the PuG as soon as I have a chance to sort through my notes and do some writing.

Aaaaand, I know I shouldn’t keep making new characters, but … I really want to roll a druid. I think I might need an intervention.

Happy New Year!


5 responses

  1. Grats! The gear for those first couple of quest lines totally makes it worthwhile, I think. Had I known, I would have saved a little money on the AH prior to 58. “Ooh, look. Glad I spent 30 or 40 gold on this blue staff three levels ago!” Heh.

    Roll a druid. You know you want to. Druids rock. Plus, Taurens are pretty awesome. πŸ˜€

  2. I haven’t been too tempted by the blues in the AH so far (too many alts to feed, I think, so I’m saving my coppers), and have been relying on drops for all my gear so far. I can totally imagine though… πŸ™‚

    I did roll a druid last night, and she’s at level 4 now. She’s my first Tauren, so it’s been exciting to try a different starting area. Of course I’ve run through Mulgore many times to get to Thunder Bluff, but this is the first time I’ve run through the fields and done the quests. It’s a bright and sunny area — I really like it. I’m going to savor it, since I know I’ll be back in the Barrens before I know it. Moo!

  3. Grats on reaching Outlands! I was advised, and have advised others, not to touch stuff on the AH from about level 55 on. It’s just not worth it.

    Unfortunately, that means that drops you can’t use don’t sell at the AH either, lol.

    Why don’t I have an enchanter alt again?….

  4. @ Pablo

    Thanks! And I agree… having an enchanter alt is definitely worth it in these cases. It’s been better financially (even long before reaching Outland) to disenchant and sell the stuff (if I don’t need it) instead of posting the items. Those auction house fees really diminish your profit when you have to post stuff multiple times. Doesn’t cost a thing to post dust and shards so far, however.

    @ Pike

    Aw, I love the photo! I imagine I will snap one as each of my characters hits that milestone. Nice to see another hunter standing there, too. πŸ™‚ Congrats to you, too!

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