A resolution for 2008

Lots of folks have been posting their WoW resolutions for 2008, and it’s been the topic of many a podcast conversation as well. For me, well, I’d like to get a few of my characters to 70, dip my toes into Kara with the guild, get my puggin’ mage through (at least) all the 5 man instances in the game, and … maybe try PvP? I have never, not a single time, tried any PvP in WoW. I’ve never entered an arena or battleground, participated in a scuffle in the Crossroads, or accepted a duel.

Why? Back in my Diablo II days, I had some bad experiences in dealing with other random players. Most of the time that I played Diablo II online, it was with people I knew in real life. The few times I ventured out to play with other folks, it was rarely a good experience. The time I got tradehacked pretty much ended it all for me. I had just completed a legitimate trade with the person when they offered a second trade. They said they’d give me the unique shako (don’t even remember what it was called) for just a single Stone of Jordan. Seemed like a pretty good deal, too good… and as soon as I hit trade, the shako turned into a regular shako with no stats, no nothing, and my Stone of Jordan was gone. The other person laughed and laughed and when I cursed at them, they were like, “oh, now don’t be mad,” and tried to get flirty. I was so upset, so disgusted with this idiot, and myself — also an idiot, apparently. Thinking about how the whole trade went down, the things the guy said, the substance of our interaction, I should have known not to trust him. I don’t even know why I did it. I let my guard down too easily. I quit the game for a long time after that.

So, I came into WoW feeling like I was going to have to be exceedingly cautious, as not to allow another idiot to ruin the game for me. Anytime I got a quest that said “dungeon” or “group” next to it, I abandoned it. I didn’t even learn how to use the most basic chat features until I decided to join my first guild. If anyone talked with me, I didn’t respond. My husband wasn’t playing yet, so I was pretty much going it alone, soloing as best I could. Can you believe how much I’ve changed? Now I am actively going out and looking for random people to play with!

Well, some things have changed. I’m obviously comfortable grouping with people I don’t know. Most transactions with others that involve money or valuable materials are still done through the auction house, however. I have never responded to a “WTB” or “WTS” message in a city, and very likely never will. (I do trust the lovely folks in my guild — I imagine they can help me with anything I might need of that sort.) I have done enchants for a few people I don’t know, and I realize that this is safe. I absolutely would never put a lockbox in the trade window for someone else to open, however, though I’ve been assured many times that this is safe. Just before I left my last guild, some of the folks were talking about tradehacks that they used to do in WoW, things to slow people’s framerate to boot them from the game during the trade and somehow get the item…. That’s all I needed to hear. Will never happen. I don’t care how safe people tell me it is.

I have also never so much as dueled another player. People have challenged me many times while we’re waiting for boats or standing by the summoning stone waiting for the party, but I have never accepted. For me, that’s stepping into a territory that I’m not sure I’m prepared to handle. It seems tremendously personal to me, and I’m not sure that I want to add that stress to the game. I wouldn’t survive for a second on a PvP server unless the rules about encounters were quite different. It would only take one ganking before I ran back to my RP server. Call me a big baby, whatever. Sure, I run into jerks now and then as it is, but it’s still us against the game.

The biggest barrier is clearly psychological. I’m not saying that in 2008 I’m going to derail all my PvE plans (of which there are many), but I feel like I want to try to overcome this fear of PvP and slip into one of the battlegrounds to see what it’s like.  If I don’t like it?  No problem — I just won’t go back.  I’ve read a bit about the different battlegrounds now (including some lovely intros to each of them by Pike), and I think they might be a good place to start. Plus, the battle between the factions is something I think I can get behind, given the number of times I’ve had Gnomes fart on me in Gadgetzan and various Alliance rogues ninja the chests or mobs I’ve been clearing around.

For the Horde!


4 responses

  1. My kids like to go into arenas and battlegrounds – they say it’s fun. pfft. I think they’re full of people who take themselves and the game WAY too seriously (the ultimate geeky “Let me tell you about my level 59 PvP warrior, he’s got the ‘Helm of Greater Twinkiness’, and the ‘Sword of I don’t Get Out Much’, and…”) or they’re full of kids jacking around being a pain in the ass.


    Having said that my Main is on a PvP server – because I came late to the game and that’s where all my friends are. I don’t PvP though. I damn near refuse. If I’m jumped now, I will literally put the pet on passive and sit down. Don’t wanna fight, not interested in fighting, go compensate for having no power in your personal life somewhere else junior. Kill me, whee, whatever. Yay I’m dead, now you can go back to stranglethorn and celebrate with the rest of the alliance kids.

  2. Heh… well, if that’s what I find, I won’t stay there long. The resolution is just to try, and if it turns out to be a crappy experience, I just won’t go back. There are so many PvE things I like about the game that I don’t need to PvP at this point to keep things interesting. I know I wouldn’t last a second on a PvP server with all the griefers out there either. That’s just not my idea of fun. The BGs seem to offer a bit of control over the situation, but we’ll see what happens.

  3. Thank you for the link =)

    I would like to preface this comment with: “I am a complete and total carebear who /hugs members of the opposite faction on a regular basis, and rarely if ever participates in world PvP, and is only playing one of her characters on a (RP-)PvP server just so she can say she did it.”

    That said…

    I LOVE battlegrounds.

    But that much is a given to anybody who regularly reads my blog, I think =P

    The big difference to me between say… battlegrounds and World PvP is that you go into battlegrounds knowing that you have to PvP. The reason I’m not a fan of PvP servers is because I’m too nice to interrupt somebody’s questing, too nice to kill somebody more than a few levels lower than me, too nice to attack somebody without first thinking “Hmm… I bet they’re busy… I won’t bother them.” You get the picture. So I only attack if somebody attacks me first (or they’re griefing some poor lowbie)… yeah, PvP servers really aren’t my thing.

    But in battlegrounds nobody is busy questing, nobody is too much of a lower or higher level than you, and the whole point is to attack and be attacked, no questions asked. And because I don’t have to worry about being “nice” anymore I can go all out >=D

    That said– the first couple times you try out a certain battleground you will hate it, guaranteed. At least, you will if you’re anything like me. I did WSG once at level 19 and I think I was level 38-39 or so before I even wanted to do it again. These days it’s probably my favorite of the BGs (also the most frustrating, but I love it so.) You have to sort of deal with the first couple of games, get a feel for what’s going on, and then you will start to enjoy it. So don’t give up if at first you don’t like it.

    Also, if you have little to no PvP experience, you will also have a much harder time in BGs. Again, have patience, experience will come!

    As for duels– I used to be like you, I used to always automatically decline them. My reasoning was mostly because they never asked first and I thought it was rude of them. =P Then in my 30s-40s or so I realized that it wasn’t a threatening or rude gesture, they just wanted a friendly spar. So since then I’ve accepted every duel that has come my way. It’s taught me a few things, made me a better player, and every person that I have dueled has always been very nice about it, whispering me and telling me “good job” afterwards, healing me, etc.

    SO! That is my long rambly comment for the day. Thank you again for the shoutout… it reminds me I really need to update my AV guide because the new patch really changed the game quite a bit. I should also write up a guide for EotS but that will be harder because I’m not a big fan of that one. =P Good luck with the new year when it comes to WoW!

  4. Thanks, I look forward to the updated AV article! It was interesting to hear my guildmates’ responses to it when it changed. At first it was, “This sucks” and “The best part was when it was over.” Now, they LOVE it. Or at least some of them do.

    I will be sure to dip my toes in the BGs a few times at least. I really am a PvE instance-running type of girl right now, but I do feel like I should give PvP a chance. Green Eggs and Ham, and all that. 🙂

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