Confessions of a n00b dr00d

My druid is sitting at level 9 right now. I’ve not leveled a character in Mulgore before, so I’m having the usual struggles of being in a new zone, not knowing how to stack the quests optimally because I don’t know where anything is. (By now, I can pretty much destroy the Barrens, I’ve been through it enough times. Plus, with the changes to XP to speed up leveling, I find I can skip the chains that I know are not that exciting to me. No more of those Quillbores… zzzz….) I also find myself doing a fair number of corpse runs because I still don’t have my feet under me yet as a druid. I’ve been smacked down several times by pulling more mobs than I can handle. Turns out I’m not quite as sturdy as I think I am. (Must be playing my paladin too much.)

I did play a druid once before, back when I was still playing alliance side. She was a funky little night elf with green hair, and I spent my points in the balance tree, though really, I’d no idea what I was doing. Like, at all. When I got bear form and shapeshifted, I was shocked to see that my casting bar had completely changed, and I basically got my butt kicked because I was so used to attacking by casting. The worst, however, was the time I was dragged on a Deadmines run by someone in my guild (a patchwork group of folks that responded to a call in the General Chat), and honestly, it was a mess. I was a mess. I had no concept of threat or aggro or the basic tank/healer/dps trinity, or anything like that. I must be blocking out much of the experience because I really only remember three specific things about the run, plus one thing might be fabricated. I remember that I got destroyed multiple times by those whirling elementals on my way to the instance. I also was supposed to be helping my guildmate summon people, and she had to ask me several times to click on the stone to help her. (I had a feeling we were going to get ported into this “instance” thing everyone was talking about, and since not everyone was there, I didn’t want to click yet! Ha!) I remember massive amounts of lag once we got inside, with all the spells being cast. It was very chaotic. The possibly fabricated memory is that they asked me to heal. If this is so, I’m fairly certain I didn’t heal anyone because I had no clue how to do such things. If this actually happened, my memory of it is probably unsure to protect my ego. But, I also could have made up the memory in this oh-what-a-noob-was-I flashback, along the thought of what would be the most embarrassing thing I could have done? Not healed when I was the designated healer. The horror! But, I digress…

Anyway, I’m a more experienced player now, so at least I have the fundamentals covered. Still, druids seem rather complicated to me, and while that is part of the appeal, I wonder if I’m still crawling toward 10 because I’m not sure how I’m going to want to spend my talent points. I’ve read that Feral builds are best for leveling, but in instances, I am generally happier standing in the back, so Balance might be my cup of tea once again. Hm… a Boomkin in my future? Resto might be my ultimate future because I do likes me some healing, but that would be some painfully slow leveling, I suspect.

Hmm…. (Is it 5 o’clock yet?)


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  1. I am currently leveling a druid. I have always played a hunter or a pally, so this was a challenge. So far I am about to DING 29. I chose NE as I know the area well, and felt not having to figure out the quests along with the class would be helpful. It so far is paying off. I would go with a feral spec to level with. Leveling as anything but is PAINFULLY slow and time consuming. I am specced feral and I am using cat form. I find I can handle most stuff fine, with the occasion switch to bear or caster form to heal. It has been a rewarding experience thus far.

  2. Ooh, congrats! Cat form does look like fun. My baby druid has just gotten bear form, though I’ve yet to take her out for any face-clawing yet. I’ll wait a few more levels before spending talent points, I think, but it does seem that feral is the way to go. Moonkin isn’t available until 30 anyway, so I can always respec then if feral isn’t suiting me. 🙂

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