Clock Watching

Yeah, again. I’m counting down the minutes until I can go home, put on a pair of pj pants, pour myself a beer, and sit in front of the computer with a cat in my lap to enjoy another long WoW session. Can’t. Wait.

Our pally/shaman duo have just hit 38, and we’re thinking it would be nice to hit 40 by the end of the weekend, but we’ll see how it goes. Last night we ran out of rested experience, so it’s going to go a little more slowly now. Still, we shall plow through some trolls tonight in Stranglethorn, and perhaps see about running some of Scarlet Monastery, just the two of us. Fun!

I’d also like to duck my head into Maraudon again this weekend. Earlier this week, my mage helped fill out a pug that one of my guildmates was in. I had all the quests for Mara collected, but wasn’t quite prepared… I didn’t know exactly what I needed to do in some cases (something about an amulet causing ghostly centaurs to materialize so that you can collect gems from them), so there are still a few things undone. I’m still getting experience for those kills, however, so I think it will be worth it to run through the instance again, now that I know what the heck I’m supposed to do. The run was quite fun, in any case. My guildmate was tanking rather aggressively (sometimes pulling several groups at once), and had to pull back a bit when the healer couldn’t keep up with him. He made a comment to the guild about lazy healers, and although I did think he was being a tad aggressive, I whispered to him joking that I should have brought my priest instead. He whispered back, “No, we need your DPS. This rogue is a waste of space!” I peeked at my damage meter and saw that where I was doing something like 260 dps, the rogue was doing 89. This guildmate’s main is a rogue, so he probably thought it was even more pathetic than I did.

My hunter has a date with Zul’Gurub tomorrow. My very first raid! (Aw… *waits for the boy to pin a flower to her dress*) We’ll have some 70s along, so it won’t be the full experience (which is ok, because I don’t think we’ll get 20 people anyhow), but when the guild invited anyone 58 or above to join in the fun, I couldn’t resist. I feel woefully unprepared for something like this, but what do I have to lose? Anyway, hunter is 59 now, and has already put a good dent in the xp bar, thanks to completing one of the Outlands quests. (I did the one where you have to collect some blood from some evil Orcs and then boil it in a cauldron.) I died many times while completing this quest. When I went to turn it in, I sold the vendor trash for 7-8 gold and said, “Yay!” My repair bill was 1 gold. “Boooo!” I really need to pay more attention when I’m running around out there.

/wonders if she can get away with leaving work early….


3 responses

  1. A 1g repair bill? *cry*

    My priest got stomped twice on Netherwing Ledge yesterday, and he wears cloth. Granted, 3 items are PURPLE cloth (i.e., epic)…but that was over 2g. CLOTH! Sometimes I really am happy I heal more instances with my priest than I DPS with my hunter. 😀

    Ohh…and…have FUN in ZG!! Never got in there myself, but I hear it’s a lot of fun. Just remember all the fun you had when you pay the repair bill at the end of the night. 😉

  2. @Kestrel

    Hehe… yeah, it is cheaper to stand in the back. 🙂 ZG was a blast! It was definitely worth the 2g repair bill. My hunter’s doing much better in the Outlands now that she’s hit 60, too. Truckin’ toward 70! Well, as much as one can truck with this many alts. 😉


    I’m right there with ya, once again. I had a presentation to prepare for this morning, so the past two days, I’ve had to be “good” and not read WoW stuff during the day. Lots o’ blog reading to catch up on now that my presentation is over. Ahhh… but now I want to play! Again, I’m plotting an early departure if I can get away with it.

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