Ten Thoughts for Tuesday

0. I’m under a deadline at work, so I won’t have much time to write until after tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here are ten thoughts that I may or may not expand upon by the time the week is out.

1. Hunter hit 60 this weekend, so now she has a faster mount. Whee!

2. Zul’Gurub was much fun on Saturday. There were three times that I felt like a Hunter with a Silent D: one accidental pull (that we survived), one case where my pet was somehow healing the mob it was attacking (and the tank had to ask me to remove it *blush*), and when I took the wrong path leaving the place, I died. (Everyone else had hearthed out — I should have, too, apparently.) Anyway, much fun. No loot to speak of, plus a 2g repair bill, but it was SO much fun to run with the guild. I look forward to the next opportunity to raid.

3. Pally/Shaman duo is kicking butt. They hit 40 this weekend (yay! another mount!) and are about half way to 42 now.

4. Pally/Shaman duo had some run-ins with the Alliance this weekend, competing for kills needed to complete quests. We were killing the captains of the ships off the coast of Stranglethorn by Booty Bay, and there were at least two other Alliance folks/groups and one fellow Horde player trying to complete the quest at the same time. Once we turned around when we saw an Alliance pair camping the spawn, and then we also chose a totally different boat when we later saw a Horde player clearing their way to one of the Captains. Others were not so courteous to us though. We cleared the way to one Captain just to have a pair of Alliance folks ninja the Captain as we were killing the guy in the room before. So annoying. We went and killed the other Captains and then came back for that one, and as he had been recently killed again and had not respawned, we decided to wait. A Draenei hunter then came in and sat with us to compete for the kill. We pondered our strategy for hitting the mob first (hey, we got there first), concerned that if his pet was on aggressive, he’d get the first hit. (While we waited, the Draenei waved to me and flirted with me and so forth. Gross. I just ignored him.) Anyway, the captain appeared right next to me and I fired off a consecrate to get in damage before the pet could get to him. Ha-ha! For the Horde!

5. My bank account is doing surprisingly well despite having shelled out 600g for the swift mount and riding skill. It cut it in half (which was a little ouchie), but there’s still plenty there for more regular mounts as my lower level alts come of age.

6. I’d like to do a post about the Auction House mini-game, and what I’ve learned about it and the types of other sellers I’ve run into. The short version is that I can’t believe the way that some people flood the market with things that they’ve crafted, harvested, or bought and are trying to resell. Putting these things in the AH is a viable way to make money, but posting dozens of them at the same time is just silly and potentially causing them to lose money. Patience is key. For many markets in I’m, I’m just sitting back and waiting for other people’s garbage to clear and the market to return to normal.

7. I had a post in progress about the speed (or lack thereof) with which I’m progressing toward the end game. I note now that there are a few others out there along similar lines, and my first inclination was not to post it at all any more because I don’t want it to appear to be some kind of rebuttal (because it was in response to someone’s comment in the guild last week, not anything I read from a fellow blogger). I have actually read those other posts now though, and I think I’ll still go ahead and post mine later this week.

8. I did manage to get my mage back into Mara this past weekend as part of a guild run through. Unfortunately, I still didn’t finish the Khan quest (I had to go to ZG before we were done), but we killed all the bosses and I managed to get a bunch of upgrades thanks to all the cloth drops. (Other person my level in the run was a paladin.) So, back into Mara I go… at least it’s a cool instance.

9. I’m almost done with the write-up for my puggin’ mage’s WC run. It needs some editing — it is a bit long, though the run was long, so there may not be much I can do. I’ll try to get that posted by the end of the week. She’s fully rested, so will begin gathering quests for Shadowfang soon.

10. Is it bad that I want to roll another alt? Warlocks sound like fun! But really, I think I’ll wait until I get at least one character to 70 before I start seriously exploring the possibility of more alts. I promise! 😉


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