Interesting Duos

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I create pairs of toons to level together, usually different classes that we hope will complement each other in some way. I know some other folks out there do this as well, and reading Bunnyfer’s post today over at Chronicles of Undermine has got me thinking again about new combinations we might try.

When my husband first decided to join me in playing Horde side, he rolled a warlock to play with my hunter. Instant group of four, right? Well, we never quite got it together. I was playing my hunter too much for him to catch up with me. I did shelf my hunter for a bit to play my mage, but then he ended up not enjoying his warlock so much, so that duo was shelved, and my hunter has gone on to be one of my regular solo characters.

Our next pairing was a warrior/priest combo. This, we felt, would make filling out pugs for instances very easy, since it seems like we’re always waiting for either a tank or healer. Again, we didn’t start the characters at the same time, and so after a bit of leap frog (plus the realization that husband minds pugging much more than I do), these also became solo characters. They’re about the same level now and do work together quite a bit, but we don’t play them exclusively together.

With our third pair of toons, our shaman/pally duo, we decided to start them exactly at the same time and only play them together, and this has worked quite well. There have been a few spots where someone has gotten a bit more experience (via class or profession quests), but mostly we level within 5-10 minutes of each other. We’re not competing for gear, since I’ve been wearing mail (and now plate) and he’s been wearing leather (and now mail). I do mining/blacksmithing and he does skinning/leatherworking, so we’re not competing for resources either. It’s been a very powerful pairing, too. I’m protection spec for now, and he’s enhancement. We’re both strengthened by my auras and blessings and his totems. I can tank, if necessary, and both of us can heal and resurrect. He can reincarnate to prevent us from wiping. We’ve been successfully running a lot of the instances with just the two of us when we’re on the higher end of the level recommendations. This past weekend we did SM Library and even took down Arcanist Doan! Took us two tries, but we finished him off and got the Scarlet Key. 🙂

Again, not that I need another alt, but I know that some other folks pair up toons with their significant others and friends as well. What interesting pairings have you tried that you’ve liked? What pairings might you like to try?


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  1. My SO (wife) doesn’t play, but I’ve had a couple steady companions almost my entire time in WoW. VERY powerful duo: Balance Druid + Rogue or Hunter. The little healing we need outside bandages, the Druid can handle. As BM spec on my Hunter, we have been pretty awesome with letting the cat “tank” while we do massive amounts of DPS. Her burst plus my sustained is fearsome. And in the event we’re up against an elite, big red kitty plus my shots and her heals = win.

    With the Rogue instead of the Hunter, almost the same DPS, but we have to be careful around elites: Leather just doesn’t hold up as well as an armored Wintersaber tiger and mailed Hunter.

    Another decent duo is my Holy Priest plus Arms or Fury Warrior. As long as I don’t grab the aggro (and I don’t), we can rock.

    Finally, MM Hunter + Rogue. Tons of up-front DPS and enough CC to handle several mobs at once. Between Vanish and Feign Death, not a lot of corpse runs.

  2. @Pike

    I imagine the combined DPS in that pair would be extremely impressive. Maybe I’ll roll a warlock after my hunter hits 70, and join forces with my husband’s new hunter!


    Ah, perhaps a plan for my balance druid (again to pair with his hunter at some stage). We’re both hesitant to play rogues (probably because of the number of annoying “rouges” we’ve run into in pugs), but I really enjoyed the style of the assassin in Diablo II, and the rogue in WoW is similar (with the power-ups and finishing moves). So many alts, so little time…

  3. I’ve played both Holy and Shadow priest with several pair combos.

    On my Holy priest, I teamed with a shammy for the last couple of levels to 70. I would play frisbee (Prayer of Mending) with him; when I had the frisbee, I would use Shadow Word: Death to send it back to my tank and burn down the mob.

    On my Shadow priest, I ended up teaming with a couple of different Warlocks. Send in the VW and start with the pain!! It too was a lot of fun.

    I think that priest + any toon = win big time! Even two priests (Holy + Shadow) can do some major damage.


  4. @Dax

    Iiiinterestink. I have a shadow priest that I’m getting ready to respec to holy (as soon as I find a build I like), and one possibility is that I could pair her with my husband’s shaman to get them both to 70. I’m not sure they could 2-man the instances the way the pally/shaman pair can, but it could be fun to try. Thanks!

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