Please Pass the Dramamine

Last night I took my baby druid out for a spin in Mulgore to play with bear form and ran into an unexpected problem: motion sickness. At first, I was just happily clawing faces, but the longer I played, something about the different positioning of the camera (since being a bear makes me “shorter” than being a Tauren that walks upright) was making me feel ill no matter how I adjusted it. I tried viewing a bit more from overhead, a bit to the side, etc, and after about 30 minutes or so, I thought I was going to barf. Ack.

I’ve had this issue with games in the past, particularly first person shooters. I can’t play them, and I can’t watch anyone else play them either. I also get sick watching games where there’s a lot of scrolling. My husband was really into games like Command and Conquer and Starcraft back in the day (and even the original Warcraft games), but I could never watch him play because I’d be reeling within a few minutes of the scenario beginning. I actually feel quite fortunate that most of WoW doesn’t bother me as long as I keep the camera zoomed out. Until last night, the only times I’ve felt queasy was running up and down mountains (usually when I don’t know where I’m going and am trying to find a path up or through them).

I’m prone to motion sickness in other parts of life, too. I don’t do well even looking at spinning rides in amusement parks, I can’t ride the swings at the park, and sometimes even riding in the back seat of a car will nauseate me (though I don’t usually say anything about it). Curiously, I’m usually fine on boats, so I don’t know what that’s all about.

Anyway, this sucks. I think I’ll give it a few more sessions and see if I can get used to it, but if not, I may not be leveling as feral after all.


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  1. I’ve never played a Druid so I haven’t personally experienced this, but I do feel your pain, and appreciate the warning. I have the very same issue with first person shooters and spinning rides, except I’m not nauseous, I just get a tremendous headache.

    WoW is, thankfully, no problem, playing flight sims are no problem, Guitar Hero, no problem. Halo, Tomb Raider, FPS – BIG problem, can’t play them for long at all, REALLY can’t watch them. Nice to know I’m not alone…and that I should stay away from Droods.

  2. Usually games don’t bother me in that way…

    But occasionally WoW will do something where, like, you’re standing on a slope and the ground just looks so… unstable… I can’t stand that, it makes my head hurt. Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often.

    Also, the other day I was on my flying mount and pretty much straight up so I could get somewhere I needed to go. One word for you there: vertigo.

  3. Not to scare you, but to prepare you: Epic flyers might exacerbate the issue. They are fast.

    Pike, have you stood in some of the places in Shadowmoon Valley, where it’s green lava (not the stuff that burns, but the shallower areas), on a slope, and they have introduced the illusion of flowing lava? It doesn’t make me nauseous or anything, but it is disorienting.

    Ess, I have the same problem with bear form–not the motion sickness, but the lack of decent camera angle. And trust me, I’ve tried to adjust it all kinds of ways. No soap. That’s one reason I’ve never taken a Druid past the 20s. Never really thought about it before though.

  4. @Pablo

    It may just be that bear form for a druid will be out for you as well. I did feel fine while she was walking upright for the first 10 levels. I’m with you on those other games as well though. I’d need barfbags for all of them.


    I am afraid of heights, and I get that “whoa” feeling sometimes when I’m too close to the edge of a high place in WoW. I’m fine with flying (again, just like in real life), but if I’m walking across the bridges in Thunder Bluff and my finger slips putting me a little too close to the railing, I get that little jab of vertigo, too. Eep!


    I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be ok with the epic flyers, but that’s definitely a concern. I’ve never been able to watch/play the Descent games, where you’re flying all over the place through a 3D maze, but at least in WoW, I’ll have a horizon to keep my eyes on. Good to know it’s not just me with the bear form camera problems, too. If I feel icky next time I play in bear form, I think I’ll just level her as a balance druid.

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