Five Thoughts for Friday

Five straggling thoughts as the week closes out…

1. Anyone who quits over the ghostwolf thing was going to quit anyway, and this was just the last straw. I recognize the behavior, because I just exercised it myself with my last hobby. I was already fed up with numerous things about it, and then a forum comment made me absolutely livid, positively quivering with anger, and I tendered my resignation immediately, blaming that comment. If I’m being honest with myself, the comment itself (although rude) was not a big deal. It was just a convenient excuse to make my exit, serving to catalyze the inevitable. Deep down, I’ve been wanting to quit for a while and so I finally did… and then I breathed a big sigh of relief! Hobbies should be fun, not stressful. So, to those quitting over this, I hope you find something else you’d rather be doing and enjoy it. We’ll see you again when Wrath of the Lich King comes out. šŸ˜‰

2. I’m starting to feel some urgency to get to 70, though not with my hunter. She’s fun, but I think my mage is probably ultimately going to be my main, according to Matticus’s definition. She’s more “me” than my hunter, and I sense I’ll be more comfortable with that class in raids for the time being. Of course we’ll see what happens when I actually get to the point of raiding. I’m not there yet. So, weekend plans for the mage? Zul’Farrak! (Do hawkstriders like carrots?)

3. With the accelerated leveling, I’m finding that all the experience gained through each instance is taking me quite close to the level requirements for the next instance. This means that if I quest too much in between, I sometimes find myself unable to enter the LFG for the instance I want to complete next. So, instead, I’m just completing the quest chains to get the instance quests, and then I’m pretty much ready to go. This is good news for my lil’ pugging mage, and great news for me all around, as I do loves me some instances.

4. I’ve added another podcast to my weekly listening: Shut Up, We’re Talking. It features an excellent round table discussion on WoW and other MMO games, and in its most recent episode, covers such topics as cheating (what exactly is it?), what 2008 might have to offer in terms of MMOs, and the importance (and impact) of a good first impression with all these games. Really good stuff.

5. Last December, the Nielsen ratings reported an average of 17 hours of play per week for WoW players. Now, in every report I’ve seen about this report, it’s been considered surprisingly a high number. Really? Is it weird that I don’t think this sounds unusually high at all? (Am I high?) How many hours would you estimate you play per week? Personally, I’m not sure, but I know it’s more than 17. I think starting Sunday, I’ll keep track of how many hours I spend in game, and see what I have by the following week. Could be shocking… one thing I have working in my favor is that it’s a good friend’s birthday, so tonight will not be the usual WoW extravaganza. (It’s margarita time!)


5 responses

  1. I’m guessing 35-40 hours at the least for me. 4-5 hours a day on work days, 6+ on non-work days.

    …that really makes me sound like an addict, and maybe I am, but somehow I still manage to squeeze in the time for my job and my family (though my room’s organization has admittedly been tossed into a state of perpetual neglect) so I suppose I’m doing okay. And to be honest this game has done a lot of good for me in a lot of weird little ways so I feel like I can justify it.

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  3. I’m guessing I’m going to fall into the 30-40 hour bracket, too. I think I played for about 12 hours on Sunday, maybe longer!

    There are some things that routinely get set aside for WoW, but the apartment still gets cleaned once a week, all the shopping gets done, and I’m still social with RL friends on the weekends, so I guess it’s okay here, too. I think my cats wish they had a little more attention, but there is perpetually a lap for them to sit on, so I guess it’s not all bad.

    It has been worth it for me, too. It’s been the mental vacation I’ve been needing in the evenings. It’s really nice to not think about work for those few hours before bed.

  4. My wife has started referring to WoW as “I hate that f***ing game”. So I’m trying not to play when she’s around. Luckily she’s a nurse working crazy nurse hours, so I typically get in 7-8 hours a week. Hopefully that will improve if we can get her a shiny new laptop for her ipod and itunes for her ilife. Oh and apparently having a hard drive FULL of itunes, with itunes stuff constantly running in the background on a 8 year old computer won’t slow it down at all – it’s that damn WoW on the second hard drive that slows everything down.

    I love her, but she does have her moments…

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