And the paladin catches up…

I played my paladin all weekend. Normally I do a bit of alt-hopping, maybe spend a few hours with a few different characters over Saturday and Sunday, but not this time. Husband is very much into playing his shaman, so my paladin got lots of attention, too, since this pair is sticking together. I think they were around 43 or so when we logged in on Saturday morning, and by Sunday night, they’d hit 46. We burned off all our rested experience, and then some…

After finishing off two collection quests with heinously low drop rates in Swamp of Sorrows, we abandoned everything else we had there and vowed never to return. (Swamp of Suck!) Instead, we finished up all the Stranglethorn and Booty Bay quests, and then polished off a bunch of green quests in Dustwallow Marsh. We went to the Hinterlands for a little while, but it was just slightly too difficult for us. (We wanted to collect eggs from the Owlbeasts there for the Tanaris cooking quest, but I think collecting those from the rocs in Tanaris is going to be much easier.) By Sunday evening, I was hankering for an instance of some kind, so I suggested we 2-man SM Armory…

In short, it was a total blast. We weren’t getting experience for most of the kills, and they took a while because they were elites, but we made it all the way to Herod without incident. Doing instances with just two of us is a long process, but I think it’s quite fun. My husband questions whether it’s worth it much of the time, and feels this way about instances in general, particularly if he doesn’t get any loot. (He doesn’t run many instances, so a loot-less run for him reinforces this idea. I run a lot of them, so if I don’t get any loot, it doesn’t bother me — the rolls may be in my favor next time.) So, I was really excited when the Scarlet Belt dropped for him.  At least he’d have something to show for his trip to the Armory. I mentioned that there were some matching leggings that Herod could drop, and he said, “but they probably don’t drop often, do they?” I think they’ve dropped almost every time I’ve been in that instance, but didn’t say anything, lest we repeat the Corpsemaker incident. (The Corpsemaker has dropped almost every time I’ve been in RFK, but when I ran him through a bunch of times with my higher level hunter to try to get it for him, it never dropped. No really, it drops all the time! Argh!)

I also didn’t want to get his hopes up because I wasn’t sure we’d be able to kill Herod. I explained the fight (and about the rather damaging spinning move Herod does) while we buffed up, and he summoned a hound using the dog whistle that dropped off of Loksey to help us out. I jumped down into the pit and bopped Herod on the head with judgment and we started smacking away at him. It was a close, exciting fight, and husband took some severe hits from the spinning move as Herod pinned him to a wall. I got hit pretty hard several times as well, but we managed to finish him off, both of us out of mana and below half health. And the drop? Scarlet Leggings! Woo! So now husband has pants to match his belt. Awesome.

Anyway, we’re going to give these two a rest for a few days to gather up some double experience, and also give us a rest. As I’ve mentioned before, I like the paladin okay, but she’s not my favorite. I think I’d burn out on any character playing them continuously for too much longer than that, too. I can see how people get tired of leveling if they are just leveling the same character from 1-70 with nothing else in between. I like leveling, but hopping between characters is really the way to go. I’m amazed that my paladin has now caught up with my priest (who I haven’t played in a while), and is pretty close to my mage as well.

Since I didn’t make it into Zul’Farrak with my mage over the weekend, I decided to look for a group last night while finishing up the chain quests that lead there. While waiting for a group to form, I got everything done except for getting the mallet.  Each one of us in the group was hoping someone else might have it, but alas… no Carrot on a Stick for any of us.  It ended up being a great run though. We did wipe once, but on the whole, it was just one of those groups that clicked from the beginning and communicated really well. The tank was a feral druid, the healer was a holy paladin, and for DPS, we had a warlock, rogue, and mage (me!). The druid marked mobs, fire was properly focused, and most every pull happened in an orderly, controlled fashion. Although it was already past my bedtime when we started the run, when someone said, “Anyone care to go again?” it was soooo tempting. But I didn’t.  I flew around and turned in quests and called it a night. Mage is now at level 49.

And, speaking of leveling, today in real life, I ding 34.  🙂


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  1. Grats on the RL ding! Err…Happy Birthday! Unfortunately, I can’t make Delicious Chocolate Cake yet. 😦 But I can fry up a mess of Golden Fishsticks!

    Grats to the hubby on the SM goodies–nice haul there!

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