Clear Your Schedules

…for a Gnaked Gnome Race instigated by BRK!  The date is still to be determined, but it will occur in early February.  He has a poll set up so you can go vote for the date that would work best for you.

I’m going to roll a gnome on Drenden for the occasion.  I’ll post the name closer to the date of the race, and if anyone here would like to meet up and run together, post a comment!  I think it sounds like fun.  🙂


2 responses

  1. I missed the first one of these, so I think I’m gonna try to make this one. My only problem in that I play Horde, and have only occassionally ventured into alliance toons, so I’m really not too sure of the route. Lets see….starting place, up the hill, through the trogg tunnel, through the Dwarven mountain town, head east through the pass, another tunnel, turn left through the little green forest area, more tunnels and mountains, tunnels and mountains, enter the wetlands, run north, turn to the west, run, run, run to Menethil. Something like that?

    Never been to menethil before, wonder where we’re supposed to stop??

  2. Hehe… that sounds like a good route. I’ll also be a bit lost since I’ve been playing Horde side exclusively for so long, but I figure I’ll just follow the masses. I’m in this more for the experience than for the win. I’ll be stunned if I even make it near the finish line. 🙂

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