A guild bank thief speaks.

And? No remorse. None at all.

What surprises me more is that the GM who looked into the case cleared him. So, evidently, impersonating another player is not considered misinformation, which, if used to acquire items, is considered scamming according to the ToS.

Was it stupid that the guild officer didn’t confirm the thief’s identity on vent before giving him bank access? Yeah, absolutely. Doesn’t mean that what the thief did was okay though. It’s disturbing to think that this guy potentially has a main (or mains) in guilds elsewhere on this server that have no idea he has alts out there doing this kind of thing.

Be careful, folks.


3 responses

  1. @Game Dame

    Yeah, and it appears that he intends to continue this behavior, too. Obnoxious!


    True — I took what he said at face value. It would probably be difficult for another player to determine whether his account was suspended (if it were just the brief suspension as a first warning), too, and this guy might never admit it if it happened.

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