Natural Progression

As I’ve mentioned many times here, I really like my guild. It’s a great bunch of clever, funny, and friendly people. It’s a large enough guild that there are always folks available to help you out, and a small enough guild that you recognize the names of folks as they log in. We have a fantastic leader who personally offers the services of his many level 70s and their crafting skills, and makes time for even the noobest of noobs. He actively recruits, leads by example, nips drama in the bud, and is a straight shooter in our forums regarding guild policies and plans for our future as we progress in the game. I really couldn’t ask for more, and had I not found this great group of folks to play with, I’m not sure I’d be as deeply into WoW as I am.

There’s been a fairly stable core group of people there since I joined. I’ve seen lots of new folks come and go, some leaving to join guilds with real life friends and some leaving because we just weren’t quite what they were looking for. There have been a few expected (and welcome) departures, for example, the overly affectionate couple that consistently brought their bedroom right into the guild chat. (I was around when they received their final warning about this, and then one day I logged in and found that they were in a different guild. I later ran into the female half of this duo in Thunder Bluff and she /farted on me. Glad to see she’s still keeping it classy.) Never heard what caused the final departure, but I can only imagine it was more of the same. But there are about 10 people that, to me, really make this guild what it is. Some are officers, but most are just long time members, some that have been around since the guild started up more than a year ago. Just recently, one of these people left to join a raiding guild.

Now, I know, this is a natural thing to happen. We’re a casual guild with just a couple teams in Kara, and we’re allied with a couple other small guilds that have helped us fill out these teams to let their folks have a chance to experience this part of the game as well. Some people will get a taste of raiding with our guild and potentially leave seeking more hardcore raiding opportunities — I imagine this happens all the time in casual guilds. In many ways, it’s for the best. Rather than staying to complain about how our guild isn’t progressing fast enough for them or being silently dissatisfied, they’ll go somewhere else and be happier. I can’t help but be sad to see these people go, however. It’s a bummer for the Kara team that they were on (particularly since we’re losing classes that we don’t have many of), and it’s a bummer for our guild as a whole, because we loved having them around. We’re assured they’ll still have some alts with us, but … I think it’s more what their leaving generally indicates: things may be great with our guild now, but they could very quickly change. After I saw that that person had left, I checked for the other core people to see if they’d left, too, and was comforted to find that they were still in our guild. For now.


I know, I know.

I haven’t responded to any of this in our forums or in guild chat, and I think I’ll keep it that way. I do feel like taking action though… Perhaps the best thing I can do is make leveling up my priest a priority, and maybe it would be good to get my paladin to 70 as well, so I’ll potentially be able to offer tanking, dps, or healing with her. I don’t aspire to become an officer (haven’t changed my mind about that), but I think now begins my effort to become a core member of the guild myself, and contribute more to the group that has been so helpful to me.


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  1. I’m on the other side of the situation. Currently, Daxenos runs outside of the guild on a Deaths Advocate Kara team; I placed one of my toons in that guild (Daxie) and leveled her to 70 in order to replace Dax.

    But now, Dax is getting pretty epic’d out all thanks to the fine folks at Deaths Advocate (who BTW understand why Dax can’t jump ship), and I’m starting to feel a bit guilty about Dax not being part of DA.

    Couple that with not wanting to deal with the issues of being a GM, and you have my current situation in a nutshell. Its funny sometimes that the cog wants to be the wheel, then once it’s there, it wants to be a cog again. Oh well, I guess I’ll just hide some more…lol.


  2. > Its funny sometimes that the cog wants to be the wheel, then once it’s there, it wants to be a cog again.

    This is so true. And I can see how being a GM can complicate this situation in numerous ways. Glad you’ve found some solace with Secret though. 🙂

  3. You know I’ve always been more content to be a follower rather than a leader, but I often find myself in a leadership position. I think a lot of it is because my boyfriend has this thing where he can’t stand not being in charge. So he made an internet forum and I by default became the co-admin. He made a guild in WoW which now has some 150 members, and I, by default, became the highest level non-Guildmaster officer.

    Granted, he is very smart and intuitive and I know he wouldn’t have put me in these positions if he’d thought I couldn’t handle it. I just find it ironic that I always wind up near the top of the totem pole somewhere even if I’d be content to be down a little further where I don’t have to worry about things.

    As for people leaving guilds… yeah… it’s never fun when it happens, especially when you’re an officer and you find yourself wondering if you did something wrong. I become attached to the people I meet online just as I would become attached to any other friends, and it’s saddening when somebody leaves. Fortunately, in my case, they usually seem to keep in touch (or even come back to the guild… that’s happened a few times now… :P)

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