WoWeekend Highlights

My pugging mage ran SFK yesterday, and I’ve already written it up! How’s that for a productive day at work. Er….

I also ran Ragefire Chasm with my druid yesterday. I had a brief identity crisis as I entered the LFG… should I tank? Heal? DPS? Ohh, the decisions! “You’ll do whatever the group needs,” husband said. True. In the end, I did a little bit of DPS and also ended up healing the healer (a shaman), as she frequently drew aggro. When someone said, “hey, nice heals!” after a fight, I wondered if they were talking to the shaman or me? Anyway, I seem to have found a good camera angle for bear form that doesn’t make me want to barf, so feral it shall be, at least until moonkin form is available. At that point, we’ll reconnoiter.

My main mage has done a couple ZF runs now. Having the Mallet of Zul’Farrak has made her quite popular. The first run that she did was all good until the last boss, at which point two folks had to leave. One of the remaining folks logged onto a second computer with a level 70, and killed the final boss for us. It was pretty entertaining. Because I had never killed Gahz’rilla myself though, I looked for another group so I could run that entire instance in earnest. I lucked into a brilliantly wonderful pug last night that totally clicked, and together, we made short work of the instance. Taking down Gahz’rilla was a breeze, too, thanks to the person that directed us to all stand beneath the arch by the pool, so that when we got blown up in the air, we wouldn’t fly that high and would take less damage when we hit the ground. This is probably something every true veteran of ZF knows, but never having run it fully, it was a new trick to me. Now I know!

Our pally/shaman duo is on the cusp of level 50, and has finished most of the quests around Tanaris and a fair number of the ones in the Hinterlands that aren’t part of Jintha’Alor. Fresh out of rested experience, we decided to give Scarlet Monastery Cathedral a go, and we destroyed it. Whitemane dropped the Hand of Righteousness for husband and Mograine dropped the Aegis of the Scarlet Commander for me, so we both came away feeling like it was time well spent. In fact, we did so well that I think we’re not going to put off our 2-man assault of Uldaman much longer… Archaedas, we’re comin’ for j00!


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  1. Thanks, Sellia!

    And thanks to both of you for looking out for me. I’d no idea that summoning Archaedas required three people. Maybe we’ll get a third person in the guild to join us for the final run then. šŸ™‚

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