My First Outland Instance

Last night, my hunter was doing some questing in Outland, and as I was selling my vendor trash, I got a whisper from someone in the guild…

“Hey there…”

“Hey, what’s up?” I said.

“Would you like to come do Hellfire Ramparts?”

“Oohhhh,” I said. “So tempting, but it’s getting late. How long will it take?”

“Probably 1/2 hour, 45 minutes.”

“I’m in!”

Deep down, I knew it was going to take longer than that, potentially twice as long, but I didn’t care. 🙂

I flew back to Thrallmar and headed toward the dots on my map, which represented my guildmates. As I got closer to the instance, I realized that I didn’t know where the entrance was, ended up riding around in circles and getting surrounded and nearly killed. (My pet did die for my stupidity, in fact.)


A few seconds after I feigned death, I got summoned by this guy who is back in our guild! (WOOOHOOOOO!)

“We’re on vent if you’d like to join us,” someone said. 😦 I still don’t have vent set up. I have no microphone or headset or anything of the kind. I told them I wasn’t set up yet, so they said they’d type the critical stuff in the party chat. Turned out to be a fairly quiet run, and mostly I just followed their lead to figure out what the raid symbols meant.

The group was composed of three in their 60s (myself, a warlock, and a feral druid) and two 70s (another hunter and a priest). The feral druid tanked for us, and did a great job, I thought. Crowd control included trapping by the other hunter and seduction by the warlock’s succubus. I sort of wished I’d been asked to do some trapping, as I’d still like more practice, but it really didn’t seem to be needed. The run was very exciting nonetheless, and I could not get over how amazing the green loot was compared to what I was wearing. I won a greed roll for a pair of pants that gave me +41 to agility, and twice as much armor as the pants I was wearing at the moment. /equip!

At the end of the run, when we opened the chest, the Hellreaver dropped. Nobody else really needed it, and I didn’t look at it that closely, to be honest. I had an axe with pretty good agility on it. When I said I didn’t really need it, the 70 hunter said, “Are you sure? I think that would be really good for you, plus we could put a Savagery enchant on it!”

“Well, when you put it that way…” I said. Everybody cheered as I picked it up. It really makes my hunter look like a badass.

I ran back to Thrallmar, and the priest (also an enchanter) met me with the mats for the enchant after a quick trip to the bank. He personally donated the shard and a bunch of the arcane dust, and I believe they got some arcane dust from the guild bank as well. After he put the enchant on it, it looked even cooler, all red and drippy. Woooow… Lots of congrats and excitement in the guild chat after that. (I also gave the enchanter a bunch of greens that I had, so he could disenchant them and replenish his dust stocks.)

I love my guild. Respect, generosity, friendship, camaraderie… we haz dem. ❤

=guild hug=

So now I can’t wait to get to 70 to play with them even more. I must get set up on vent, too. Anyone have advice for equipment? I know I have a crappy microphone somewhere, but I sense that’s not going to cut it.


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  1. Very nice, as far as chat equipment goes, a simple headset can go from anywhere between $10 to $100, I currently use a logitech headset and it works fine, picked it up off of for around $30…vent is great for groups and bg.

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