My Second Outland Instance

Before I ran Hellfire Ramparts the night before last, I was questing with a fellow level 60ish person in the guild. Around 8:45 my time, he said he needed to break for dinner, but asked if I would be on later. I said that I would be, and continued questing in the area. (I then quested with a shaman I ran into, perhaps the subject of a later post.) It was about 10pm when the other guildmate invited me to Hellfire Ramparts, and my other quest buddy wasn’t back yet. He did log on shortly after I was summoned to the instance and asked if I still wanted to do some quests. I told him that I was sorry, that I had just joined a Ramparts group. “Any room for me?” he asked. There wasn’t… 😦

So, last night, when my quest buddy logged in and asked if anyone wanted to do a Hellfire Ramparts run, I immediately said yes and switched over to my hunter. I was thinking it might be another guild run, but when he invited me to the group, there were already two other random folks us. Uh-oh. Pugtime.

My friend was a rogue, I was playing my hunter, and in addition, we had a warlock and a paladin (that decided to respec to holy to heal for us). A warrior joined a few minutes later to tank.

Really, a play by play of what happened next would not be all that interesting. The short version goes like this: wipe, wipe, 3/5 dead, wipe, 4/5 dead, wipe, wipe, wipe. Lather, rinse, repeat. Seriously. I didn’t even repair my armor right away afterward because I thought it would be too depressing. After wiping on both the first and second pulls, I didn’t even think we were going to make it to the end of the instance, but we wiped our way all the way to the last two bosses, at which point the tank said he was leaving the group. His armor was totally red, he could not continue without repairing. He must have thought we wouldn’t be able to kill the bosses, because he said he wasn’t coming back. I was going to leave as well, thinking we were done, until a tank from our guild decided to come rescue the run…. whew.

I can’t say I was totally blameless in all the wiping either. I accidently broke my own traps at least three times, and without the mob that I was in charge of immobilized and out of the fight, we had a really difficult time. The warlock also broke my traps several times with her minion. I tried to trap out of the way of the rest of the group, but she kept following me. Grr! Her felguard would stand a little ways in front of me and hit the mob before it got to my trap. This wouldn’t draw aggro from me, but the second swing by the felguard would break the trap if she was too close to me. Several times I said, “I’m going to trap over here, out of the way of the rest of the group,” but she still followed. *sigh* There were also a few times when the person marking changed the marks 1 second before the pull, so I had the wrong mob selected and wasn’t ready, or I targeted the wrong one.

Other crowd control failed as well. Our rogue had many unsuccessful saps (“I really need to respec,” he concluded). I don’t know how the various warlock minions work, whether you can have one of each type or whether you have to specialize to get certain ones. At the beginning of the run, the rogue asked the warlock if she had anything that could contribute to crowd control. “I dont no wat u mean so probly no” was her answer. I mentioned the succubus and she said she didn’t know what that was. Ok. I whispered to my friend that this could be an interesting run, and he said that earlier, she was asking how many people total could be in the group. 😮

Other “highlights”:

– Someone asking the warlock to conjure water for them.

– The healer completely panicking and running away during a fight. And I don’t mean a reflex run that happens to take them away from the tank and scatters the group for a moment. I mean he said, “omg should i run???” and then turned around and ran away from the tank, away from the group, out of the room, down the stairs, into a totally different part of the instance. That was kind of funny.

– The healer correcting the way people abbreviated his name.  “Call me pyr not pyra ok cuz pyra sounds like a girl.”  He was a Blood Elf, so I thought of many comments to make in response, but decided to leave it alone.

– The healer’s obsession with the polearm that potentially drops after killing the dude and his dragon. Seriously, he mentioned it about 20 times. “Wheres my poleam?” “Who droppit?” “NO POLEAMR?!” after every big kill. Someone finally explained when it would drop, but he didn’t get it. Second to last boss? “NO POLARM /CRY!!!!!!!1” And, “You no I wont the polarm.” OH really? I didn’t realize you had any interest in it. Perhaps this makes me slightly evil, but I found myself hoping that it wouldn’t drop. And it didn’t.  Bwahahahaha!

<– slightly evil

Sooo, on the one hand, I did get good experience for the run, both in terms of game XP and trapping experience.  (When things go wrong, you learn how to improvise.)  The repairs are going to be pricey though, so as far as my guilded characters go, I’m not sure how many more pugs I’m willing to endure.  It’s going to be very “interesting” for my little pugging mage when she gets to Outland (if she gets there).


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  1. Hey, nice blog! I’ve been reading for a little while but just now mustered the courage to comment. You’ve helped inspire me to attempt my own WoW blog…I can’t be sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. 😛

    Anyway, as for unsuccessful sapping in Ramparts, tell your friend not to worry about respeccing. I’m convinced that that instance is the most difficult place for sapping in the entire game! The mobs are positioned so awkwardly it’s even hard to distract the one you’re trying to sap sometimes.

  2. @Kestrel

    Hehe… well, the healer was a pally, but still… 🙂


    Wow, thanks so much. I’d always dismissed using macros as being too much trouble, too complicated, etc, but after using just a few simple ones, I’m converted. Can’t wait to try your suggestions out!

    @Rogue Raccoon

    Yay! Thanks for your comments, and congrats on starting a blog, too! Please do comment again with a link to it — I’d love to read your thoughts. I never heard whether our rogue respecced or not, but I recently saw that he hit 70, so that may change a few things for him as well.

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