The Streak!

The Gnaked Gnome Race (which I accidently typed “Ganked Gnome Race” at first — would be if we’d been flagged, I bet!) on Saturday was a blast. I logged in just after 6pm, and the gnome starting area was already teeming with naked, screaming, hopping gnomes. It was like watching the Trade Chat come alive. I can only imagine the number of whispers that BRK got when he and Hobbes showed up.

We’d invited some friends over for the evening, so I ran back and forth between my computer and the living room while I waited for the race to start. There was so much activity in the chat window with all the yelling and emoting (plus the guild chat — I finally joined one of the guilds started for the race so I’d stop getting invites) that it was impossible to keep up with all of it. If anyone whispered me and I missed it, that would be why… It was a zoo!

I watched the gnaked guild I’d joined grow to 150+ people, and I noted that there were consistently fewer in the /gnakedgnomerace channel. At first I thought that channel might separate the bloggers and blog readers from the rest (because I’m sure there were a fair number of random folks who joined in when they realized what was going on), but the channel was announced in the guilds and yelled a few times as well, so it wasn’t quite what I’d thought it would be. Eventually I left the guild because in all the crap going by, I was having trouble keeping up with BRK’s announcements for getting raid invites, etc. Once the race started, there was much less chatter, as you can imagine. I’d actually hoped to chat with folks more (particularly Amava and The Game Dame, who I caught up with just before the race started), but between the navigating and trying to stay with the group, there wasn’t time!

My husband and our friends decided to watch the race as I ran, and I’m glad they did, because it turned out to be a very funny trip. All the little pink lemmings scurried along the roads and through the tunnels, and at a few points, broke off into groups running through the trees, peppering the snow with their tiny footprints. My strategy was to stay toward the middle of the pack — anyone on the edges was bound to get picked off. I watched the demise of several of my fellow racers up ahead as they were rushed by spiders and crocs. It was hilarious watching the mobs run toward the unsuspecting racer, the racer realizing they were hit and dashing to the center of the pack, and then collapsing to the ground. I think I did see someone survive an attack somehow, but almost all those spider bites were fatal. (My favorite corpse was that of “Crocfood” who became exactly that when he ran too close to the water in the Wetlands.) The other cool thing was watching everyone running near me level at the same time… *ding ding ding ding* Very amusing. Check out the great video of the race here at Short But Deadly. πŸ™‚

I somehow managed to follow all the right packs, dodge danger, and finish the race. We all cheered as we ran across the bridge in Menethil Harbor, and many of us proceeded to the boat that had just docked there. Lots of folks were shouting “Let’s go the UC! Orgrimmar is next!” and stuff like that. Heh… Then there were frantic calls for all of us to get off the boat (I’m not sure why), but we all did (again, not sure why). We all stood on the bridge for a while, and then gradually we migrated back into town into a clump around the tents.

A mage from BRK’s guild came to open up ports to Shattrath for the various raid groups. This was a fun idea, but inspired more obnoxious behavior. People were yelling and demanding to be added to the current group being ported. I was sure that we’d all get a turn, so I waited patiently, but others just could not stand the wait, it seems. (I also wondered if some of the folks yelling were random people in Menethil hoping for a free portal.) Someone opened a portal atop a tent that was nearly impossible for gnomes to get to, and I sort of wondered if they did that on purpose to keep people busy and quiet for a few minutes. I spent a little time trying to get up there, too, I confess!

After my raid group finally got their portal to Shattrath, I had to log out to join my friends in the living room for our evening’s festivities. I’m glad I did the run though — it was a total blast, and should BRK (or anyone) decide to organize and host an evening of similar shenanigans, I am in!

Some screenshots after the break!

This was the scene when I arrived in the starting area. Frooble delighted us with some “music” as we waited for the other racers to arrive.


I didn’t manage to get a pic of Amava’s gnome, but here is a shot of The Game Dame and I as we waited for the race to begin.


Here’s a pic of the growing crowd after I turned off the chat bubbles but before I turned off the names. Gnicegnome seemed pleased to have an audience.


Look! BRK and Hobbes!


And another tall person!


Here we are at the starting line, almost ready to run. In this shot, I happened to catch one of my favorite racer names. Very clever indeed.


Arrival at Dun Murogh…


… and through the tunnel. (I guess Gnawtygnome had to go pretty badly there to announce it in such a way.)


The run got quite dangerous at this point. Just imagine spiders and crocs running out of the mist for some bite-sized snacks, because I didn’t manage to get screenshots of that stuff.


And finally, the bridge!


The swarm in Menethil Harbor grew as all the gnomes (including those that had to retrieve their corpses) finished the race.


Looks like the green-haired gnome on the right is ready to run again!


The crowds around the portals were pretty impressive. Lots of mad clicking there.


And finally, arrival at Shattrath, and a thanks from BRK via our raid leader.


Thank you, too, BRK! πŸ™‚


4 responses

  1. Oh wow, your pictures are the best I’ve seen so far! And your commentary was quite amusing. I feel so slack for only taking one picture (I was on the Mac and spazzing the pastes which are a bit different than my PC was). Thank you so much for posting these. They’re awesome. It was also really cool to meet you in-game. I left the PeeWee Panzers guild too, but only after leveling to 10. Then I realized that no one else was leveling in the guild so I bailed. I think I’m level 11 now. (Being a warlock was too fun to pass up.)

  2. Haha, nice pictures. You were in my raid!

    Thanks for not including screenshots of the abuse I was hurling through raid warnings.

    It was a motivational tool, you understand.

  3. @Game Dame

    Thanks so much! It was really fun to meet you, too. I was thinking if I ever do start playing Alliance again, we could gather up a bunch of fun blogging folks and roll on the same server so we can quest together, chat, etc. Drenden does seem a good choice, given that our racer gnomes are already in Shattrath there. πŸ™‚

    Actually, it would be really cool to try to do something like that. Generating an LFG post now!


    Woo! Glad you enjoyed. I look forward to the next BRK event! /salute! πŸ™‚


    Hehe… thanks! I wondered if that was you! Your raid warnings were cracking us up. Motivational, indeed. πŸ˜€

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