The Anti-PuGs! (Thoughts)

I rolled my new little druid on Anvilmar last night and met up with my fellow anti-puggers.  It was a complete blast!  It was refreshing totally starting over, I confess.  In a way, it felt like vacation.  Alt summer camp or something.  Maybe that’s because Mulgore is so bright and sunny.  🙂

First impressions…

– This is going to be really, really fun.  I was cracking up at everyone’s progress updates as they found gray gear that was better than their novice shirts (husband collected the whole unkempt “set” with robe and gloves, etc), found bags to add six slots to their inventory (epic lewtz!), and also discovering things about classes they’d never played before.  It was a great time.

– Having a small inventory with no means to upgrade is very painful.  At one point last night, I had to chuck my hearthstone to make room for something I needed for a collection quest.  I also decided not to buy mild spices because I only needed 1 and didn’t want to carry around the other 4 until I found more small eggs to cook.

– Money is tight!  Gotta sell all junk before training, and potentially not train in everything.  Seems like the best way to pad my little bank account will be fishing when other folks aren’t around to quest/instance.  Which brings me to the first of a series of topics the group/guild should probably discuss…


We’ve had an offer from someone willing to transfer one of their other characters to Anvilmar with a few hundred gold in tow.   IF we were to accept this, seems like there are several ways to do this.  The spectrum as I see it.

– Plop all the money in the guild bank and let folks take what they need.  (Scary.)

– Divide the money amongst the teams.  Give each team 100g do do with what they wish, for example.  One person could be the gold-keeper, or it could be divided evenly.

– Instead of a large amount, just give everyone a level 10 present of 2g to spend however they would like.  Bags, training, shiny greens from the AH.  Each person spends or invests at their own discretion and once the money is gone, that’s it.  (We could offer more gold for future birthdays, too… a big present at level 40, for example, if we find we’ve been unable to raise money.  We could just go with the 2g for now and reconnoitre at future levels.)

– Instead of give folks gold, just give them bags.  Outfit all level 10s with 8-10 slot bags to make it easier to keep more gray vendor trash to sell.

– Just keep plugging along as we are.  It’s sort of like going outside on a really hot day.  As you start to sweat, you get very uncomfortable, and you want nothing more than to go back into the air conditioning.  If you stay outside a little while though, you’ll get used to it.

What do folks think?

Guild Name 

Please go check out the names over at Two and Half Orcs and vote, or make suggestions if you have an idea burning in your head.  We’re hoping to get together next Wednesday evening and sign the charter.

Ok, have to go for a bit… will check in again when I can!


33 responses

  1. Oh and honestly I don’t think we’d need any extra gold, I started a completely new character on a completely new server a few days ago– no gold to my name and no friends– and I’m already up to about 5g just from mining/skinning. Also got that character decked out in Mageweave Bags. So it’s definitely possible to raise money on a new character… buuut, that’s just my thoughts.

  2. ok so I went kinda stalkerish and downloaded a us version of the game… so I’ve got a trial account atm, my 2nd ‘normal’ account will run out soon and instead of keeping that up I think i’ll pay for a month of playing on the us server, if you guys will have me that is! lol

    silly me though, I forgot that I can’t actually whisper anyone with a trial account unless I’m on their friends list – doh!!

    What time are you guys doing this at so I know if/when I can actually join in?
    cheers 😀

  3. Yay, this is going to be fun! Wait, going to? No, it is *already* fun! I think I’m going to take mining and herbing for a little while to help us make some money, despite my previously-stated intentions to tailor. I also did my first AH scan this morning, so I’m looking forward to trying some of Og’s tips to get us rolling in the coin. 😀

  4. If we decide to go the “pure” route, I suppose hanging out in the low level areas killing stuff would provide for the necessary monies. And of course, dual gatherers are going to have a distinct advantage, as my time on Secret has shown.

    Another issue we might want to address is balancing gearing the group with lining our pockets. Of course, if we’re running together all the time, it’ll be a simple need/greed roll. And I suppose if I’m grinding cash (and no XP) alone, what ever I find I keep. Ok, nvm…lol


  5. Its fairly easy to hit 20-30g on a brand spankin new character by level 20(and be fully trained/geared). Heck og hits 1meeelions by level 4.

    The bags are so very very tempting… very tempting. I’m actually using a 4 slotter. This…. is… not… right.

    Not turning down the awesome offer. Just 2 coppering.

  6. I think the offer of transferring a moneyed character is awesome . . . but I kind of like the idea of making all our own gold. But not being able to buy a wand and thinking a 4-slotter is awesome is sad . . . I’m sorta on the fence with both legs in the do-it-ourselves side. BTW it looks like Pox Arcanum is the clear winner so I’m going to start playing around with guild tabards . . . I’m thinking red would go nicely with the name but I’ll try different things. I’ll be taking screenshots of the cool-looking ones and posting it over at our site. Not sure when this will happen since I have an Orclette to look after.

  7. Considering the time difference, what’s the thoughts on starting up an EU version of the same idea?

    We could have the same guild names\tabards etc

  8. I would be in favor of getting bags, but anything past that feels like cheating. I think it’s part of the fun to start from scratch… but not having bags severely sucks.

    Also, I posted a comment WAY at the bottom of the old list, so in case people don’t see it… check the spreadsheet to make sure your times are correct. Mine weren’t, so I fixed that, and I also added in half hour increments to make it easier to show the times you really intend to start/stop.

  9. I haven’t even finished reading the post, much less the comments, so I’ll post more later, but I have a small favor to ask…

    Any way we can have these discussions via email or something so we can all get the ideas straightaway?

    I know that might seem intrusive, so maybe it’s not a good idea… just wanted to throw it out there.

    Now back to reading the above.

  10. Perhaps if any one comes up with an idea like this we can send it to everyone’s email and -also- post it on a blog. I agree with GD that some people are going to only find out way to late. But I don’t check my email very often so what is good for the Dame would hurt the Gander. But both is good for both!

  11. Caught up reading now. GOSH I am SO behind the power curve! Thoughts…

    1) Let’s raise our own gold. It’s not that difficult.

    2) I propose we let everyone finish the class quests they get at level 10 because those are mostly solo quests anyway. Also, they tend to roam around all over the world, so it might be kind of a pain to follow everyone around on their class quests. It won’t hurt leveling because if we followed each other, we’d level anyway. Thus, maybe we meet in Org at level 11 or after our class quest, whichever comes first. If you make 11 and you still haven’t finished your class quest, we’ll help you finish it.

    3) I think the questions about crafting are excellent and underscore the need to get a guild bank asap. I mean, I took up blacksmithing for the weapons I could make myself, but before that I can make some pretty bitchen armor for those who can wear mail. Instead of selling all of it, I’d rather give it to guildies. (Plus, I’d be very appreciative of leatherworkers helping me with MY gear.) Also, the miners can help the blacksmiths and the engineers when they need extra mats so we don’t have to go to the AH as much.

    4) @157: go nuts with the EU version. Go to my blog and use my contact form to send me your email address and I’ll give you access to the spreadsheet. You can use it to set up things for your group… either by adding to existing, creating new sheets, or just copying it.

    /pant pant… okay that’s all for now.

  12. Considering the time difference, what’s the thoughts on starting up an EU version of the same idea?

    I am up for it :), should we start a blogpost somewhere so we can start organising ? Isnt tobold in Europe as well, would be very nice if he joined 😉

  13. I don’t check my email all that often either, but I agree that all these posts on various blogs are hard to keep up with. I’d suggest we create a forum somewhere at like pro-board or something, to keep all these ideas together and easy to access.

    PS – my pally quest won’t be till level 12. 😦

  14. I agree with raising our own gold. I’ve got several Horde toons that I could have brought over or even had you guys switch servers to serve our purpose BUT doing it like this is a good way to cut the past and start fresh.

    We won’t get tempted to do other stuff away from the group.

  15. Maybe a Google word doc so we don’t all have to register for another service? I know some people can’t get to Google docs, though. Google Groups — you can subscribe to an email digest? List-serv?

  16. Whew! A quick break from work, so here are my thoughts…

    I’m happy to go with the majority on the issue of introducing money/resources, but I’m leaning toward either

    1) just toughing it out and trying to make ourselves a fully self-sufficient group, perhaps using only these toons. (We haven’t talked about this specifically yet, so I’m curious what people think.) Of course we can’t stop someone from rolling a farmer alt to run around Anvilmar and mine some extra ore for their poxic blacksmith (or to sell in the AH), but I like the idea of just sticking with the individual characters we have. If there is mining to be done, why not have your poxic do it? They can go on mining expeditions in the off-times (again, doing so in such a way to minimize getting experience). It is their profession after all, right? And this means we avoid the “work” type feelings that some people get with the toons on their main servers. Have to make a bank alt for the AH and then have to make a farmer to make money to support the primary adventurer, and … When you introduce this, Anvilmar feels less like a vacation spot to me. What do you guys think?

    2) just providing bags (plus a little extra to cover the charter and tabard). This is just a matter of comfort and convenience, and I’d say it’s worth doing if people find that they simply aren’t having fun. It is difficult to play with a tiny inventory, but I was totally cracking up last night as I found myself having to ditch my hearthstone to pick up a quest item. So, I’m having fun, but folks should speak up if they’re already dreading playing their new toons because of this issue.

    Also, I like the idea of something centralized for our communication, either in a forum format or maybe just a blog that we all share (that seems very appropriate!). The mailing list will be excellent for coordinating runs, scheduling guild meetings, etc, but in a way, I think it would be cool to keep a lot of the planning and brainstorming publicly viewable. It may help recruit folks for new teams, and folks that aren’t participating may have some interesting ideas for us. 🙂

  17. I’m enjoying starting over. The new bag space is a challenge yes. But not a hindrence.

    Raamah(brother of mine) said he wasn’t a fan of the gold idea, but he was way too busy to talk/think/etc and that I should go away and leave him alone.

    We’re bloggers right? So if we had a central planning/brainstorming location and we took the time/energy to publicize everything that goes on there on our blogs then we get the best of both worlds.

    As an example:

    In the google group that GD set up we are discussing whether or not to do the level 10 quests solo or as a group. Solo means people will likely level to 11, but that saves the group from running all the way accross the world on some of the longer fetch quests. As a group is nice but then people have to wait on everyone in order to get this or that key class ability.

  18. Which parts do you/don’t you like?

    About the leveling and when we should start, I just sent an e-mail saying I thought we’d be sticking together for all quests starting with level 10. I imagined we’d be working together through everything (even through individual class quests), but if this is too restrictive or folks don’t like it, we should come up with different (or clearer) guidelines.

    We could wait and hook up at level 12 or as late as 15 if people would rather. I chose 10 because I thought it would offer a chance to play together a bit before RFC, and even collect those quests together. And I personally would look forward to helping other folks with their class quests. Given what the chat was like last night, I think we’d have no trouble entertaining ourselves and each other during all those cross-continent runs and waits for the zeppelins. I’m not in a hurry here. 🙂 But again, discussion is welcome. I don’t want this to seem too stifling.

  19. I’m afraid that I was the one that opened this >10 can o’ woims. Having heard all the discussion, I now believe that Ess’s original idea should hold. If my little rogue Abuto could go back in time and sap me while I was writing comment #17, then none of this would’ve happened! So, unless anyone else has been persuaded by me (which I doubt since even *I* am not persuaded by me), I think the point has been decided: we meet in Org at level 10 on Wednesday. No?

    Lastly, I really liked Wara’s idea of posting an alt screenie. I’m going to post mine tonight!

  20. Level 10. Wednesday. Groups start playing as soon as everyone from your group is there. And yeah Ogrimmar.

    Alt Screenie? I missed this one.

    Ess I liked the bits where the gatherer’s help the non-gathers level their skills and where we stick with just these toons and no outside gold/alts.

  21. Dax can now make 6 slot linen bags! Before I picked a couple of those up, I was able to get a couple of 6 slot bags in the AH for about 2-3 silver, too. This has made quite a difference… (Mr. Ess also fished up an 8 slot bag. Luckyyy!)

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