Getting Closer (and a few more details)

Looks like we’re potentially less than a week away from our first groupings with the Pox Arcanum teams. Don’t know about you guys, but I am completely stoked. We do still have some details to work out, and there’s been excellent discussions as issues have come up. I’ve thought of a few other things to consider as well…


From what I gather from the last discussion, it sounds like the general feeling is that we shouldn’t bring in any outside gold for now. Is everyone comfortable with this?

My impression was that we’d tough it out for the time being, and maybe revisit the topic in the coming weeks as we’ve had a chance to play and see how things are going. I have already noted a huge difference since picking up a few cheap bags (2-3s) in the AH, and getting a few linen bags from Daxe. (Mr. Ess and I have been tossing Daxe all our linen as we go, to help make bags and also clothes for the clothies.) Also, looks like we can potentially make some good money by fishing in the offtimes, and selling our catches in the AH. (I’ve already found a few greens this way, as well.) Oily blackmouths = $weet ca$h. Mr. Ess and I already have a few gold each from this, which should easily support our training and travel for a while.


As an extension of the thoughts on money, I floated the idea that we might want to keep the group totally self contained. This means no sugardaddies, no farmer alts. Everything you do for this character, you do with this character. We haven’t heard from everyone on this though, and I’m curious to hear what folks think. Again, I don’t want to bog us down with too many rules and restrictions, but since we’re at the beginning of all this, it is an opportunity to try such an experiment. For both this and the basics of money handling, I’d suggest we come up with our guidelines (heh, at first I type “guildlines” πŸ˜‰ ) asap, as people are getting into their toons more and more, leveling crafting skills, and so forth. I want to be sure we’re all on the same page here.

When do we start (exactly)?

I’d suggested level 10, but some folks mentioned that maybe those of us with class quests should go ahead and take care of those before we meet in Orgrimmar. I don’t like the idea of people going off on their own to take care of these quests once we form our initial parties, so if folks don’t want to do these with their groups, I suppose they could go ahead. Chances are, these class quests wouldn’t level us all that much. Although, one thing I’ll point out — I noticed there are only about 7600 XP to gain from level 10 to 11. Last night, I was killing harpies in Durotar when I hit 10, and I managed to finish the quest while trying to kill my way out of there. I saw I was still getting good XP, so I ran past all the rest as not to level too much more. (Whew!) Turning in the quest would have given me about 900 XP, so I decided not to turn the quest in (even though it was done), as it would put me significantly ahead of the group, I’d wager. XP from my class quest will also put me a bit ahead of everyone else. Clearly, staying *exactly* at the same level isn’t going to happen, but we can still do what we can to keep everyone in the ballpark.

So, should we let those with class quests at 10 who’d like to complete them individually go ahead and finish them, assuming they’re still level 10? Or should folks ding 10 and stop what they’re doing and proceed to Org to keep the leveling as synched as possible? Or should people just do what they want? Let me know what you guys think about this. We still have several days to decide. The thing I feel most strongly about is that once we’re grouped, we should only quest/grind as those groups.

Chosing Quests (thinking ahead on this one)

Instances are going to be the most fun, I think, so I’m hoping my team will focus on the quests/chains for getting the instances done. I think which quests (and even instances) to be completed by any team can be determined by the whole team, however, considering what the quest rewards are (like, uh, bags) and what exactly is involved. Mr. Ess and I were talking about how painful some of the collection quests have been for our duos. For the two of us, it took quite a while to collect 20 pirate hats each, and those had a reasonable drop rate. With a group of five, can you imagine having to collect 100 pirate hats? The Undercity “field testing kit” quest was pretty much impossible for two people to complete — we’d never get it done within the two hour time limit for five folks, so when we come to that, we can just decline it! (I will throw the kit back in the little dude’s face!)

On the other hand, Mr. Ess and I killed those pirates pretty quickly with just the two of us, so I can only imagine the STEAMROLLER that five people would give them. We might be able to collect the hats very quickly, and splitting the XP across five people will mean killing many more will even things out for us. It may not actually take any longer either.

I think the trick is going to be communicating as we go along about what to do, where to travel next, and what to skip. (Raise your hand if you hate the samophlange.) We may find that we need to be more thorough in completing all the quests in the different areas, given how the XP will be divided. I’m sure we’ll get a feeling for this once we actually get started.

Thoughts? Once we’ve made decisions about stuff, it might be good to post them someplace central (even if it’s a single post here, for the time being), so everyone can see what’s been agreed upon. I think a lot of this may become more obvious once the teams are rolling, but it’s worth discussing now if folks have strong feelings about particular aspects of this project. πŸ™‚

/gone fishin’


25 responses

  1. I figured that we’d meet up in Org, and start finishing up people’s quests. We’d pick someone to finish off (and get any shareable quests they might have), not pick up the follow ups, and proceed until their quest log is empty. That way we don’t have to abandon quests, and we’ll all be in it together. Plus we might earn a little rep from shared quests.

    Depending on how many quests people have to finish up, we might be looking at two game days of doing this due to travel time. On the plus side, we’ll get to know each other a bit more before venturing into an instance, and we’ll be getting xp/cash/drops.

    As far as the money goes, I like convenience. So, I really don’t want to wrestle with having enough money to fly somewhere or struggling to pay for a level’s spells. I will, however, agree to what ever the group decides regarding this issue.


  2. The more I’ve thought about this, the more I like the original idea. Meet in Org at level 10, without the class quests done. They (the class quests) are going to be quick and easy and will give us all a chance to screw around together before starting an instance. Not that RFC will be hard, but you know what I mean.

    I like the idea of self-sufficiency within the group, too. As long as we have a tailor, I don’t feel I need to be making my own clothes, etc., and am happy to take two gathering professions. We can either use the ores and herbs I collect within ourselves or sell it on the AH. I think with a little AH flipping (something I want to practice anyway) and people gathering as much as we can, we shouldn’t have any money troubles for a long time.

    Of course, I could be wrong. πŸ˜€

  3. My thoughts… Money. I agree with Ess on the money and self-sufficience. The only thing I’d amend is that we work really hard to share the money in the guild (not just groups). The main reason I bring this up is that perhaps some people’s schedules will not allow them to grind for money on off-days as much as other people might be able to.

    Starting Level. I think we should start at 10, like Ess suggested at the beginning. I think in the Poxic email group we came to a consensus on that…?

    Quests. If we’re going to quest together, let’s quest TOGETHER and that means grinding for drops too. I think if we start splitting off rules for each quest type, we’ll go down a complicated, slippery slope. The groups should decide which quests are not worth doing amongst themselves. The only request I’ll make is that if it involves a decent amount of rep or includes a good equipment reward, let’s do it even if it’s a pain.

    Oh, and maybe I’m a freak, but I don’t mind the samophlange. /grin (Besides, imagine going in there with a group of five to mow down all the mobs! A cinch!)

  4. One additional question. How to help the Yellow Poxless group? Luciel and Rymes have been very dedicated to our little experiment and I don’t want to see them left out when it comes to instances. Any thoughts on how to solve this issue?

  5. One last item on my mind (I hope!)… Do we need more tailors? Right now we only have 2 tailors and 7 clothies. Also, we have 3 leather wearers and only 1 leatherworker. I put a new sheet into the spreadsheet showing the breakdown (mostly so I could remember to whom to send mail when I make it). Should we worry about this type of thing?

  6. Self-Sufficience:

    I have no intention of leveling a second character to farm, but I may create a bank alt. Especially with a lack of bag space to start, it’s very helpful to be able to send non-soulbound stuff out (whether it’s to be sold or not) without having to go back to a major city. If people think that’s cheating, I’ll go without, but I really don’t see the harm in it.

    Meeting point:

    I was under the impression that pretty much as soon as you hit level 10 (maybe finish up the quest you’re working on currently, but after that) get to Orgrimmar to meet with the rest of the group. We’d do all traveling involved in class quests together. And yes, people will be at different spots within that level (my fellow blood elves and I are probably going to get a fair amount of exploration XP just getting to Orgrimmar), but even if someone accidentally dings 11, a difference of 56k XP or so isn’t going to be nearly so much once we start getting into higher levels. But I would say, get to Orgrimmar as soon as possible after hitting 10 (which I know several people have already done).


    Personally I’d like to see all the instances since I’ve never done the Horde ones before, but if there’s any that people absolutely hate (as Alliance, for example, I loathe Gnomeregan) I’m not going to force anyone in there. As for what quests to do in between instance runs, I’d honestly suggest going back to the Ghostlands, since the quests in new zones (BE and Draenei) are supposedly more streamlined and have better rewards. But again, never having done Horde, I really am no judge of that. Probably since our XP is going to be so significantly reduced, we’ll end up doing what quests we can in Ghostlands, for example, then moving to the 10-20 undead zone, then jump over to the Barrens, and keep rotating like that.

    I was thinking that at the end of each night we can decide what we’re doing next time, and then sometime during the week we can get there individually, after a session of fishing or mining or whatever your character does in their off time, so we can spend as much time questing as possible.

  7. You all posted while I was writing!

    Regarding the tradeskills, usually you have to end up making like 5 or 10 of one thing in order to skill up anyway, and since the auction house is flooded with these low level items, most of them just get wasted anyway. I don’t think it’s a problem for one or two tailors/leatherworkers/whatever to supply the whole group. I’ve always wanted to try JC and plan to make everyone lots of rings and… whatever else low level JC’s make.

  8. So, if we agree to finish up the orc/trolls first, followed by the Taurens, then the Undead, and lastly, the BE’s, we’ll be in good position to start Ghostlands for when we’re ready!


  9. I’d like to hit every instance, and kill every boss in every one. Its something I always wanted to do.

    I really want to be entirely self sufficient. Really as slow as we will be leveling it will be EASY to get enough gold to twink ourselves out without outside help. (Especially for miners/herbers who get bored and spend the rest of the week grinding mats)[ie: me]

    I like the idea of grouping for the class quests. And for that matter even doing the normal quests as a 5 man. Some will be way faster others slower. But All of them will be fun I think.

    Thats my view on this. As always I’m willing to go with what the group decides.

    /wanders away to tank a baby for the rest of the afternoon.

  10. I posted this to the email group, but I’ll reiterate it here. One of the things that I really think we ought to get rid of is the Got to Level mindset. I am the chief offender in this pitfall, so I’m pointing my finger straight at myself! And, of course, I’m talking about having the urge to level outside of the group.

    I’m firmly convinced that if we think of our Wed nights as our time together instead of concentrating on leveling, that leveling will take care of itself.

    Collection quests? who cares! It’s our time together.

    Grinding faction rep on NO XP quests???? Big Deal!! It’s our time together.

    Someone wants to run Gnomer 50 times in a row?? uh…FHAGHETTABOUTIT!!! LOL.

    I’ve tried to suck the fun out of this little project, but now I see the light!! haha. Group up with set teams and ….play!


  11. I understood our purpose to be to “level/gear together” so I think that should be the driving force behind every decision.

    If people want to do a bunch of stuff on their on, I have no qualms with that, but I have little interest in levelling yet another alt without having fun doing so – and I can level an alt all by myself. πŸ˜‰

    So my take is money, quests, instances, gear, whatever we need – we do together.

  12. Sweet. Sounds like we’re all on the same page here. So, in summary…

    We’ll start at 10 and stick together, through the worst of collection quests with the lowest of drops to the longest waits for the zeppelin in Durotar. Groups will decide how they proceed through the content. This is indeed our time together, and I think it will all be fun.

    We’ll go with the idea of being self-sufficient. I agree bank alts are fine, but we’ll avoid having farmers and other sugar daddy variants introducing additional resources into our gameplay.

    Instead, we’ll support one another. For example, I’ve been giving Daxe all my linen to help him level up tailoring, and I’ve been passing the herbs I’ve fished up to Mr. Ess for his alchemy. I’ve been saving my leather until our leather wearers are on, so I can make them some sweet new outfits for adventuring while I’m leveling up the profession. I’ll possibly try to sell some of the other stuff I craft, but I’ll also donate some to the enchanter in the group, because I will, of course, be benefitting from the enchants they provide, so this will help restock their mats. I think it would be great fun to be part of a growing group that follows these philosophies. We don’t have to be totally communist or set up a tithing system (unless people really want one), but I do like the idea that we are all working toward the betterment of our teams and the group as a whole, with people contributing as they like. (If we’re standing there at the flight path, and you don’t have ten silver to get where we’re going, of course I will give it to you.)

    About the Yellow Poxless… for them to begin, we need to fill out that group of five! If those group members (or folks in other groups) know fellow bloggers/player that might enjoy the project, perhaps they could send out a few feelers? I know I’ll keep posting about it here. We’re never going to be able to recruit in multiples of five, so I think people are going to have to be patient. In the meantime, they can fish, embark upon XP-less gathering adventures, craft, play the AH, and chat with the groups while they’re logged on. Or, this is my opinion on the subject, anyway.

    And finally, I think it rocks that we all overlap on Wednesday nights (even if only for an hour or so), but I imagine teams will have sessions other times as well. Hopefully anyone reading this who would like to join in, but can’t make it Wednesday nights will still contact us about participating! πŸ™‚

  13. Sorry about being so late ! πŸ™‚
    I would like to join your little guild … project. πŸ˜›
    But my work schedule will prevent me from playing at least once a month.
    (I’m working the night shift at least 1 Wednesday each month …)

    If I can’t join the guild, I’ll still come to say hello. πŸ™‚

  14. Hey guys. I love the idea, and look forward to reading all about your anti-pug adventures.

    I do have a suggestion for you. Both of my last two toons have been leveled exclusively with a friend. Every morning during the week, we’d get together for 2-3 hours. It was a very rewarding experience. πŸ˜€ But, from time to time, there were things that needed doing outside the group. This last time, I rolled a hunter, and training new pets and grinding with them to learn whatever it was they had to teach me, I did on my own. As well as any Hunter related quests. Sometimes, I would get more than a level ahead of my partner.

    So, I simply stayed away from rested xp until he had caught up. Seemed to work well for us.

    Happy Adventuring!

  15. @Sellia

    Our yellow team needs a fifth person, so if you’d like to join, we may have a spot for you right away! The slot is slated for DPS… think you might be interested in that role? (Current team make-up is warrior tank, shaman healer, plus a mage and a hunter for DPS.) You can see our spreadsheet here.

    And about the Wednesday night thing — Wednesdays aren’t mandatory. It just happens to be the night we all overlap at this point. The team I’m on has a somewhat short overlap, so we’re certain to do a session another time. Could be that your team meets a different night anyway, or has a make-up session another night, or … it’s really up to you guys. Generally, I was thinking teams would get together and play together once or twice a week, but all of this can be determined on a team by team basis, and they don’t necessarily have to overlap with any of the other teams. (Well, until we get to Kara. πŸ˜‰ )


    Thanks! What was the other half of the duo with your hunter, by the way? I’m secretly plotting the next duo for Mr. Ess and I for once our pally/shaman duo has hit the ceiling. πŸ™‚

    For now, we’re planning to do all class quests together, and I’m hoping that hunters can level up their pets while playing with the entire group, too. (We’ll all be there to watch the taming of the beasts, as well!) If this turns out to be impossible for our hunters to deal with, it’s something that can hopefully be worked out within the teams. I do feel strongly that any leveling should happen when with the whole team is there. (I mean leveling in terms of XP, not crafting — people can go nuts with that if their team isn’t there.) The project is more about playing together than getting through the content speedily or efficiently, or creating the uber-character that is maxed out in all weapons, skills, and professions. We have enough pressure with our regular toons — these should be fun vacation summer camp alts. (Mmm… s’mores…)

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