Defeating the Spider God

There’s a nifty quest chain that begins in the Hinterlands with picking up some venom bottles. You check with the apothecary guy in Tarren Mill about them, who then sends you all the way back to Sen’jin Village in the deep south of Durotar (interesting accents down there), who sends you into Zul’Farrak to find the name of the spider god on a tablet. After a final trip to Sen’jin, you must go to Shadra’Alor in the Hinterlands to summon and defeat this spider, who goes by the name of Shadra.

The initial quests are pre-ZF, of course, so you pick them up in your early 40s. Shadra is a level 55 elite, even now after patching removed the elite status and “group” label from a lot of these quests, so you can’t just waltz out of Zul’Farrak and go step on her. If I recall correctly, the final quest in this chain doesn’t specifically suggest having 2 or more players, but it probably should.

I believe my hunter was just 52 or so when she first took on Shadra. The giant spider emerged from the water, and promptly destroyed both my cat and me. Some of the thottbot commenters put it most eloquently, I think:

“SHE’S FSCKIN HUGE!!! Just saw her and almost soiled myself.” — Halvor, in his post called ‘Christ on a stick.’

“…recent patch fixed the size. No longer huge. Actually, she’s a lil’ smaller than the other spiders of the area. But gawd, that bitch hits like a fuckin’ bulldozer.” — Kelendern.

Well said, my friends. She bulldozed my cat and me at levels 52, 53, and 55. At 55, I was very, very close to finishing her off in a few of my attempts, but she got me every time. The crappy part is that once you summon her, she’ll stick around long enough for you to run back and make a few more attempts on her, but if you want to summon her again in a later session, you have to go allllll the way back to Sen’jin, dump the quest, and have Master Gadrin write the name on a new piece of parchment for you. After many graveyard runs through those first several levels, I decided to wait a while. I realize I could have gotten help from someone in my guild, but she’d defeated me so many times, completing this quest on my own had become a matter of pride. At 58, armed with a few pieces of Outland gear, I went back to summon her a final time…

I went to the altar, read her name, and watched her emerge from the water. As she scuttled toward me, I sent my cat in and dropped a trap just in case, but it turned out to be unnecessary. I was able to slowly chip away at her life and keep my pet healed. When she was down to 20% and my cat was still successfully tanking her, I knew that this was finally it! With much improved gear, DPS, and hunter skillz (I suspect), I was finally squishing Shadra. The Spider God would be defeated! …and then a pair of Blood Elves popped around the corner and helped me finish her off. Gah! Where were they at levels 52, 53, and 55?? I so had her. A small part of me wanted to summon her again and kill her all by myself, but that would require another trip to Sen’jin, so I just let it go. I knew I could have had her on my own, and I was tremendously proud of myself.

[Scene Change]

Yesterday, our paladin/shaman duo ran through ZF with a couple of guild folks, and as part of this, read the name of the Spider God off the tablet. After doing a bunch of other questing afterward, we landed at level 55. (We’ve now pretty much completed everything in Un’Goro, Hinterlands, and Felwood, and have wandered into Silithus and Winterspring to make our final sprint toward Outland together). We were doing our final tour of quest turn-ins late last night, and Mr. Ess asked if we should try to kill Shadra before calling it a night. Remembering everything I went through with my hunter, I was a little nervous, but I’m definitely a sturdier tank than my hunter’s cat, and Mr. Ess is a better healer than my hunter. Mr. Ess’s shaman packs a good wallop, too.

We traveled to Hinterlands, rode to Shadra’Alor, and approached the altar. It was pretty handy that we both had parchments, I thought, in case we were unable to defeat her this time. I summoned her, she emerged and ran along the side of the water toward us, and we rushed her and began our attacks… and we were barely putting a dent in her. Seriously, it seemed her health bar wasn’t even budging for the first minute or so. I watched the treeline, hoping for Blood Elves.

We both had to heal each other and ourselves as the fight progressed. I dropped the Judgment of Wisdom on her to try to keep us afloat in terms of mana, but we were both perpetually low. I drank a mana potion at one point, and began hitting with Seal of Light to counteract all the damage I was taking. It was a really intense fight, but by the time we got her to 25%, we knew we had her. We were both at low health (and almost no mana) by the end of it, but together we smushed the Spider God on the first try. It was awesome.

The other thing that was awesome was that we got something like 12500 experience for turning in her Venom, and then the quest that follows (a simple delivery of the venom to the Undercity) gave an additional 12500 experience or so. Oh yeah!!! Totally worth it. After this and all the other stuff we turned in last night, we’re more than halfway to level 56. Outland is so close, we can almost smell the hellfire.


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