Tuesday Ten

1. The newest issue of The Daedalus Project is up! If the psychology of MMORPGs interests you, you’ll definintely want to add this site to your reading list. Current articles cover survey data on why people choose the avatars they do, motivations for playing MMOs, MMOs as a way of coping with RL, and how people use these games to keep in touch (contrast with the anti-social gamer stereotype).

2. Last night, our guild had a PvP event and I participated. This was my very first time dueling against other players EVER. And it was pretty fun. Next time a random person challenges me, I will consider sparring with them, I think. I’m not quite ready for those battlegrounds though.

3. I finally got vent working, so last night was also the first time I chatted via microphone with my guildmates. I mostly kept quiet, particularly when the channel got crowded. I guess I’m still feeling a bit shy, but everyone was very nice (and so funny), and I can’t wait to start running instances with these folks.

4. I’m slowly trying to update my blogroll, which is a bit of a mess, I know. I really do read a lot of blogs, but some of the ones on that list have gone inactive, and I just haven’t had time to remove them yet. (I read through my Google feed reader, and read many more than are listed to the right — I don’t often use those direct links.)

5. I want to pick up the pace with my puggin’ mage this week, and try to complete the second BFD run and also an RFK run, if possible.

6. Our anti-pug activities will begin tomorrow night! We’ll meet in Orgrimmar, form the guild, and then away we’ll go on our first set of adventures. Whee! It looks like we have two teams ready to go, and a third team formed. If you think you might be interested in joining the project, please post in that thread or send me an e-mail.

7. My main server is now maxed with characters, I think. This means no more alts for me unless I start deleting my alliance characters (I have two, I think). This is probably a good thing. There’s already so much I want to do with the characters I do have that I really shouldn’t make any more, but…

8. Daydream alt of the week: warlock, either Undead or Orc.

9. There is no #9.

10. A non-WoW note. My co-workers and I are avid followers of the super-awesome Eurovision Song Contest, which happens each spring. Think American Idol, but much more theatrical. Some of the entries are traditional (pretty!!) ballads and folks songs, while others are totally over the top. This competition has been going on since the 1950’s (1974 winner = Abba!), and given the other international TV we have access to in the states (plus the interest in competitive reality shows), I’m a little surprised it doesn’t air here. If you enjoy silly, cheesy, and ridiculous pop videos, it’s worth your while to do some youtube searches for the videos. If you find anything good, let me know! We’ve found a few goodies to rival last year’s favorites (oh my gosh, I love that last one), but nothing that screams winner yet. πŸ™‚


2 responses

  1. Firstly, I enjoy your blog immensely – keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    Now, I feel that I must comment on this post. The Eurovision Song Contest??? OMG!!!!! Here in England, it is widely regarded to be a huge joke at the expense of the rest of Europe. While that may sound like a typical British elitist attitude, anyone who has sat through several hours of folky ballads mixed with horrible cringe-worthy “europop” will surely concur. The only thing that raises a chuckle is the fantastically predictable voting for the winner. As you cannot vote for your own country, most of those involved will award top marks to their immediate neighbours or countries that they have close ties with. We have the same presenter here every year (Terry Wogan) and he has even started calling the results from each country before they are announced – usually fairly accurately!

    It never ceases to amaze me how popular the contest seems to be in mainland Europe. Lordi, the Finnish winners of the 2006 contest were actually presented with an award for “exemplary Finnish work” by the President of Finland. The Finnish postal service then issued a Lordi postage stamp in their honour. Hell, even a brand of cola was renamed “Lordi Cola”. Enough said.

  2. Hey, thanks!! πŸ™‚

    My love of Eurovision is more a reflection of my sense of humor than my taste in music, I promise! (Though that Hungarian one I linked has a lovely melody, I think.) We are laughing our butts off over these videos. In fact, the more seriously they seem to be taking themselves, the funnier we think it is.

    Funny you should mention Lordi, because that was the first one that really caught our attention. The lead monster with the little hat with the Finnish flag on it? Gold. The lyrics of “Hard Rock Hallelujah” are amusing, too. Some of them have found a regular place in our vernacular, such as “the day of rockening.” πŸ˜€

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