Woo! It’s Friday!

… with a big, juicy WoWeekend to look forward to. 😀

The Purple Pox team may be playing on Anvilmar tonight! We’re still waiting to hear from our fifth team member now, and if he can go, we’re all set. If not tonight, we’ll certainly get together sometime this weekend. I can’t wait! It’s great to see folks having so much fun together. (Do check out this delicious review, too. Hee hee hee. And this!)

I’m also wondering if our pally/shaman duo could make a press for 58 and get to Outland this weekend. They’re at 56 now, so it feels like Outland is right around the corner, but I know there’s a lot of XP between 56 and 58. I’m not even going to look up exactly how much it is, I’m just going to close my eyes and run!

(Is it really only 3pm?)

Well, I’m going to go look at cat DPS builds for a while.

Funny non-WoW link of the day: 41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments.


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