Outlandish Weekend

Another of my characters has now made it to Outland! Our pally/shaman duo finished off a bunch of Felwood and Winterspring quests on Friday night, and hit 57. On Sunday, we made a sprint toward 58 by finishing up Winterspring and doing a bit of the Videre Elixir quest line from Un’Goro. My hunter skipped much of that one, but turns out the XP was pretty good for just doing a bunch of running around. We hit 58 in the early evening, and made our way to the Dark Portal. This was my husband’s first character to get to Outland, so we lingered outside a few minutes, took a few screenshots, and enjoyed the moment.

Once we messed around with the Thrallmar quests for a little while, we decided to see if we could make it to Shattrath (since it’s a very nice place to have a hearthstone!). We buffed up and made the dangerous run through Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh to Terrokar. Actually, the only time we really felt we were in danger was between Hellfire and Zangarmarsh, as the ravagers were quite interested in us thanks to our large aggro radii. We didn’t have to stop and fight though, so all was well. We arrived at Shattrath safely.

Once we got there, we milled around a bit, and I showed Mr. Ess where the portals were. We haven’t decided on Aldor vs. Scryer yet, though we’d like to choose the same faction so we can continue question together until 70. Since we couldn’t choose a faction until 60 anyway, we somewhat arbitrarily chose the Aldor faction’s inn for our home. (My hunter is Aldor and I’m familiar with where the inn is, so I could lead us right there.) We took the lift up to Aldor Rise, approached the inn, and … I got attacked. A bunch of the Aldors ran up to me, trapped me, and EXILED me from the city. I appeared just outside Shattrath, and for the next 3 minutes, I had an exile debuff. Great. Me and Griftah down by the schoolyard.


Mr. Ess talked with an NPC while he was waiting for me and got the “you are neutral with the Sha’tar” message. Gah. So, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if I’d talked with someone first? I went up there again, and all the Aldors had their names in red, and their levels were marked ??’s. Dammit. I decided there was probably nothing I could do to redeem myself with them until I hit 60, so I gave up and went to the Scryers. I talked with an NPC, got my neutral standing with the Sha’tar, and made the Scryer inn my new home.

So, Aldor or Scryer? What would you recommend for a prot paladin (armorsmith) and an enhancement shaman (leatherworker)? I suspect we’ll be fine regardless of what we choose, but it sounds like changing is a real pain, so we want to choose wisely.  And before you send me to the comparison of the rewards at wowwiki, thanks, but I’ve already seen it. 🙂 What would you recommend?

Much of my other play time this weekend was spent on my hunter, clearing the Zangarmarsh quests from her log. I know it’s not necessary to attack the Outland zones in a linear way, but that’s how I’ve been working so far. I finished up every possible Hellfire Peninsula quest before moving on to Zangarmarsh, and I’m working on finishing Zangarmarsh before going to Nagrand or Terrokar. I’m close to done with Zangarmarsh, actually. I just have a handful of things to finish off (one is a repeatable quest, and I’m not sure how interested I am in repeating it), plus the instances. I’ll likely be out of town this coming weekend, so I probably won’t get to those until next week sometime, but I’m looking forward to seeing more of these places I keep hearing about in guild chat. 😀


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  1. I tried the same strategy of finishing zones before moving on the the next on. I found out later, that it’s easier to do half or 3/4 of a zone and then moving on to the next one until you ding the next level. Then, go back and finish the last zone.

    The zones have some pretty good over lap, so, for instance, the transition from Hellfire to Zangarmarsh is really easy if you’ve completed all of the Hellfire quests, but the last couple of quests in Hellfire are a big pain. So I’ve found it easier to hop back and for not only easier (in the long run) leveling, but also better gear from the starting quests in a new zone.

    What’s that? Why, yes, I’ve had some inquiries from some publishers about making this post into a novel; why do you ask?


  2. I’m going to guess that you’re the pally of the duo, and therefore a blood elf? ‘Cause blood elves start out friendly with Scryer and hostile with Aldor (opposite for Draenei). You can still go with whatever one you choose after you do the tour of the city and Allegience quest, but until then you’re stuck.

  3. Since you’re a Blood Elf, you start Friendly with Scryer and Hated (I think) with Aldor, which would explain their reaction to you. As far as which faction to pick, I’d say Scryer, partly because you already have more rep with them, partly because of the prot gloves you can get, and partly because as a prot pally grinding Scryer rep is cake (Demon Hunter Supplicants. ’nuff said).

    Also, if you’re planning on staying smithing and leveling it up the Enchanted Adamantite armor plans on the Scryer side use enchanting materials versus primal fire and water for the Flamebane armor on the Aldor side. Depending on your server economy, one may be cheaper than the other, but it seems the Scryer ones would be cheaper and more useful (taking Curator’s hateful bolts).

    However, I have to warn you, there are maybe one or two BoP blacksmithing pieces that are worthwhile for a prot pally, and the plans drop in SSC/TK, so they don’t come cheap. I went/stayed armorsmithing on my prot pally in the hopes that an armorsmith would be able to make tanking armor, but no such luck, and the outlook is not good either, as the plans in 2.4 are holy pally and DPS warrior/pally. I’m seriously considering switching to engineering, mostly for the tanking helm and the mote extractor. Or maybe just switching to hammersmith so I can get Thunder+. I’m just a little bitter that the epic armorsmith BoP item is DPS plate.

    As far as the leatherworking enhancement shaman, I have no idea which would be better. 😛

  4. @Dax

    I’ll probably find the same thing later myself. It will be easier to hop from area to area once I’m more familiar with the Outland as a whole, I suspect. Even those last Hellfire quests are going to be easier now that I know what to expect!


    I am indeed the paladin, and that would totally explain it! I had no idea!! (Clearly!!!) Thanks. 😀 (I don’t really know my lore, do I?)


    Wow, thanks for the input on that. I’ll take a look at what the mats for those armor mats are going for on my server, and work that into my decision as well. The other thing is that there’s a chance I might not stay protection specced after I hit 70. Argh! All these decisions!

    I’m definitely questioning whether I should stay with blacksmithing (and armorsmithing) already, to be honest. Farming all the extra iron and mithril for the Mithril Order quests has been a total pain. Given how painful it is to level mining, if I do switch professions, it will almost certainly be to engineering. Nice to know there are some good options for paladins there as well.

  5. WRT Scrybabies vs Aldorks
    Scrybabies have the best tanking shoulder enchants. Aldorks shoulder enchants suck for tanking. All other differences are moot.

    Go scrybaby.

    (Note: I went scryer at ~64.. when I was a tanking draenei pally. Now, at 70 I’m holy and long for the aldor shoulder enchants. *sigh* oh well.. spell crit is nice…)


  6. Congrats on the duo reaching Outlands! A bit of Zangarmarsh advice, if you’re at all interested in Cenarion Expedition rep, do all the plant parts turn ins first, THEN start questing. Kill tons of Zangar mobs, buy them off the AH, whatever you need to do, but take the plant part rep up to honored and then start on the quests, it makes reaching revered or exalted a ton easier.

    You probably already know that, but it may help someone else to avoid my mistake.

  7. Although to add on to what Pablo said, even if you do complete a lot of the CE quests before you hit honored on plant parts, the “grind” from there is relatively easy (if you like pugging a lot, anyway)–you can do pretty much all of it by killing mobs in whatever Coilfang Reservoir instance happens to be in your level range at the time. Slave Pens and Underbog early on, and then once you hit 68-70, Steamvaults (which gives rep all the way to Exalted even in normal).

    Generally I’ve found the easiest Outland factions to get rep for are the ones who have dungeons attached to them. For me, anyway; I did do the Kurenai reputation grind and I’m slowly, slowly working on Consortium (and they are actually attached to Mana Tombs, but mobs in regular MT stop giving you rep once you hit honored, which you usually do at 64 or 65, and heroic MT is a long way off… unlike Cenarion Expedition or Honor Hold/Thrallmar which both have several dungeons across a wide level range you get rep for), but CE, Honor Hold, and Sha’tar were a breeze because I was soaking up rep for them just by hunting for all the nice loot I wanted out of the respective dungeons. Lower City’s been a little harder since I got everything I wanted from Shadow Labyrinth early and everyone hates Sethekk Halls… XD

    Anyway this is all maundering that’s a little ahead of where you are with any of your characters. 🙂 But I figured I’d chip in. And, I’d say, stick with Scryer since it’s your racial faction on your paly; my hunter was Aldor by default and I didn’t really feel unlazy enough to get her to being Scryer. She’s not a crafter, so rep-reward recipes are really no issue, and the shoulder enchants for hunters/rogues are identical between the two factions. Cha.

  8. @Nibuca

    Thanks! Scrybabies it is! If I can convince Mr. Ess that it’s good for his shaman, too, that is. 🙂


    No, I didn’t think about that — thanks for the advice! My hunter has been turning in the plant parts as she collects them, but never made a dedicated effort to turn them all in before questing. I guess I didn’t think it would make a difference when she turned them in, but now that I know opportunity to turn them in will run out, it makes sense! We’ll be smarter with our pally/shaman duo.


    I’m with you — for my solo characters (solo as in unattached from my husband’s), I’ll be content to grind rep in dungeons. I look forward to it, in fact! The mister isn’t so keen on pugging though, so we’ll have to use different tactics, I think, unless we can get guild folks together for the dungeons.

    It does seem like I’m going to make my life more difficult if I go with anything other than Scryer at this point. Thanks for weighing in on that as well. Seems like such a commitment, I don’t want to screw up and dig myself into a hole I won’t have the energy to work my way out of.

  9. Welcomes to Shattrath! You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and … No. Wait. That’s somewheres else. Anywho. Is actually not that important to both pick the same Aldork/Scrybaby faction. Almost all the quests is the same goal, so you can party up and everybody gets credit fer shuttin down Mana Forge Annoyance, or whatevers.

  10. Ratshag!

    Iiiiinteresting. So, both Aldor and Scryer ask us to do the same quests, it’s just a different quest giver (sort of like how the Horde and Alliance folks end up doing the same stuff)? I guess the danger is that if there isn’t perfect overlap, one of us might end up ahead of the other. Are there mobs to be killed that award rep for one while reducing rep for the other, or is that also based on the quest giver who you’re theoretically working for?

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