Search Terms

I was just looking at the search terms that brought folks to this blog, and for yesterday, I see:

“outland bound” 2
rogue outland level 1
leveling holy paladin outland 1
outland instances names 1
outland bound 1
wow flooding auction house 1
bound up in dungeon 1

Heh. I’ll bet that last person was disappointed.


4 responses

  1. *snicker*

    Looking back, it looks like this post also led a person here with the terms ‘bound big girl.’ Oh my!

    You know, I’m only making it worse with this post and these comments. I’m sure abbreviating Scarlet Monastery can’t be helping either.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, somebody got to my site through the search term “bestial stories”… yeah, you can probably guess what other sorts of stuff that search brings up =P

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