Verrrrrry tempting.

I’m a Horde-y at heart, but thinking about some recreational Alliance alts. Maybe on that server?


Edit: It is too crowded and annoying in the starting areas. As interesting as dealing with a new server economy might be, I’ll choose a different server for that Alliance alt.


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  1. Hmm…. I’m thinkin’ Night Elf priest. I was just chatting with Game Dame, and she’s thinking of maybe rolling a lil alt there, too. I may not be there much tonight, and tomorrow I’m heading out of town until Monday, but after that, you can find me on Cairne in a channel called “poxic.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    There might be some interesting pugging there, since everyone will have to start at level 1. No transfers to the server for six months, which means no 70s! Has the potential for some good stories, methinks.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the heads up. As a new player (~ 3 weeks) this was too good for me to pass up so I created a new character on Cairne last night.

    The starting areas were madhouses. Everyone competing for kills. The human area was the worst of the ones I saw. I’d say the average life-expectancy of a Kobold Vermin afer respawn was <15 seconds. As a priest I had one spawn right next to me and by the time my Smite had finished casting he was dead.

    I started a blog to track my progrees (see link). This is going to be a fun six-months!

  3. Ooh, sounds great, Morane! I look forward to reading about your adventures! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I played around in the Night Elf starting area for about 30 minutes before I got too annoyed and switched to one of my regular toons. I still love the idea of trying out this new realm, but maybe I’ll wait a week or two and try again.

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