The Purple Poxing Has Begun!

Last night, the Purple Poxer team set out from Orgrimmar for their first adventures together. We all logged in around 7pm, and after some greetings, buffing, and brief planning, we left the safety of the city for the wilds of Durotar.

Lookie! Our first kill!


The “wilds” of Durotar were no match for us. We obliterated every scorpion, boar, quillboar, and pirate in our path. Our lovely tank, Harisan, took to gathering up bunches of them at once to sharpen our group skills. After completing a few Razor Hill quests, we decided to move on to the Barrens for greater challenges (and flightpaths).

Here’s our fearless healer Daxe leading the “lazy train” through the Barrens.


As we made our way from the Crossroads to Camp Taurajo, we challenged ourselves with successively higher level mobs. We managed to kill each one in turn, and were feeling pretty powerful. We did get sneaked up on by a centaur and his pet while we were killing a hyena, and unfortunately, Daxe got squished. I had spent so much mana on moonfires (that were resisted! bah!) that I didn’t have the mana to heal Daxe or anyone else after Daxe died. This was a good reminder that I should conserve some mana in the future for the tougher battles (though chances are, I’ll have plenty saved, because I plan on being feral).

After picking up the flight path in Camp Taurajo, we continued to Thunder Bluff so I could grab the quest chain for getting bear form. /train


On the way, Salindiar blasted a group of deer crossing the road with a frost nova, and they all collapsed simultaneously in heaps of ruined leather scraps. Very funny. So, next time we saw a group, he did it again:


Hee hee hee!

The rest of the gang messed around in Thunder Bluff while I spoke with my trainer and traveled to Moonglade to meet with the Bear Spirit. Daxe provided folks with some enchants, and Harisan must have been enchanting, too, because I heard that she had a suitor!! /rumor /eyebrow waggle

After I returned to meet with my trainer, we all flew back to Camp Taurajo to kill the moonkin thing for my quest. We destroyed it (of course), and on the way back to Camp T, we saw a level 20 thunder lizard… we couldnt resist trying to take it down. Harisan tanked while we all lobbed our pathetic spells at the beast, most of which were resisted. We did finally kill it though. Unfortunately, I was three points short of being able to skin it! Booo….

This is me returning to Thunder Bluff after completing the kill for the class quest. I love Mulgore!


All the Poxers came to Elder Rise with me so I could turn in my class quest, and we celebrated my first moments of Bear form with a dance! Woohooo!


Next, we continued on to the Crossroads for a quick quest turn in, and then proceeded to Orgrimmar. It really was lovely weather for flying.


We visited Thrall in his chambers. Patient as ever, he sat through a group photo shoot with us, and we tried not to be too star struck. For the HORDE!


We got the “Hidden Enemies” quest from Thrall, and then spent quite a bit of time in the caves east of Orgrimmar shaking down evil Orcs to get their Lieutenant’s Insignias. As usual, not many were carrying them, so it took quite a while to get one for each of us. While in the cave, Waradwenne got the tablet she needed for her warlock class quest. We also ran into and killed Gazz’uz about four or five times. Poor sucker. I’m surprised he didn’t start running away from us.

After turning in the Insignias, we only had about 30 minutes of adventuring left, so we decided to spent them in Ragefire Chasm, practicing some pulls. Daxe was hopping with excitement!


Inside RFC, I thought we did great. Our collective aggro radius was pretty huge given that we were all level 11 or 12, but we managed to initiate the pulls fairly deliberately. Daxe marked the pulls for us, and I thought we worked really well as a team. I was in bear form so I could contribute a bit more DPS, and I felt like I controlled my threat reasonably well. There were a couple times when I noticed I was taking a lot of damage, but generally I had good luck if I stepped back, let Harisan get in a few good swings, and avoided using my higher damage moves for a few attacks.

We did some pulls of two and three, and started to get our groove. We managed to kill all the Troggs we needed for one of the RFC quests, so we’ll all get some nice XP from turning that one in. At 10pm, it was bedtime for Purple Poxers, so we trudged out of the instance and said our goodbyes for the night. It was so much fun, I can’t wait until next week!!

Experimental Conclusions from Week 1

– Although collection quests are still entertaining because 1) we’re together, and 2) we’re positively steamrolling the opposition, they do take a lot of time. Since we have limited playtime, we may consider skipping a lot of these unless the rewards are really good. The ones in instances will be different because we may run these more than once, but the ones on the outside may not be worth it.

– The kill-ten-of-these-and-ten-of-those types of quests will be well worth our time. Poxic Steamroller FTW!

– For me, I feel like instances are really “where it’s at.” We only made it down the first path in RFC, but it was SO much fun. If folks just wanted to run instances over and over, this would be perfectly fine with me. 🙂

– We used the in-game voice chat during all our questing, though only Daxe, Wara, and I had our mics going this week. This is the first time I’ve played using voice instead of typing for any length of time, and it was pretty interesting. Speaking is definitely quicker than typing, though it does remove some of the immersiveness of the game experience. The quality of the voice chat coming through did seem to vary, too, from person to person. I had to have my mic fairly close to my face for people to hear me and it actually hit me in the nose a few times, so I can only imagine how nasal I sounded. Ventrilo does have better quality, so if using some kind of voice chat is popular amongst all the teams, it might be worth our while to try to get a server (or rent some server space) for the Poxers eventually. I’d chip in for this.

Overall conclusion: FUN!!! 😀

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8 responses

  1. I totally agree on the instancing. In fact it might be a nice twist on the experiment if one of the groups (OURS!!! plzzzzzzzz) was to try leveling only in instances and the quests associated with them.

    Aaaaaaaaaand, discuss….

  2. I could hear you pretty well, but I couldn’t hear Wara at all. It’s good that Dax took the lead since he was the only one who really came through loud and clear. I maxed my mic output and held it right next to my mouth and you guys still said you could barely hear me, so I just gave up. On Vent, I usually have my mic sitting 2 or 3 feet away on the desk and my guildies can hear me fine (of course, on Vent you can individually adjust people’s volumes, so maybe they just all have me cranked, who knows).

    I’d totally be up to doing all of our leveling in instances. Having 5 people steamroll through solo content, while amusing, isn’t particularly fun (for me). Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m a tank, and thus pretty useless when you’re all killing the mob in about 3 seconds.

  3. Both Mr. Ess and I love the idea of focusing on instances and instance-related quest chains, so we’d also be on board with this. Of course there will still be class quests to do, and we may as well do the “will you deliver this letter to so-and-so” quests if we notice them. Free XP! 🙂


    When we were killing pirates, Salindiar said, “Catch any fish, Daxe?” It was too funny.


    There’s another good idea for an experimental group/guild: The Bassmasters.


    Daxe was coming through loud and clear for me, but I could barely hear Wara either. If people like communicating via voice instead of typing, then it may be worth considering Vent for us. I’ve done a bit of looking around, and it looks like it’s not too expensive, especially if you buy a few months (or even a year) at a time. Our guild’s vent server was arranged through Typefrag, I believe. (10 user Vent for just $36 a year is very cheap!) Do you know where your guild’s server is hosted?

  4. After that crack, I looked at my mace and looked at my fishing pole. Surprise, surprise, I can totally whack those noobs with my pole better than with this mace! Of course, I don’t even get into that icky melee mess…why would I want the cleaning bill?


    PS. I should have that pole enchanted with +81 healing – it IS a 2 hander…

  5. Okay I don’t wanna hear anyone whining about their maces when I can make perfectly good maces for anyone who wants them. I think it’s just that Daxe is attached to his fishing pole. I mean, CLEARLY, what with all the fishing. (On a serious note: the fishing pole takes more damage than a normal melee weapon, so maybe you’ll be using all your cash on repairs.)

    The deer killing looked like a ballet. Very well choreographed!

    A wonderful post, Ess. Love the pics!

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