Unexpected WoWeekend

We’d planned on traveling this weekend, but are postponing our trip due to the amount of snow that was on the ground this morning and that is continuing to fall. After bracing myself for a completely WoW-less weekend, looks like I have quite a bit of playtime in front of me. All our chores are done, apartment is totally clean, laundry is finished, etc… so…*cracks her knuckles*

I’m hoping we’ll be taking our pally/shaman duo out for some Outland adventures. We’ve hardly played them since we got there, so we have a lot of rested XP built up.

I really need to get my pugging mage to BFD again. I have neglected her for too long! (Well, actually, she’s seen quite a bit of the battlegrounds this past week, but that was not my intention for that character, originally.) I’ve been in the LFG, but I admit I haven’t been as persistent in looking for groups as I have been in the past. (At this rate it will be years, not “year” of the pug.) I’ll make an effort this weekend to get her into at least one pug if not two.

Last night, I spent a little time leveling my frost mage, who is officially my “main” as far as my guild is concerned. I’ve seen a lot of definitions for that term, but the one that applies here is that it’s the name folks call me when I login, regardless of what character I’m on. She’s not the highest level character I have, I don’t play her the most, and I don’t know that she’ll the one I’ll ultimately progress furthest with. But, I digress… point is, I really would like to get her to Outland soon. She really is fun to play.

I might also mess around with some Alliance alts. I did roll on that new server I mentioned yesterday, but I didn’t even last 30 minutes in the starting area before I got irritated with people. At first the novelty of it was appealing — so many people! So many corpses! I was amazed that things respawned fast enough for anyone to get anything done. Perhaps my biggest mistake was not immediately logging out of the General Chat like I normally do. There was so. Much. Idiocy. One idiot in particular… argh. That plus the difficulty of finding mobs to kill and people sniping mobs from each other.  I was just done with it. I may have even deleted the toon… I can’t even remember. In any case, I might try again there in a few weeks after people settle down. In the meantime, I think I’ll set up my little Alliance family elsewhere. I’m thinking Drenden since I already have a (gnaked) gnome there in Shattrath. 🙂

Speaking of the new server (Cairne), check out Brave New Realm, a blog from the point of view of a relatively new WoW player who has decided to set up shop there and chronicle his experiences as the realm develops. Good stuff!

Finally, I did start that Orc rogue I was daydreaming about. She’s level 5 or so, and has just made her way to Durotar. She is fun so far, and running up to the mob for some stabby stabby has been a nice change of pace since most of my characters are ranged attackers. The play mechanic is similar to the assassin in Diablo II, too, which was one of my favorite classes in that game.


2 responses

  1. Thanks for the plug!

    Turning off General chat was the very first UI change I ever made in WoW. I usually turn off the Trade channel too.

    Keep up with the PUGing, IIRC that site is how I wound up here (after searching for ‘Ragefire Chasm’).

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