Don’t wanna party, eh?

Light night, my hunter was working on the Firewing quest chain in Terrokar that leads to your having to go up into the tallest spire in the area to kill Sharth Voldoun. The area in general was kind of a pain in the butt because of all those warlocks, but once I got to the final tower, it looked like I was done dealing with casters. Whew!

I cleared the room at the bottom of the tower, and killed the Firewings on the stairs and next to the translocation orb. I ported up to the top to find two more Firewings patrolling. I could see Voldoun via humanoid tracking, but he appeared to be on a different level, maybe higher up. I sent my pet in to kill one of the Firewings, and then the other Firewing jumped in and started attacking as well. Behind me, a Blood Elf paladin translocated up, and stood and watched me fighting the Firewings for a second or two. He didn’t help and he didn’t say anything, and before I could type anything to him, he ran up to get the boss. Ninja bastard. I tried to finish the fight as quickly as I could to ask him if he wanted to party, but before I was done with the patrols, I saw Voldoun’s portrait go gray. Grr.

Obviously, I was not going to help him. Horde brother or not, he totally swiped the kill. What else would I be doing up there besides going after Voldoun? He knew exactly what he was doing. So, I ran up the spiral and watched the fight.

He and Voldoun seemed to be damaging one another to similar degrees and healing themselves at about the same pace, so the fight took a loooong time. Voldoun is not an elite, but he was about two levels higher than the paladin. Not sure how the paladin was specced, but given how the fight went, I suspect he was protection. (I didn’t inspect him.) There were a couple moments when I thought Voldoun had the paladin, because the pally’s life and mana were getting so low, but a few seals and judgments later (and probably some pots), and the pally gained his footing again. The fight lasted for several minutes before the paladin finally had to bubble and run, and Voldoun chased him down the spiral to the next level and killed him. Take that, ninja boy.

Voldoun healed and then sort of disappeared and rematerialized at the top of the spiral where I was. I targeted him and sent my pet in, and before my pet got there, Voldoun went gray again, as there had apparently been a gnome rogue stealthed and waiting. Rar. Another snipe.

SO, I waited for ninja number two to finish up with Voldoun. This was a much quicker fight, as the rogue was two levels higher than Voldoun, with much higher DPS than the paladin. After the kill, the gnome gninja looted, ported down, and I was left to wait for the respawn. I saw the Firewings below respawn on my minimap, and I also saw the paladin come back to retrieve his corpse. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle that interaction if he came back for a second try, but I definitely didn’t want to ask him to party. Seems he decided to just try another time, because his little green dot appeared and then disappeared.

Voldoun respawned after a few minutes, and my cat and I made very short work of him. Loot and done.

It would have been so easy for that paladin to stop and ask if I wanted to party. I wouldn’t have had to wait, he wouldn’t have had to die. Clearly, there was nothing else I could have been doing up there. Being a ninja against the opposite faction, stealing chests or ore or kills or whatever — ok, fine. It’s really annoying when it happens to me, but I expect it. When another member of the Horde pulls a ninja move like that? Totally lame.


3 responses

  1. Hear hear! Competition between factions is totally understandable, but ninjaing nodes/kills/flowers from your own faction is just pure stoopidness. I tend to remember names, so I go by the adage:

    Remember: The priest whose mining node you ninja’d today could be the very same priest healing your party in Heroics tomorrow.

    And, yes, I would let them die a couple of times before letting loose with that little gem….

  2. grrrrrr…I hear you on this one. I understand sometimes with gathering professions (mining, herbalism) that you may not always realize that someone is near by. But waiting for someone to clear a path and then grabbing the loot/dungeon boss/whatever? Yup time to take pen in hand and write that name down: I am so not grouping with you, you will not join my guild, I will /poke you mercilessly, etc.

  3. Oops, both your comments remind me that I didn’t write down the dude’s name! I think I remember part of it, so maybe I’ll search for him again tonight so I can keep an eye out for him. Boo for ninjas!

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