Reader’s Poll: Confess your most n00bish moments!

Wednesdays seem like a good day for polls.  🙂

We were all new to the game once. For some that was years ago, for some it was quite recent, but we all had to start somewhere, and chances are, during those first few weeks of WoW (unless you were a prodigy), you did some very silly things.

Last Wednesday, when my druid was running to talk with the Bear Spirit in Moonglade, I was telling my fellow Poxers about how long it took me to find that bear the first time.  It was back on one of my very first Alliance characters, and I don’t think I even realized that I could press “M” to see the map of the area.  Instead, I was relying on the general directions from the NPC, wandering around, getting very dizzy running up and down the mountains, finding one dead end after another.  FINALLY, after something like 45 minutes, I found the bear spirit and then struggled quite a bit to find my way back.  (What is this mysterious town, and why is it so empty?)  After turning in the quest and being done there, I couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to get back. There was a similarly confused person hanging out there, and when we asked someone for help, they said “hearth.”  What?  “Hearth.”  Is there a fireplace I’m supposed to click on in there?  OH.  HearthSTONE.  *blush*  Eventually I learned that there was a flight out of there, back to civilization.  Oh, the noobness.

How about you?  Tell me something noobish you did in your early days of the game.  Confess!


15 responses

  1. It took me ages to find the bear too.

    I can’t remember a ‘most newbish’ moment but I do remember thinking that level 20 people were high level and that flight points were rare awesome things you could occasionally get and then spend a lot of money using.

    Back when silvers were gold to me.

  2. This is the earliest one I can recall – though I’m certain there were worse before this.

    Zul’gurub. I was leading the raid. We got to the bit where you summon the boss in the middle of the imp/demon area, and I had forgotten the Mojo Madness required to do the summoning. D’oh!

    Oh well, I hearth to grab it from the bank, and get a few other requests (Grab me some mana pots! Can you get some Symbol of Kings? Candles? Acorns?). I round up the requested reagents and request my summon back.

    We have to reclear to the Mojo area now. We get there, and I realize that my bags had been full (of acorns and candles) when I tried to get the Mojo out of the bank, and in my rush I hadn’t noticed.


  3. Since I played a couple of MMOs before WoW my newbishness was fairly limited but I did have a couple of moments. This is the one that makes me chuckle when I think about it.

    I had just discovered, from a blog somewhere, that it was possible to fish and that fishing was a *good* thing. I found the fishing trainer in Ogrimmar, got trained and even bought a rod. I did have a mini-newbie moment when I tried to fish without equiping the rod first. Once that was sorted I spent a while trying to fish in the Ogrimmar pool without success.

    Thinking that maybe there were no fish in the pool I searched my memory for other possible nearby locations. Hey, what about the sea coast of Durator?! Perfect! Sprint back to the gate, hang a left and there’s the ocean right in front of me…

    Do you it takes forever to beat a scorpid to death with a fishing pole?

  4. It took me forever and a day to figure out how to swim underwater. I did it on accident once, and it was amazing enough that I called my boys into the room to show them. About two weeks later my brother in law finally had to tell me how to do it.

    I think I made to the mid-40’s on my first hunter before I fully realized that you could not only train your pets, but learn higher level skills from other creatures.

    There are a lot of uneccesary noobish moments lurking out there because the game seems to rely on you having some innate knowledge of how to do certain things. The instructions in the quest log aren’t clear or there isn’t in game training, etc. I guess Blizzards thinking on that is that it forces you to interract with others. I just find it a huge pain, lol. I’m still waiting for when I can use my mini-map or ask a guard to find the general goods or trade goods vendors in a new town. I know they’re there, I just can’t find them!

  5. The last comment reminded me of one of my biggest n00b moments, though it was actually in EQ, instead of WOW. I didn’t play EQ very long, so I don’t quite remember the details, but I joined some friends in making the Cat-Folks that live up on the moon. I had never played an MMO before and couldn’t figure out how to swim… at all.

    In the starting city, I accidentally fell into the fountain in some sort of courtyard, and I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to stand up or get out. And I don’t exaggerate about for the life of me, as I had to die, and then recover my corpse to get out of it.

    It was quite pathetic… to die in a fountain with probably only 2 feet of water in it.


    In Wow, I recently had a moment where my Hunter was raiding in Kara, and as the Raid Leader tells me to trap so-and-so over here, I keep trying, but I can’t ever seem to pull agro away from the Paladin tank. Ever. I’d cycle through distracting shot and aim shot, and have no luck.

    It wasn’t until about a week later to find that I had been using ‘distracting shot (level 2)’ instead of level 7 or 8, or whichever you get by 70. /Sigh.

  6. Oh man. I’m Noobie McNoobness extraordinaire. In fact, part of my WoW identity is finding a way to noob things up. (Poxers, beware!) So let’s see. I’ve fallen off the Great Lift, tried to walk right into Splintertree Post as a Night Elf (hey, why would a quest send me there just to get killed and flagged?)… But one of the best ones I still giggle about from time to time. My first toon, the Night Elf, encountered his first Hordies in, of course, Ashenvale. (Keep in mind, I’m on an RP server.) Every time I’d see a Tauren running along the road, minding his own business, I would FREAK. OUT. I would take off tearing into the woods and — no joke — hide behind a tree. I would be sitting in my chair at the computer, heart pounding, adrenaline pumping, scared to death one of those evil Hordies would find me and kill me. I had no idea that you had to be flagged to be attacked. I had no idea that hiding behind a tree would do no good.

    Along a similar line, the first time I saw a Horde flying over on the flight paths over Ashenvale, I thought we were being attacked by air.


  7. Oh and there’s one more. I was playing a gnome and I got stuck behind a rock that I couldn’t jump over. I freaked out. I thought I had broken the game and I’d never be able to play cuz I couldn’t get my toon out from behind the rock. I went so far as to ask a GM. First words out of his mouth: Did you try your hearthstone?

    I know: I’ve said too much.

  8. I levelled my Alliance character up a fair way before starting on my Hordie. I went to Booty Bay on my Undead Priest, and, thinking I had to get the flight point, ran up to the Alliance Flightmaster and clicked on him.
    I think I set a record for dying to him three times before realising that I wasn’t part of the Alliance anymore, then another 20 minutes trying to find the Horde Flightmaster.

  9. I had been making leatherworking goods and selling them to the vendor. I was very upset when the cost of the mats (thread, dye, and the like) cost more than the vendor would buy the finished product!

    It was only some time later that I found out about the Auction House and that I could get several times more gold for my products….

  10. Heh. These responses are funny. I remember my first time in Ashenvale, on my way to try BFD I tried to run through the Alliance town. Not around. Through. I didn’t understand what was going on until later. “Why do these guys keep killing me? I didn’t do anything to them!”

    Oh, and falling off of Thunder Bluff. Splat.

  11. “Oh, and falling off of Thunder Bluff. Splat.”

    Yeah, done that. Makes me chuckle whenever I’m in the area to see the skeletons at the bottom of the cliff.

    Not really a newb moment but I managed to die in the Undercity elevator once. As I went to get off the elevator at the top the door shut in my face – with me on the wrong side. I hung there for a moment (sort of like Wile E Coyote) before starting my descent.

  12. My kids made me create a character and I got sucked in. One of my first questions, on seeing people carving majestically through the air was “when do I get to fly?” They said when I was level 70. I was about level 20 when we all realised the misunderstanding and they told me about flightmasters. Oh the joy of never having to run from Orgrimmar to Booty Bay again.

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