RFC is on farm!

Last night was the second teaming of the Purple Poxers of Pox Arcanum. First, we all met in glorious Silvermoon City to help Harisan with her paladin quest. Silvermoon is so pretty!


And Eversong Woods is pretty, too! Everything Blood Elf is pretty, it seems. /wink Daxe


The sky got a bit darker as we approached the cave to kill the dude for Harisan’s quest. I shapeshifted for the swim to the island.


Harisan summoned the guy she needed to kill, we quickly destroyed him, and made our way back to the city. I kept lagging behind for some reason. Maybe enjoying too much of the pretty scenery? Taking too many screenshots? (Or are Taurens always this slow? Do I need to start working out?) Here I am bringing up the rear (begin theme of post)…


Harisan completed all the parts of her paladin quest, so now she can resurrect us when we get squished. /Cheer!


And then it was back to Orgrimmar for Ragefire Chasm! Woo! Just outside the entrance, there was a lonely little Orc hoping for some assistance. Sorry, little dude. Try the LFG…


Into RFC we went! We killed our way down the first path, and started to get our footing once again as a group. I hadn’t played Madja or any of my melee characters in a full week, so I was getting a lot of “you are too far away” messages initially. No wonder I wasn’t drawing any aggro. 🙂 And speaking of aggro, let me tell you how awesome it is to play with a group where everyone has a threatmeter installed: so awesome. It makes things so much easier for the dps, and the tank, too, I imagine.

We were getting ready for our first big pull, and Harisan was sizing up the groups of mobs. If I remember correctly, there was one mob toward the center, a couple to the right, and three to the left. Wara’s voidwalker, inspired by the scene, made a beeline toward the center one and pulled all of them… it was too funny to watch. We ran in and did our best to stay alive, but ended up totally clobbered. Our very first wipe! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a screenshot of the battle, so you’ll have to settle for one of the corpse run.


I thought it was pretty funny. In a way, I think it’s good we went ahead and got our first wipe out of the way, too, sort of like getting the kiss out of the way on the first date so everyone can relax. (Not that I’m that kind of girl, but … you know what I mean.)

Here’s a shot of the team getting ready to go into Oggleflint’s cave.


That’s one of the better shots I have from inside RFC. Most of the others look like this:


Seriously. It reminded me of what my sister used to say about photos from rock-climbing trips. Pretty much all you see are ropes and butts. In the case of a bear druid in RFC, it’s mostly the latter. For example, here, you can see my butt before, during, and after we killed some elementals:


And here’s my butt just after a line-of-sight pull by Daxe. Daxe is always teasing the Orc boys! Little did they know that this time, Harisan was waiting around the corner to drop a judgment on their head. Aww yeahh.


And one final shot of my butt, featuring one of my favorite comments of the night. Daxe suggested we go clockwise, but then took us counter-clockwise for the next pull… tee-hee…


No butt in this one because I was sitting on it while we were preparing to take on our first real boss, Taragaman the Hungerer.




And look what he dropped for Harisan!


We went on to take down both Jergosh and Bazzalan, and retrieve both of the books we needed for the UC quest. Jergosh dropped some nice robes for Daxe (not as nice as one of her original designs, of course), and since we still had an hour left to play, we decided to go out, reset the instance, and come back to kill the bosses again. On the way out, Salindiar had a little slip.


I helpfully sat by the ledge until Daxe came to resurrect him.


The Purple Poxers emerged from RFC to find the Green Poxed team waiting to go in! /wave! (There were lots of skeletons on the ground, too. Looks like maybe some Alliance decided to try to get to RFC!)


We repaired our armor, sold our junk, turned in a quest or two, and then went back in for more action. We killed Taragaman and Jergosh once again. Taragaman dropped the same sword he did before (a shard for Daxe!), and Jergosh dropped some nice mail bracers for Harisan. Yay! I think we’re planning to do a few more runs through RFC next week to help get more pretty blues (and shards!) for everyone, and further refine our pulling techniques. I thought everybody really did a great job, and it was loads of fun. Great teamwork with this bunch. it seems that everybody listens, everyone is open to advice, everybody waits for the pull, and everybody improves as we play… it truly is the anti-pug. (And did I mention that everybody has a threatmeter? Wooo!)

Here’s the group photo of the week. We all gathered after our second slaying of Jergosh to celebrate that the Purple Poxer team has RFC on farm. /Cheese!


Other accounts and pics of the Purple Poxer adventures:

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2 responses

  1. I shapeshifted for the swim to the island.

    That totally threw me off, I was thinking… you don’t get your ugly sea lion till 16! Which, of course, is just around the corner.

  2. Hehe, oh, I didn’t think about that! That is just around the corner. How exciting. 🙂

    By the way, any suggestions for a feral druid build that might be good for dps at this point? Ideally, I’d like to have something nice going for cat form at 20.

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