Experimental Alts

Between my puggin’ mage and my anti-puggin’ drood, my new Alliance alts, and all my regular Horde toons, I know I don’t need any more alts. Really. But I keep thinking of new things to try…

I love the idea of being part of an all-druid or all-paladin trio that bowls through the game together, three-manning instances. Wouldn’t that kick ass?

I’m also tempted to roll on a PvP server, just to see how long it was before I got ganked. And then how long before I tired of all the ganking? (And what character class would be best for such an experiment?)

I also have no warlocks or warriors.  (I played a warrior to level 10, and then relegated her to mule status.)  At some point, I’d like one of each to complete my collection.

Mm…. delicious alts.

And speaking of alts, Altitis just linked a fabulous blog by yet another altoholic called Altosis.  Awesome stuff.  This one goes right into the daily reading pile… 🙂

Is anyone else feeling particularly alt-y right now?


6 responses

  1. lol let’s have another Experiment! Perhaps the Altitis Aggrandizement Tour, or the Wantastic Warlock Wroup, or-oh shucks. Catchy phrases are not my thing. You have so much energy .. cannot .. keep .. up …..

  2. @Beowulfa

    Whenever I present Mr. Ess with these new ideas, he just says, “You play too much WoW.” Hee hee hee… I know, but it’s so fun!


    After playing nothing but Horde for so long, playing Alliance is really weird. I find myself confused about my allegiances. When I was in the Draenei starting area, the Horde came in and started killing all the NPCs. My first thought was, “For the Horde!!” Then I remembered I wasn’t going to be able to turn my quests in.

    If you do roll Alliance on Drenden, join the chat channel ‘poxic’ to find me! 🙂

  3. I felt the temptation pull of trying out a pvp server, but instead of leveling an alt on a new server, I transfered my 70 rogue over to the PVP test realm and respeced her shadowstep.

    Anyways, it was about 20 mins before I got tired of the gankfest. My hats off to anyone who lives with that each day. Anyways, PTRs are always fun to try out the builds you are to cheap to respec for, or go for the pvp change of pace, and 3 days wait time is much quicker then I could ever hope to wait for an alt to get to 70 :p.

  4. @Dax

    Boars are great! I love watching them zoom up to their prey, and it’s really handy that they’ll eat anything. Little garbage disposals they are!


    I suspect I’m going to prefer my PvP to remain in a controlled situation, against folks within my level range (in other words, the battlegrounds). I suspect I’d get tired of the ganking immediately, too. Still, I’m morbidly curious… 🙂

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