Reflections on the week

1. One thing I’d decided to do this week is clean up my lengthy blogroll a bit. My intent was to remove folks that have stopped blogging (or stopped blogging about WoW particularly), and I was surprised to find so many posts announcing that folks were quitting WoW, as in actually quitting this week. Working through my feed reader, I found even more of them. Didn’t seem like anyone was quitting in response to anything in particular this time (not like with the ghost wolf thing). I don’t think a single goodbye post had the word “nerf” in it (you keep using that word… :P), in fact. It was just that the game had run its course, people had reached their limit of leveling/raiding/farming/drama and were moving on. Maybe it wasn’t more this week than other weeks, but I was surprised to find so many. Best of luck to all those folks.

2. I think Pox Arcanum has nearly killed the Year of the Pug. Srsly. My little fire mage has been a fun experimental alt, but I’m finding it way more fun to play experimental alts with other people. Poxic folks are already cooking up new ideas, too. I tossed this poll out in the guild chat earlier in the week… What would be most fun: trio of pallies, trio of druids, or trio of shamans? (With the shaman trio, you wouldn’t quite have a tank, but think of the forest of totems!) I think I would rather try one of these types of things than spend another moment in the LFG hoping for another “interesting” BFD group. But, we’ll see. I’m not giving up on that project yet, but it is definitely on the backburner.

3. I have two Alliance alts on Drenden now, a Night Elf priest (level 6 — woo) and a Draenei hunter (just level 1). I like the look of my priest, but the way she runs with her arms swinging at an angle is a little weird. I prefer the gentle gallop of the Draenei. Maybe I’m not alone in this, but I like the looks of those two races better than the more Human-looking Dwarves, Gnomes, and … well, Humans. They look a bit more mystical, alien. I’ve heard Alliance folks say that they were never able to find a Horde race they liked until the Blood Elves for the opposite reasons — they didn’t like the monstrous looks and bad posture of the other Horde races. No grand conclusions about this, just thought it was interesting.

4. My Orc hunter, my highest level toon, is at 66 now. I am hoping to run some instances with her this weekend and also get some questing done to boost her toward 70. Getting soooo close. My guildmates are being encouraging, too, by sending me awesome gear that I can’t quite wear yet. We also have three teams in Kara now, and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I can be part of the fourth (rather than the fifth or sixth). This is going to take some work though. Lots of XP between 66 and 70.

5. The responses to this week’s poll are still making me smile. 😀


5 responses

  1. Trio of druids! That’d be pretty awesome. I saw a funny video (or two) of an all-druid arena team. There was moonfire EVERYWHERE!

    Despite claiming to be going to bed when I left Anvilmar last night, I rolled a Night Elf rogue. I spent a long time staring at the character creation screen, trying to decide if I could live with how ugly most of the Alliance races are. The gnomes are sort of amusing, but I don’t think I can stand being that short. I liked the dwarves until I realized how stupidly “muscular” they are…it’s like they took the art for the gnomes and just inflated it. And the humans are just butt-ugly. Srsly. I like the Draenei the most, I think, but I wanted to try some stabby-stabby. We’ll see how well I tolerate the haughtiness of the NElves.

    I found 66 to 70 to be an excruciating grind, mostly because I was SO CLOSE and wanted to be playing all the time. I probably made it a little harder on myself because I never had much rested XP and was relying essentially on quests. It was simultaneously fun and painful. Good luck! 😀

  2. I saw a video of an all druid premade in the BGs, too, and it was amazing. They were coordinating their shapeshifting over vent and laughing their butts off.

    Hee… I’m sure I was designing my hunter as you were creating your Night Elf. 🙂 I think I could only play a Gnome if I made them something utterly ridiculous like a warrior. Or, a rogue, I guess. (That’s not ridiculous, but I do have one on Drenden already, naked in Shattrath.) What server did you choose, btw?

    I do have loads of double XP racked up on my Orc hunter, so that should make the charge to 70 a lot less painful. Still a long haul though. I’ll probably alternate leveling her and my frost mage.

  3. Get out of my head! I spent several minutes considering a gnome warrior. I mean, how hilarious is that? I can just imagine a tiny little gnome tanking Gruul…hee.

    My rogue’s on Drenden, of course, as I work towards being the Official Ess Stalker. Well, not really, but it’s so much fun running around with you and the gang on Wednesday nights, why not try to do that more?

    Are you in Nagrand with your hunter? That is absolutely my favorite zone in the whole game. After the sheer chaos of Hellfire Peninsula and the swamp of Zangarmarsh, running into Nagrand felt like coming home.

  4. Hee hee hee… *adjusts her tin foil hat*

    And yay for joining me on Drenden! I’ve made a ‘poxic’ channel for us there for chatting. My toons are Adrienna and Doryn, if you’d like to whisper me.

    My hunter is in Terrokar right now — I haven’t wandered to Nagrand yet, but I’ll definitely head there this weekend. I really loved Zangarmarsh! Zangarmarsh is the first area in a long while that made me go “oooooh” when I saw it. The skies in Hellfire Peninsula were super-cool, but the terrain was just the same cracked earth I’d seen elsewhere.

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