Weekend Highlights

1. Listening to The Instance. Seriously, episode #98 completely destroyed me. We were cracking up at the Fel Reaver thing, and I loved Patrick’s interview with Codex and Zaboo from The Guild. This is by far my favorite WoW podcast right now. They’re positive, I love the running jokes (the town crier makes us laugh now every time, too), and I appreciate that they’re respectful of folks that write in with corrections, differing opinions, and even silly questions that would almost certainly be mocked on a certain other podcast.

2. Running Hellfire Ramparts with the guild. I was reluctant to join the group on Friday night because I’d had several beers and our healer was not actually specced to heal. It turned out to be really fun though. We did wipe once, but everyone worked really well together. Again, this makes me look forward to raiding with this group of folks. *guild hug*

3. Waiting for respawns with a guildmate in Un’Goro Crater. We randomly met up by the Northern Pylon, both looking for pterrordaxes. Turns out they respawn slowly, so we ended up hanging out there and chatting for a long while. It was fun to get to know another person in the guild a bit better. I recognized his name, of course, but this gave us an excuse to chat one on one about our experiences in WoW (and other games), our future plans for our toons, and stuff like that.

4. My Alliance hunter taming her first pet! Hee hee! I do love playing a hunter. She’s already higher level than my Night Elf priest, and I suspect I’ll continue to focus on her for a while, even if it means it will be more difficult to find groups with her. Anyway, her pet is a moonstalker runt that she traveled to Darkshore to tame. Afterward, I moved her back to Azuremyst Isle to finish up the quests there.

5. Alterac Valley. I ran AV three times with my frost mage last night. The first was a very close match, with the Horde in the lead right up until the end. I’m not sure how the Alliance pulled out the victory because our progress against them was pretty steady, but they got us. The second was a decisive victory for the Horde, and I died many fewer times that I’m accustomed to. This wasn’t because I wasn’t in battle either — I was in the top ten for honor kills. I guess I somehow just didn’t draw much attention! This balanced out in the third match, as I got one-shotted about 10 times. Holy crap. There was a hunter somewhere that made it their mission to go after me any time I was within range. The Alliance beat us rather handily, and the Horde didn’t even make it half way up the map. At one point someone said, “Did we get Bal yet?” which prompted lines and line after line of comments like “R U INSANE?” The Alliance managed to keep us all herded right around the graveyard in the lower part of the map. It was pretty sad. But fun! I think I’d be more frustrated if I had a better handle on strategy for that battleground. Currently, I’m just going with “try to stay with the group and kill all Alliance.” It yields pretty good honor and I get to kill gnomes, too! Good times.


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  1. @Felicia


    I will indeed go vote, early and often, from multiple computers, and so on. Thanks for your comment! 😀


    😮 Hehe… All that and it looks like BRK linked me again today. This is shaping up to be quite a Friday!

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