Reader’s Poll: So you’re rolling on a PvP server…

… alone. No guild, nobody you know to back you up and help you retrieve your corpse if you’re being camped. What’s your best hope of surviving?

I’m sure the answer is, in part, be awesome at playing your class. I’m sure most classes have something in their bag of tricks that will help them get out of a sticky situation. But what might you recommend?

Any particular class? Any particular professions?


12 responses

  1. Avoid populated places. Even on a crowded server this is doable. Ie: Instead of STV/Arathi Highlands do Desolace/Swamp of Sorrows.

    Less dying/crying even if the zones aren’t very friendly.

    If you are horde…stay on Kalimidor, Alliance… stay on that other place. Tends to be a good rule for my toons.

  2. Absolutely agree. You need to get around in’off-road’ mode. Get really good at using your “Q” & “E” keys to wiggle away from mobs. It helps to have a hunter and be able to track where things are, but rogues can vanish from trouble.

  3. In my personal experience, the best classes are hunter, rogue and druid (2 can stealth and the other is uber at grinding). Professions don’t matter as much, but you can hardly go wrong with Mining/Engineering right now. Herbalism/Alch is good too.

  4. I’ve been alone on PVP servers alot… and quite frankly I almost never have any problem. But you do need to be a bit perceptive of your suroundings. A lot of corpses at your quest location? Better check out who left them… Both a hunter and a rogue have excellent abilities to stay on top of would be gankers.

  5. I rolled a shaman on my first and only PvP server because it was the class I knew best. Unfortunately, like those above said, hunters and rogues seem to be 100% of the ones who gank me. At a low level, I don’t really have much defense against them.

  6. A druid would be my first choice. They have the best mix of skills to avoid combat in the first place, and to get away from suprise attacks if the avoiding fails. Stealth(cat form), Dash(cat form), Talented outdoor cat speed, Travel Form(Instant cast in combat), roots, cyclone, bash (stun in bear form), instant cast flight form (sprint out of combat then cast flight), water form (swim faster then others, escape in/to water), human tracking (cat form)…. lots of goodies many of which you have when you first enter contested areas, and the rest you will get by 70.

  7. im a mage, so frost nova, polymorph and blink are our main escape. if you can afford to, hit a cone of cold at em just to slow em down. its nice when you get 68 though, bacause you can nova blink and vanish. should you need to remove pesky dots, you hit the ice block, get out then vanish.

    still, there are many classes that would have us 6 feet under before much of this is possible!

    i must add that while i’ve played wow for a good while now, i only recently got to experience some good end game content, because i had not reached 60 before burning crusade came out, and thus missed all of that due to the general focus on outland. I dont know that many other people who have played that long, and certainly no pvpers, so i cant really judge how good i am at pvp. only to say i’ve topped the damage in av a handful of times, but i suppose many people do.

  8. Another thing, choose a nice short name – then you can rez behind a tree and hearth out if you get corpse camped – you’re that much less visible…

    This also applies for guild names 🙂

    Playing as a Warrior on a PvP server has been painful for me, especially at low levels – as a DPSer my only escape is Intimidating Shout and run…

    Most frequent gankers? Hunters and druids, in that order, although mages seem to like alternately frying and freezing me…

  9. I just re-rolled on a PvP server a few weeks back with a friend. I decided to go Druid, he made a Warlock. The points above about the Druid are absolutely 100% spot on, however, I would suggest asking for help when you get into a new zone. There are always other people trying to get something done, and there’s strength in numbers. By the way, the Druid/Warlock combo is pretty good. We’ve been able to turn the tables on would-be gankers up to 7 levels above us. Good luck and FOR THE HORDE!

  10. Wow, lots of great input here. I particularly like the idea about having a short name, Shigakiwi! *laughs* Very clever. 🙂

    *ponders her next alt*

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