Almost there…

In the last week or so, a fellow hunter in the guild has been encouraging me to level my own hunter to 70. I was playing my priest one night when she sent me a whisper.

“<My hunter’s name> is an alt of yours, right?”

“That’s right,” I said.

“I sent her something… check your mail!”

“Ooohhh!” So, I did, and she had sent me a blue belt with buckets of agility that she’d found. Problem was, I couldn’t wear it until I was level 69 and my hunter was resting at 66. “Now I need to level!” I told her.

“Get to it! šŸ™‚ ” she said. So, I did!

By Friday night, I was a few bubbles from 67. I had a bunch of group quests in Terrokar and was starting to accumulate some in Nagrand as well. I also had quests for almost every Outland instance. Underbog, Slave Pens, Mana Tombs, etc, etc. You name it, I probably had a quest in there. I tried to find pugs a few times for these, but never had any luck, as we were always missing either a tank or healer. My hunter friend messaged me and said she was running Kara that night, but if I wanted some help knocking out group quests over the weekend, just send her a message.

On Saturday, I hooked up with her and a couple other folks in the guild, and together, we crushed all the group quests I had. It was very much fun. Afterward, we did a guild run of Slave Pens and planned to hit Underbog next, but I unfortunately had to log because my apartment was full of people and dinner was ready.

On Sunday, we had a guild run of Sethekk Halls, I ran Underbog with a surprisingly good pug, and then I quested all over Nagrand, mostly knocking out the easy stuff. A level 68 guildmate and I worked together on more of the group quests toward the end of the night (I helped him kill giant ogres and he helped me finish all the Nesingwary chains). My hunter is now at level 69, wearing her fancy new belt, and is already 40% of the way to 70. Woo!

My hunter friend commented, “Wow, you’re leveling SO fast!” I confess, it does feel really fast. I felt a slowdown around level 60, but ever since I finished Hellfire Peninsula, it’s felt like I’ve been zooming forward. Much of this is due, I’m certain, to having built up so much rested XP. All of this leveling I’ve been doing has been with rested XP for kills. This is the benefit of having alts. Makes the time you spend with each more efficient.

I will run out of rested XP soon, but I’m hoping to hit that final level by the end of the week. Getting so close!!


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  1. Yes rested xp helps a lot :). My hunter is closing in on 70 as well and it’s much faster than when I did it with my boomkin. Instance runs help as well, as you get over 1000xp per kill.

    Gratz on 70 btw !

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