Purple Poxers 1, Leaders of the Fang 0

The Purple Poxer team took on Wailing Caverns last Wednesday and managed to clear out all four Leaders of the Fang within our three hour chunk of time. Woo! Amazing!

Before the run, Salindiar and I grabbed naps at the inn in the Crossroads. Zzz…


We then met with our fellow Purple Poxers outside and readied ourselves for the assault on Wailing Caverns.


I did a little dance before we went into the instance. This is almost as big a tradition as my lagging way behind the group whenever we’re running someplace.


As usual, we put the hurt on everything that stood in our way. This druid had a particularly painful demise.


We worked our way through the initial series of druid and raptor pulls, led by the lovely Harisan who is proving herself to be an awesome tank. She’s been great at reading the pulls and getting them marked quickly so we can keep rolling. Here she is, grabbing the attention of a raptor near the beginning of the instance.


And here we are dropping Cobrahn like a bag of dirt.


We were breezing along from one boss to the next and working on our collection quests as well. I kept thinking that Wara’s imp was a serpentbloom, which was kind of disappointing. Don’t they look alike?


At one point as we entered a new section of the instance, Harisan marked a mob and then it fell right through the floor. Hm. We decided to proceed, thinking nothing of it, when the little bugger ran all the way back up to find us and brought a bunch of his buddies with him.


Only our second wipe ever. Not as funny as the first, though perhaps it was a little more surprising. After we regrouped and rebuffed, Daxe remembered he had brought a snack for us! Yarr!


I really found myself wishing I could stay in pirate form because it offered me a much better view, but alas, I lost the effect when I hopped back to bear form. As three pirates, a ninja, and a bear, we took on Skum.


I greeted Serpentis with a dance, followed by a big swipe of my claw. After we finished him off, we took on Verdan the Everliving. /charge


Aside from the wipe (which was totally not our fault), it was nearly a perfect run. We ran out of time before we could complete the final escort quest stuff, so we’re planning to catch that next week. With our last few minutes, we went to the cave above the instance to turn in quests. Sort of a group photo…


And after, I went to Thunder Bluff to soak my feet… Ahh… can you see the bliss on my face?


Anyway, it was a great run all around. I lucked out big time with the drops and came away with four nice pieces of blue loot. I’d say more, but I’m clearly throwing this together at the last minute in hopes of getting it posted before our next run tomorrow. Work has been really busy (and will be crazy busy again tomorrow), and we were out of town last weekend… whew.

For some meatier recaps, see…

Harisan, including the looootz!

Wara ( /moo! )

Daxe, who I totally agree with. I heart the Pox experiment! ❤


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