I’m a Griefer

My horde guild organized a raid on some Alliance towns last night. It was advertised as a blood drive (hee hee), and our plan was to march to Darkshire, stir up trouble by killing NPCs (and whoever else stood in our way), and if nobody came to defend, we’d move on to Redridge Mountains and Lakeshire. We went in hopes of the Alliance drumming up some defense and giving us a good fight. There were even plans of planting someone in Stormwind to alert folks to come defend if the message did not get out on its own.

There were 13 of us, mostly 70s but a few folks in their 60s and one very brave level 38 hunter. We laid waste to Darkshire and cleared out two of the buildings, and kept killing guards as they respawned to keep the local defense messages flowing. Just a few Alliance players showed up, and some even flagged, but they were no match for our small army. We ended up chasing them down, through the buildings in some cases, and all in all, it was really fun. After a few rounds of this, we decided to look for a better matched fight and moved on to the next zone.

At first, our march was slowed by respawning guards in Darkshire, but after we got further from town, were slowed by a rogue who would randomly sap folks in the raid. It was amazing. He didn’t attack, he just stealthed up, sapped, and the person would say “He got me!” and we’d all laugh about it and try to find him. We had a few hunters with us, so when he unstealthed at one point (don’t know if someone managed to tag him with a trap or whether he was just running off), we were able to get him. It was awesomely fun for us, and I’ll bet he got a charge out of it, too. Made me want to level my rogue!

Some unflagged Alliance 70s caught up with us, and marched with us to Lakeshire. We killed some NPCs (including the gryphon master), and then tried to fortify at the end of the bridge near town. When the Alliance got a sizeable group toegher, they all flagged up and the real fight began. We were on the side of the bridge near town, and they were coming at us from across the bridge. A second group of them attacked us from the side, coming from town, so we moved up the hill a bit. That’s when the guards stormed us. Between all the guards and the growing number of Alliance 70s, they eventually obliterated us all, but lemme tell ya… it was FUN. It was a great fight. At that point, we decided to unflag and wait before resurrecting because a bunch of folks had to log off, and with no reinforcements coming, there was no way we’d get our bodies back anyway.

While we were waiting, one of the funniest moments of the night… There was an gnome called Bilbo wandering unflagged along with the group, just watching. He’d been lingering since we were in Duskwood and we were all hoping he’d flag up so we could kill him, just because of the name violation. When we were all standing there in ghost form, he finally got the nerve to flag up!! One of our shamans seized the opportunity. He quickly resurrected, killed Bilbo, and was of course destroyed in short order by the 20 other Alliance standing by, but he said it was totally worth it. Hee hee hee… many chuckles in vent over that one.

Mr. Ess didn’t come along for the raid, but he watched a bunch of it, and this morning we were talking about it a bit more. He said that I had to acknowledge that while it may have been fun, what we did was griefing.

“Well, that wasn’t our intent,” I explained. “We were looking for a fight.”

“But you have to admit it was griefing.”

“We were hoping to get something going with some 70s that showed up. We weren’t killing the NPCs just to make the lives of the lowbies difficult.”

“Yes, but that’s still what you did. That’s griefing.”

I recounted the time he and I were in Thousand Needles, standing at that little camp, getting ready to turn in a quest when Night Elf druid passing by smoked the NPC in one shot with his moonfire, waved to us, and rode off. Now THAT is griefing. Mr. Ess said I had to admit what we did was griefing, too, or else I’d be a hypocrite. What about the folks that wanted to use the gryphon master in Lakeshire?

“Ok, it wasn’t our intent to grief anyone, but I can understand if people felt griefed by what we did.”

“That’s like saying you’re sorry if someone was offended. Not quite the same as saying you’re sorry.”

“I definitely don’t feel bad about what we did. We had fun, and I think the other folks that showed up to fight did, too.”

“That’s fine, as long as you admit it was griefing.”


Ok, fine. Last night, we undoubtedly griefed somebody, intentionally or not, so that made us griefers. I was part of that group, so technically, I am a griefer. Fair enough.

It is interesting to think about though… I still believe intent should be considered, but maybe that’s just me defending my actions. I think there’s a difference between intentionally trying to make another player’s life difficult and what we did last night. I can hear in my brain the level 15 me standing there in the Crossroads saying, “Why can’t those Alliance *&#^@#’s go roll on a PvP server instead of hassling us?” I can see now that maybe they weren’t trying to inconvenience us, they were just hoping to get some defense out there for some world PvP. They don’t want to PvP all the time, as on a PvP server, just a taste now and then. Take out the NPCs to alert the opposite faction to your desire for some bloodletting, and wait for the defense to show up. Why not go pick on someone your own size? You want NPCs that are easy to kill… you want the focus to be fighting the opposite faction, so you pick an area where you can swat the respawning NPCs like flies.

It’s not for everyone, I suppose, but I can see both sides of it now. And, I’m sure that wasn’t the last raid on an Alliance town that I’ll participate in. Apparently, I do like to partake in a little bit of griefing, even if my intentions aren’t mean. It’s fun! Sorry, Alliance. 😉


Lovely non-pugs

The weekend recap continues… 🙂

There was the one poopy pug I mentioned yesterday, but I managed several guild runs over the weekend as well, with both my Horde and Alliance toons.

I ran Deadmines twice with the Sidhe Devils. The first shot at it was Thursday night (not really weekend, but I took part of Friday off, so it felt like it!), with Waldorph (Mr. Ess) and Wulfa, and we were later joined by Dax. Waldorph tanked, Wulfa healed, and my fire mage burninated. Our three man assault was pretty slow and I had to stop and drink a lot, but we did pretty well, I thought. It was really fun to finally play with a different poxer, too! I still enjoy Pox Arcanum, but most of us agree that it didn’t quite turn out how we thought. One of the bummers about it is that we really don’t interact much with poxers outside of our teams. (Could write a whole post on this, I suspect, so I’ll just stop right there for now.) Anyway, Wulfa did great with the healing, and it was Waldorph’s first shot at tanking in an instance! /cheer ! He was awesome, though he said it’s hard for him to see stuff sometimes because he’s a gnome. I have a habit of running over to look at the pull, too, and would often block his view, too. (Oops.)

We were able to pick up the pace quite a bit when Dax brought in his hunter, and we made it all the way out to the pirates and Mr. Smite. Unfortunately, I fell in the water during that fight. Long story short, I cast a poorly placed frost nova, grabbed some aggro, Wulfa bubbled me, and as I was running along the pier toward Waldorph, I fell in… *splash* There were some little goblin dudes in the water that followed me as I swam back around, so I arrived at the fight bringing a bit of extra chaos with me, and … wipe. It was getting late, and it had taken us long enough to get there that there would be respawns, so we just decided to call it and try again later with a full group. It was super-fun though. 🙂

Friday night, we managed to get a group of five together. Again, it was Waldorph tanking, me with my mageness, Nas on heals, and Palintera and Feralicious bringing teh drood awesome. This time we managed to kill Mr. Smite (and I managed not to fall in the drink), but as we were making our way up to the second level of the ship, we accidentally pulled the patrolling baddies above. I didn’t type “uh-oh” fast enough (we should really get on vent next time!), so Waldorph pulled the next set of mobs, and then Nas lagged out … pretty much the perfect storm. Only Palintera and I were able to get to the wheel fast enough to get away from the mob of baddies that descended upon the group. When our other three party members re-entered the instance, there were respawns. Waldorph said that they were respawning just slightly faster than the three of them were moving forward, too, so we just decided to call it. We’ll get you next time VanCleef!!!! I’m really looking forward to running more stuff with the Sidhe Devils, too. Great bunch of folks.

Saturday morning, Horde side. There were a couple of 70s around, including our GM who has not been on much lately since his son was born. He said he had time for a short instance, so folks decided we should run Black Morass. I’d just recently been in Old Hillsbrad for the first time to pick up the pattern for the Riding Crop for my leatherworker, but that’s been my only experience in any of the Caverns of Time instances. When the group found this out, they suggested we run Old Hillsbrad, too! I won’t give a play by play, but in short, those are really stinkin’ cool instances. Part of it is that I think Thrall is awesome, and any interaction with him always makes a quest cooler, in my opinion. (I think he’s one of the reasons I like playing Horde so much, even though he is a bit of a noob.) Black Morass is pretty nifty, too. The Hourglass of the Unraveller dropped, and I won the roll for it. I felt kind of bad about this because one of my guildmates there was apparently doing the run specifically for that item, and it was his 15th shot at Black Morass to get it. Part of me wishes that I’d just passed on it since it was my first time in the instance, but it really was a huge upgrade for me and that is the nature of the random roll. Any time he wants to run that instance again, I will go!

Anyway, it’s been great to have so many cool people to play with lately. I’m starting to feel like I’m spreading myself a little bit thin, but it is very nice to have options. If something isn’t fun, there are potentially three other fun places to play.  Guild hugs all around! 😀

Ah, Pugs

My little undead warlock has fallen behind the rest of the alts in the new guild a bit, so on Sunday, I took her around to pick up the quests for RFC. Someone in the guild mentioned a possible run, but I decided to go ahead and look for a pug to get a potentially more level-appropriate group together. (I could run it again with the guild later.) I really want to learn to play this class, and if other people are blasting the mobs into oblivion before I can get my second DoT up, it’s not going to get me anywhere. Plus, between guild runs and pox adventures, I haven’t run with a pick up group in ages. So, on Sunday morning, as soon as I had all the quests, I popped into the LFG and found a mostly formed group! Woo!

Within 10 minutes or so, folks were heading toward the stone. We had a warrior, two druids, and a hunter. I summoned my imp, passed out healthstones and elixirs, and crossed my fingers for cloth drops. 🙂 The warrior actually hadn’t made it into the instance yet when we went in, but everyone else seemed unconcerned so we proceeded without him. One druid tanked, the other healed. We plowed forward, no marking, just the steamroller approach. Sort of.

Our DPS was reasonably high, but rather unfocused. The hunter kept drawing aggro (often firing his first shot right before both his pet and the tank reached the mob), but rather than run toward the tank, he ran away. “If you draw aggro, please run toward the tank,” I said. “Im kiting,” he said. Uh… this isn’t the time for that. But, he did it again and again. I didn’t want to sound like a jerk, but I said again that he should really run toward the tank. “Hes kiting,” said the other druid. “Yeah,” I said, “away from the tank so he can’t get aggro back, and probably out of line of sight of the healer, too.” I told him that it is good grouping technique to run toward the tank so that the tank can get aggro back. No dice. This hunter was not interested. What an idiot. If you’re out in the wilds by yourself, kiting is fine, but I don’t think that was appropriate in this situation.

The warrior eventually showed up and started tanking as well, so we two-tanked (or three-tanked, if you count the “kiting” hunter) our way up the hill to Oggleflint. We killed him, and just as I was saying, “hey, good job folks,” somehow, someone aggroed every remaining trogg in the instance. “RUN RUN RUN,” someone said. I almost made it out, but they got me right by the door. Doh! Apparently someone got too close to the edge somewhere (though I’m not sure where), and we were ambushed by about 20 angry troggs. It was actually kind of funny.

We moved along pretty speedily after the corpse run. We plowed through the cultists to Taragaman the Hungerer, who dropped Crystalline Cuffs. These were a huge upgrade for me since my other ones were like Flax Cuffs, or some such starting area reward. As the greed rolls went by, I said, “those would be an upgrade for me, may I roll need?” “Yes, that’s how it works,” said the warrior. Well, I always like to ask so nobody gets pissy…

And the need roll was won by … one of the druids??? “Sry,” he said. “I didnt have a bracer.”


So lame. But, whatever. Onward.

We were going up the hill toward Jergosh, and had a few pulls where we took on more mobs than we initially bargained for due to aggro radii and so forth. “I need mana, please wait a sec,” I said before we went in to get him. “Use ur wand,” said the warrior. “I can do better damage if I use curses and spells,” I said. “Doesn’t matter,” he said. What a charming group of individuals.

We killed Jergosh and then wandered up to kill Bazzalan. Someone knew a shortcut to him that I’d never seen before, so at least I got something positive out of this pug. 😛

I was telling my guildmates about the whole thing after, and one of them was saying, “Well, were any of them in guilds?” No. “Did you tell them what the loot rules were up front?” No, I rarely do this. “Maybe they have no one to teach them?” This may be true. This is RFC, after all, which is the first instance ever for many folks. And was it the most horrible group I’ve ever played with? Definitely not. In fact, of the things that bothered me, the one that bothered the most was the last thing, the guy that would not wait for me to get my mana back. Obnoxious.

I took two things away from this experience…

One is that even if a dungeon is low level, I still believe it’s worth doing right. It happened sort of here, but more specifically in previous pugs — I hate it when someone suggests something that is reflective of good grouping technique, and someone else says, “It doesn’t matter, it’s just __(low level dungeon)__.” That’s the first thing that bit about not stopping for my mana regen said. To me, it does matter how the dungeon is approached, even if it’s a forgiving, low level dungeon. Not only does it help me practice good technique, it can teach others good grouping techniques as well. (I’m looking at you, Kitey McHuntard.)

The other is that I am probably a fool to expect random people to be courteous to me in this game. I really have been spoiled lately by the poxers and my other guilds, where people are more than courteous when it comes to grouping. We are helpful to each other, mindful of the needs of each character and the feelings of each player. It makes for a much more pleasant playing experience. As I start doing a bit more pugging, leveling up these new toons, I need to remember to lower my expectations again. Kind of sad, but that is that.

Lil warlock is now level 15. Just before bed last night, she turned in the necklace to have Lady Sylvanas sing her a lullaby.


The Purple Poxers cleared Razorfen Kraul last night, and all in all, it was much more fun and challenging for us than BFD. We still whipped it though. I managed a few screenshots, but not nearly enough for a picture book post. Also, Wara has put together a nice one here, so I don’t have to!

The pulls in RFK were a bit bigger, some of them unintentionally so. A couple times, I accidentally brought more enemies to us when I stepped around to the back of a mob for some shredding, and my cat butt pulled the next group. My shining moment, however, was just before going after the giant pig… we were in the room before, where there’s a group to left guarding the entrance to the pig’s lair and a group to the right leading to the next area. There was talk of “should we clear out this group on the right first?” “Yes, let’s, just to be safe.” Everyone else ran right, I ran left. That was 100% autopilot, sort of like when my car wants to go to work, but I really meant to drive to the store. I’ve only been in that instance a handful of times, but my instincts still told me left. “Um, Madj, you ran the wrong way.” Erm, yes. /blush. But, we took them all down with no problem. Same after killing the very last boss (though this wasn’t my fault!). We jumped down, and as each dying mob ran off, they sent a few buddies in to attack us. When everything had finally fallen, we counted 8 bodies.

I spent most of the run in cat form, but did pop into bear form during one of those extra big pulls to try to get mobs off of the clothies until Harisan could come over and grab aggro. I was getting quite a beatdown, so I stayed that way until she had their attention. During one of the bigger pulls, I also popped back into my normal form so that I could heal folks when Daxe ran out of mana. This is one of the cool parts of being a hybrid, and though I only really exploit this when we’re in a sticky situation, it is really fun to be able to contribute a bit of extra tanking or healing when we get into trouble.

I don’t know that I’m doing all that great with the DPS though. This whole energy thing is much less intuitive to me than the mana pool, so I’m not sure that I’m doing my attacks in the optimal order. I experimented with attack rotations throughout the run, keeping an eye on my DPS, the uptime on my DOTs, and figured a few things out by the end (that I may or may not remember when we meet again next week). The +6 agi quest reward ring, plus the +5 agi green ring that dropped for me, plus my new dagger, and my new pants (when I can wear them), will really improve my % crit chance, so hopefully I’ll see a bigger boost during our next instance run. We’re not having too much trouble downing things, but if there is room for improvement, I’d like to improve! So, I shall also be reading more about feral DPS mechanics before our next meetup. Melee DPS is different, interesting, and kind of challenging to me (as I’m much more accustomed to being a mana-based range attacker DPS type). I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I’m coming up on level 30 though, so I could certainly respec and try something different, too. We’ll see… 🙂

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Organized Play for the Altoholic

That’s what this week has been so far…

Monday night was Kael’thas time. I didn’t do much leveling, but husband and I completed the quest chains to make sure we have everything we need for Deadmines. Not sure when we’ll run it, but there was talk of Thursday night. Thursday night is when Lost comes back on tv, however, and if there’s one thing that can pull me away from WoW, it’s that… Still! Deadmines. Soon. Looking forward to it! Maybe Thursday. 🙂

Tuesday night, I played my new warlock alt. Actually, I created her a while back (after getting burned down by too many warlocks in PvP, I suspect), but then set her aside when I started spending more time on my hunter. The little warlock was guildless, so I had her join the new guild created by the friends that recently left my main guild. I would still like to play and hang out with them a bit, and doing so on my regular toons feels awkward at the moment. They’ve also started some lower level alts, so last night, five of us ran around Ghostlands together. It was really fun. Almost felt like a pox night, except I was much lower level than everyone else, so I don’t feel like I contributed much. When the idea of the evening was pitched to me, I was told it would be with alts levels 10 and below, so I was level 9 when I showed up. Everyone else was 13, 14, 16, etc. Heh. So, I was pretty much like the little sister with the big aggro radius, unable to hit anything with any of my spells. Pretty much just tagged along, but it was a good time and I managed to upgrade from some of the vendor trash I was wearing. She’s almost level 11 now!

And then tonight is for the pox! The Purples will take on RFK, and I hope it will give us a bit of a challenge. Any phat lewtz acquired in the process will just be a bonus! That will be from 7-10, and after, I think I’ll wander back to Kael’thas for…

…my new alt. Yes, I believe I stated somewhere that I hoped to stay focused on one toon on Kael’thas, but if I’m being honest, I think I knew that would never happen. I really enjoy hanging out there, and I really do get bored just playing one toon. So, I’m going to level up a second toon. May as well build up some rested XP, too, right? There are also more new Sidhe Devils joining, so this will allow me to group with more folks, too, if I have alts of different levels. Part of me wants to set some guidelines for creating the alts, like only make a new one once one of the existing ones reaches 40, etc, but the other part realizes that I’m just trying to give myself the illusion of self-control. Heh. So, again, I’m just going to do what’s fun. Tonight, my new Night Elf rogue will finally enter the starting area for some stabby stabby.


Little high, little low

It was an uneven weekend in the game…

My main guild has had a bit of drama, unfortunately. It’s strange because people have always seemed to work together well, communicate well, etc. Given what happened on the surface, I have to assume there were things that went on behind the scenes that I was not privy to, so not having all the details, I’m trying not to make assumptions and am being supportive of both “sides.” What it meant for me was that our Kara run was canceled, some people I liked very much left the guild, and it was a rather quiet weekend in guild chat. Oh well…

So, I spent much of Friday night and Saturday playing my Alliance alt instead. My Draenei mage finished the Azuremyst Isle quests and has now moved on to Bloodmyst Isle. I have played through these zones before (the mister and I had a Draenei priest/mage duo that we leveled to 30), but it’s been a very long time. Each time I pick up a new quest now, I get a sense of foreboding remembering how hard it was for me before. Most quests have ended up being much easier than I remember, though I have still died quite a few times. This is partly because I keep forgetting how big my aggro radius is and partly because I am leveling so fast, I keep forgetting to see the trainer! Having one’s skills up to date really does help.

Anyway, the Sidhe Devil folks are awesome. (Playing on a new character in a new realm again is giving me that same “vacation” feeling I had when I first started my Pox Arcanum character, too.) When my Sidhe Devil hit level 17, I decided to let her rest so other folks with low level alts could catch up for some dungeons. She and my husband’s priest toon did the long walk to Ironforge and made their way to Stormwind and then Sentinel Hill to pick up the quests for Deadmines. Should be fun! I don’t think I’ve done a full run of that with a level-appropriate group. I’ve never done the Stockades or Gnomeregan at all, so there’s all kinds of new fun stuff coming my way.

Sunday, I popped back to my main horde toons and joined a guild group going to Steamvaults. It was a total blast. Very fun group of folks, and I got to do lots of trapping! While having high DPS is fun, I think chain trapping is one of the most fun parts of being a hunter, so I’m always thrilled when asked to do it. Occasionally, pugs will ask me to trap, but many times they decide to leave the CC to other classes. I guess it is potentially unreliable (traps do get broken or resisted sometimes), but I really appreciate it when someone trusts me enough to mark something with a blue square for me. It was a great run, plus I got some of that Cenarion rep I need for that Glyph of Ferocity. Woo!

And then later Sunday, I joined a guild group going to some instances to finish some class quest chains they needed. This was less fun. It was fairly late (for a work night) when I logged out, but I was so wound up, I had to stay in game for a bit and do other stuff just so I wouldn’t leave with such a sour taste in my mouth. It had nothing to do with loot — it was the interpersonal interactions that occurred. I’ll just leave it at that. (I will not be grouping with some of these people again.)

So … bleah? A bit of a roller coaster. Hopefully things will even out and this week will be better.

AH shenanigans

There are quite a few blogs out there offering tips and tricks for making big bucks (no whammies) in the WoW Auction House. These aren’t on my daily reading list because I already have my own set of tricks and markets I like to exploit. It also seems to me that by the strategies being posted, there’s a chance they may be useless anyway. (If I posted what I liked to buy and flip, potentially everyone could start doing it, supply would increase, prices would go down, and it wouldn’t be as lucrative for me any more.) I realize that the players creating these blogs are doing so because they’ve already made all the money they need, and want to help others do the same. Not me. I still need cash for my first epic flying mount.

But anyway, by the time Friday rolls around, I get to these blogs as I’m clearing out my feed reader. This morning on WoW Economist (formerly WoW Investor), I saw an article on controlling markets that made me chuckle, because I saw someone trying to do this on my server this past week, only they weren’t being very smart about it.

The market? Shadowgems. Back when I was leveling jewelcrafting, shadowgems were selling for about 90 silver a pop. The price would dip a bit on weekends, and if it was 75s or lower, that shadowgem was mine. I leveled up my jewelcrafting past the point where I needed them, and then of course that’s when I started finding lots of them while mining. I stored them in my bank in case any of my alts or guildmates needed them.

Fast forward. Bank space was getting tight, and I decided I should start selling off the lower level gems. Hey, I thought, it’s time to make up for that money I spent on shadowgems before by selling them now! I decided to sell them off one at a time, hopefully for 90s a piece, but by this time, the market had been flooded and they were down to 10s each. Gah. So, I decided to be patient. I kept them and peeked in on the prices whenever I remembered.

My bank alt is a mess right now, so in trying to clear her bags this past week, I noticed that stack of shadowgems once again. I was happily surprised to find that there were quite a few shadowgems posted for 95s 50c, and then there were just a handful of lower priced ones, some for 30s and one that was just 5s. I posted one for 95s, and then switched toons to play for a while. When I came back, my shadowgem had been purchased by the 95s 50c seller. Well, that works. 🙂 I reloaded the AH to find that the 95s 50c seller had posted more shadowgems. The 30s and 5s ones were also gone, so I suspect that seller bought up mine and all the other lower priced ones and reposted. them Nice idea, except there were already a bunch more posted, including a few for 50s. I posted another for 95s. Hee hee hee… and repeat. Each time I posted, there were several at lower prices, but I always posted mine at 95s, and he bought them from me (and everyone else) again, and again, and again…

This continued all throughout the week until all my shadowgems were sold. This poor sap was trying to control a market for while there was an endless supply. As the WoW Economist points out, in order to control a market “there needs to be an obvious lack of a certain item that is usually in regular need.” Heheh…

So, maybe instead of farming primals, I should go mining and prospecting to collect shadowgems! I know I have a buyer until this dude figures out that his scheme has failed. I’ve noticed him buying up some of my other items as well, so there’s going to be a fierce spring cleaning of the bank alt this weekend. In fact, I may search for all this guy’s auctions and see what else I can potentially sell him. 😉

To Do

Forgot to upload my screenshots from last night, so the illustrated Poxer recap will wait until tomorrow. Short version? We destroyed Blackfathom Deeps. It didn’t even challenge us. So, we’re moving on to Razorfen Kraul next week, where hopefully we will get to exercise our grouping skills a bit more. Not that steamrolling an instance isn’t fun, but …

Tonight, it’s back to “work” for my hunter, to get some last minute improvements in before the Kara run tomorrow night. My current assignments…

  • Buy 2 dawnstones, ask guild JC to cut a pair of rigid dawnstones for me.
  • Buy 8 adamantite bars, 1 golden draenite (requires 2, but I already have one), ask guild engineer to make a scope for me.
  • Farm some Motes of Earth for enough Primals to make some Clefthide Leg Armor.
  • Work on Cenarion Expedition rep (want Glyph of Ferocity).

The first three are doable tonight, but could be pretty expensive, so maybe I’ll throw in some dailies. I am only halfway to revered on that rep grind, so there’s no way that’s happening in one night. I’ll save it for last and just do as much as I can.

The game really changes post-70, doesn’t it? Questing, but of a different kind. 🙂

More Social Than I Thought

Sometime in this past week, I took a version of the Bartle test, which is designed to categorize MMO players based on how they approach games. It’s sort of a Myers-Briggs (I’m an ENFP, if you wondered) type of test that ranks the appeal of being an Achiever, Explorer, Socializer, and Killer. (That wikipedia article summarizes each type of player and how they play, but check out this article by Bartle himself, which also explores the interactions between the different types of players in MMOs, interactions between players and the game itself, and how game design caters to each.)

Before taking the test, I would have guessed that I was an AESK.

I very much play the game for the sense of achievement, mainly through leveling, and completing the goals offered in the quests. Completion of a dungeon through teamwork is the best part of the game for me, and I love it when the game challenges me.

I enjoy exploring new areas, and do much more of this now that I have my flying mount. Because I’m so focused on completing quests, I wouldn’t say I spend a lot of extra time just exploring to explore, but I do love discovering new areas, new views of the horizon, and the little things that Blizzard has thrown into the backdrop. (That dragon skewered on one of the spikes in Blade’s Edge Mountains? I think it’s great every time I see it.)

The social part of the game was something I dreaded when I first started playing WoW. I’ve spoken many times of how I was burned by other players in Diablo II, and I’m still pretty cautious in my dealings with random players. I’ve been lucky enough to join some excellent guild(s) though, and have found that when I’m playing an unguilded toon, I miss that social interaction and it’s not long before I switch to a guilded toon. In thinking about what the test might ask, I ranked this lower than explorer because I know there are some folks for whom the game is nothing but a big chat room with unusually good window dressing and pretty avatars. I don’t particularly seek RP or spend time chatting with random folks, so I put the “S” in the third slot.

And then the killer instinct, by default, comes last. I do like PvP in the BGs now, but I don’t have the desire to kill the opposite faction every time I see them. (Though probably not completely in line with Bartle’s definitions, I assume killer players are primarly griefers.) As for killing the other stuff in the game, I do it when I have to. I leave the critters and non-aggressives alone, and typically only kill what I’m asked to for quests or if something is directly in my path.

When I took the test, I found that I got the order of three of those letters out of order. Given the questions, and how I described my thoughts on the different categories above, it actually does make sense though, and has been quite interesting to consider…

Before I continue, here’s the test if you want to make some predictions for yourself: The Bartle Test.

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Playing Hooky

Hey, that would actually be a funny name for an alt, wouldn’t it? Hooky. Hee hee…

And I am referring to playing alts. Tonight, rather than work on my hunter’s Cenarion rep (as I probably should), I’m planning to play my new mage on Kael’thas. It’s Alliance night, bebbe!

Wednesday night, we pox, and then I’ll get back to work on Thursday with getting my hunter ready for Friday’s Kara run. The group I ran with last Friday night has invited me to become a regular part of the team, so apparently that was a trial run of sorts. Guess I didn’t embarrass myself too badly then. 🙂