Life at 70

(Is the Hello Kitty thing really so funny that we need an entire day of HK posts at WoW Insider? I don’t think so. They’re pretty close to being removed from my feed reader as it is, and this isn’t helping their case.)

Though my lack of posting might lead you to think otherwise, I’ve really been playing a lot of WoW lately. My newly minted 70 hunter has been getting the most attention, as I’m trying to gear up a bit and play with the other 70s in the guild. It’s really nice to actually be able to group with them. Sure, many folks have lower level alts and some have no 70s at all yet, but I’ve been much more successful in getting spontaneous groups together as a 70 than with my lower level toons. I ran several Outland instances with them this weekend, and on Friday night, ventured into Magister’s Terrace… ooooOOoooo….

I never expected to get into Magister’s Terrace so soon, but we’d just finished another instance, and the group wanted to go. I offered to drop out so they could pick up someone with better gear and more experience, but they encouraged me to stay. “We’ll just take it one pull at a time,” they said. It was awesomely fun and on the whole we did quite well. We had two hunters, a priest, a druid tank, and a shaman. I got to do lots of trapping, and after having to trap so many casters there, trapping the melee fighters is a breeze now. There’s a lot of crowd control necessary in that dungeon, which seems to turn some people off, but I loved it. We didn’t manage to get through the last two rooms, unfortunately. We wiped numerous times, and it was steadily approaching 1am, so we decided to just call it. We still left in good spirits though — seemed like everyone had fun.

I’ve also had a great time tackling some of the daily quests, particularly the cooking quest (cooking is now 375!) and the new PvP daily in Nagrand, “In Defense of Halaa.” Last night, as the Alliance tried to take Halaa, a bunch of us gathered up to defend the area. At first we greatly outnumbered the Alliance, but as the battle continued, their numbers began to grow, so we recruited more, and the whole thing progressed to a nice 20 on 20 battle (maybe more!). There was one part that wasn’t fun (I died in the middle of a huge battle and had some trouble getting my body back — that was kind of annoying), but the rest of it, even when I ended up getting destroyed by multiple rogues, was awesome. I’ll definitely be doing that one every night that I can. It’s like the BGs with no whining! I’m also going to do the PvP daily in Terrokar every day, because it is so insanely easy. Cap one tower, no PvP really involved. How long before that one is changed? In the meantime, I’ll be collecting mah free goldz.

Also in the news…

– I’ve started playing my frost mage a bit again, and she’s at 57. Would love to see her at 70 in the next month or so.

– Purple Poxers were off last week, but maybe on this week? Looking forward to playing with them soon again.

– Husband and I have started a lovely warlock/hunter duo Alliance side. They’re almost at level 10. We don’t feel quite as invincible as we did with our pally/shaman duo, but we’re having fun so far.

– I hate to say it, but I think Year of the PuG is dead. Pox Arcanum is largely to blame, and being able to play more with my guildmates doesn’t help either. While stories of inept teammates were amusing to collect, playing with a full group of mature, friendly folks that know what they’re doing is priceless. I love it. It is a much more satisfying way to spend my time right now. So, I’ll try to cobble together a wrap-up over there in the coming weeks, with a Where Are They Now and whatever other post-mortem items of interest I can come up with.


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  1. To me, a good April Fool’s joke is a quick gotcha, zing and done. One where it’s obvious that it’s a joke but everyone keeps elaborating and swearing it’s true all day long just makes me roll my eyes. Got a little bit of the Scrooge going on, I guess. 🙂

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