Five Thoughts

1. The purple team is poxing tonight! Can’t wait. 🙂

2. I’ve got a few Alliance alts cooking on the Drenden server now and have started looking for guilds. I haven’t had much luck yet, probably because I’m looking for an Alliance carbon copy of my Horde guild and there may not be anything like it on this particular realm. (Maybe I should have shopped by guild instead of realm?) Can anyone recommend a stable, medium-sized, casual guild Alliance side that has an age minimum (18, preferably)?  Bonus points if it’s on Drenden.

3. I’m way behind on my podcasts.

4. Not that I don’t have enough alts already, but I’ve been itching to roll on a PvP server again lately. Probably RP-PvP. Probably Horde. Hm…

5. Is it 5pm yet?


2 responses

  1. Wow, this does sound pretty close to what I’m looking for. Seems very similar in tone to my Horde guild. Thanks so much for the tip! None of my Drenden toons are very far along yet, so I may consider rerolling on Earthen Ring. Thanks! 🙂

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