/pox WC

The Purple team poxed Wailing Caverns last night, and despite a late start due to Omen being updated every 30 seconds (purely to introduce incompatibilities with old versions, as far as I could tell), we finished the whole instance. All bosses were killed, the escort quest and final event were completed, and all deviate hides were collected. Hallelujah! It’s not that I don’t like WC (although I do have bad memories of a particular four hours I spent there), I just knew I’d be ready to move on from the place after two full sessions in there.

I won’t do a storybook play by play this week, because it would look pretty similar to our last trip to WC, but the short version is that we rocked the place. We were a little rusty going in, and I felt like I had some aggro issues (low dps, high threat — not an efficient combo), but we approached each pull with our usual deliberation and even when things sneaked up on us, we were able to improvise well and survive. We had a lot of fun, too!

Some highlights…

– When we all ate the Savory Deviate Delights, Sal was the lone pirate in a sea of ninjas, continuing his tradition of being different than the rest of us.


– Daxe, on the other hand, broke his tradition and did not use his fishing pole as a weapon for the first part of the instance. (Are you sure you don’t like PvP? Check out this first mini-event!)

– On the way down the stone ridge leading to the entrance, Daxe warned Wara not to fall into the hole like he did last time. On the way out, Daxe did not remind him, and poor Wara fell right through!

– There was a bit where we had to jump across some rocks where I fell not once but twice trying to make it across. (Doh! Doh!) Harisan fell down once, too, and during the time we were both making our way back up, Salindiar tanked for Wara and Daxe. /flex

– All of us hit 20 during the instance, so when we finished, I went to train. Yay! Cat form!


Also, we’re getting together tomorrow night for a couple hours for some class quest clean-up before next week. Woo!

❤ pox ❤


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