Weekend Recap: PvE

Our Friday night pox run was canceled, so the mister and I dusted off our pally/shaman duo for some questing. They hadn’t seen any action since their arrival in Outland more than a month ago, so we were a little bit rusty. It was good fun though, and I was amused again by the huge smackdown his dual-wielding enhancement shaman lays on the enemies, particularly when the windfury totem kicks in. I was cracking up — it was awesome. We did the quest where you have to collect blood and boil it at the cauldron, and I was struck again by how sturdy we are. We got surrounded several times, hit with respawning mounted patrols from multiple directions, and we didn’t wipe a single time. Given the amount of rested XP we have saved up, these guys could get to 70 pretty easily, I think.

On Saturday, I spent some time leveling my frost mage who was on the cusp of Outland. All my other toons have done Felwood and Winterspring in that final stretch to 58, so I decided to take her to Silithus instead. It was a quiet area in terms of other players, but there were plenty of spiders, scorpids, and snakes — oh my! I worked through quests there until a guildmate whispered and asked me if I’d like to go to Scholomance. I’d never been there, so of course I jumped at the opportunity. What a fun instance! We had a couple 70s with us, so it wasn’t the full experience, but I liked the look and feel of the place. I got a few upgrades, too (which will quickly be replaced in Outland, no doubt, but an upgrade is an upgrade).

After Scholomance, the 70s left the group and the rest of us did quests around the Plaguelands together. In some cases I didn’t have the quests myself, but it was really fun to just ride around with them, kill stuff, and chat on vent. One of them asked me who my main in the guild was, and I said that this mage, technically, was my main, though she wasn’t my highest level toon. It brings me back, once again, to the question of what that really means and which really is my main. The guild knows me by the name of this frost mage because she was the first to join the guild. How much time I will spend developing her, compared to my hunter (who is already 70), I cannot say. Ultimately, I think I’d like to develop both, and potentially raid with both depending on what is needed. It would be really nice to have dps, healing, and possibly tanking toons ready for end game content. This is a lot of work, but in the back of my mind, this is the goal. Clearly, I can’t stay focused on one toon anyway — I get bored. 🙂 (Altosis is my hero.)

Given how intense some of the Outland battles were for the shaman/pally duo, I was hesitant to take my mage right to Outland at 58. Ultimately, I decided to go ahead and do the first few quests (since the rewards are so awesome), and she didn’t have much trouble at all. She does need to go back to Azeroth and level up her professions a bit though. First aid was her first profession to hit 300, and all the rest are pretty far behind. Her mining skill is above 200, I think, but jewelcrafting is well below that (and we won’t even mention fishing).

On Sunday, my hunter ran a couple of instances. A friend in the guild invited me to Shadow Labs, which was a total blast. After a break, I logged back on hoping to run another instance. With two teams in Kara, chances of finding another guild run were slim, so I put myself in the LFG for few dungeons. I’ve found that pugging in Outland can be costly, but I need rep for almost every faction, and the more practice I get trapping, the better. I almost responded to a call for DPS for heroic Slave Pens, which would be my first heroic ever (I’ve read it’s one of the easier ones), but the name sounded a bit familiar. I clicked on it to see if I had any AuldLangSyne notes on the person, and it said:

Person’s Name <Guild Name>


Oh yes. Turns out it was the warlock from this Ramparts run. I decided to wait to see what else popped up…

It wasn’t long before got a message from someone putting together a Steamvault group. Everyone was ready to go (amazingly), and so we all headed toward the instance. Just as the first couple people got to the stone, one of our dps people dropped out because their guild asked them to run Magister’s Terrace. Gah. I thought it was too good to be true. “Wait, I have someone else,” one of the other folks said. They found a replacement immediately! Wow. That never happens in the lower level instance pugs. I had a brief moment of terror where I thought it might be the crappy warlock, but thankfully it was someone different. So, off we went.

Turns out it was an excellent group. Very competent. We had two druids (one tank, one dps), a rogue, and a paladin healer. The tank marked a blue square for me to trap in almost every pull, and I was the trapmaster. I get more confident with my trapping every instance I run — I love it! Most of the pulls went in a textbook fashion, and the only boss that gave us trouble was Hydromancer Thespia. I think folks must have been standing in her storms or something, because she zapped two people pretty quickly in our first attempt at her, and I was the only survivor thanks to my feign death skill. We totally burned her down on the second attempt though. No loot for me from Thespia, but I came away with the Recoilless Rocket Ripper X-54 from Mekgineer Steamrigger and the Beast Lord Mantle from Kalithresh, both by default, really. (Everybody else passed and I was last to roll on both.) I love the shoulders, but didn’t really need the gun. Guess I’ll keep it in my stash, but I really prefer bows.

Anyway, gotta keep running instances and upgrading my gear. I still feel rather scattered, not having done this part of the game before. I don’t know which factions to focus on for getting rep, I still have 2.5 zones of regular quests to do, and I’m always tempted by the familiarity of certain dailies for quick gold. But it’s fun. Plus, it’s not like I have a deadline, right?


4 responses

  1. Hurray for your first heroic! Those shoulders look really nice, too.

    I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed when I hit 70, too. There was just so much that I wanted to do, it took me a while to figure out where to start. Actually, scanning quickly back through my blog archives, it’s only been fairly recently that I’ve been making directed improvements for Wara, and I think I owe a lot of that to one of our fellow Poxers. I can’t remember specifically who (although I want to say it was Abuto, Queen of the Google Spreadsheets) who wrote about an “action sheet” that listed all the stuff she wanted (gear, enchants, faction rewards). I made a similar list and that really helped me get focused. I made sure mine was realistic, too. I didn’t fill every slot with T6 pieces…I figured out the blues that I wanted from and for heroics and that would carry me into Kara.

    I wouldn’t worry much about grinding faction rep at the moment. I hit honored with all of the major factions from quests alone, basically (+/- a few instance runs), which was enough to get all of the heroic keys. Only now am I really focusing on reputation…for example, I need Sha’tar rep so I can get the glyph of power for my helmet and the trinket. On the other hand, Sporeggar rep is worth grinding so you can get the Tiny Spore Bat companion. 😀

    Of course, YMMV.

  2. I do love those shoulders! Was a regular run though (not heroic), so can’t celebrate that milestone yet. 🙂

    Making a list of upgrades is a really good idea, though of course the stupid armory is down right now (is it ever up?). I forgot to mention I’m working on leveling my leatherworking and doing some mote farming, too. Sometimes I feel like I’d rather do that than quest!

  3. For Hunters, Cenarian Expedition is one of the better reps to grind. Not only can you get Warden’s arrows at Revered, but also, you can get your Glyph of Ferocity for your hat.

    For gun wielders, Honor Hold is the better rep grind due to the nice bullets and the Veteran’s Musket.

    Oh, and as far as having an affinity for bows, I’ve recently had to “just get over it” lately. Both of my Rysteranchs have had some nice gun drops, and I would’ve been foolish not to switch. I still like bows, though….


  4. Awesome! Thanks for the tips, Dax. I’ll definitely add those to my list. I’m still not so sure about guns, but if a big shiny one drops, I may change my tune as well. 🙂

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