Weekend Recap: PvP

(Yeah, who would have thought I’d have so much to say about my PvP activities that it would actually warrant a whole separate post?)

My frost mage spent a lot of time in the battlegrounds this weekend. Part of the reason for all the PvP is that I’d really like to save a little money on the epic mount for her. (Also, it means she could easily ride something cool like a wolf or a war horse instead of the chicken.) I realize it’s the training that’s the expensive part, but with my hunter saving for an epic flying mount, plus two toons ~60, I’m going to need to save every silver. (I joked with my guild that it was like having all your kids in college at once. It’s ‘spensive! Maybe I’ll wait a while before leveling my priest to 60!)

I hit the BGs early Sunday morning and queued for both WSG and AB. I got a bite for WSG first and entered the battleground. When the battle began, there were 6 Horde, 4 Alliance. Heh. We got the message that the game would end in five minutes, and one of the Horde folks left immediately. I’d never seen this before, so I stuck around to find out what would happen. We ran our butts off to the Alliance flag and carried it back twice within that five minutes to win 2-0. I don’t know what the Alliance did because I didn’t see any of them. How’s that for easy marks? I ran WSG three more times, and it wasn’t until the third and fourth runs that we started to see good solid competition from the Alliance, but the Horde still won all the matches. Personally, I felt I did well. I even had the opportunity to run the flag once! Oh, and in honor of Daxe, I ran one of the matches using my fishing pole instead of my new Staff of the Twin Worlds. The staff really does have better stats. πŸ˜› )

I was hesitant to hit AB again after my recent frustrations there, but I only had about 10 of the 30 AB marks needed for the epic mount. So, I queued and hoped for the best. It turns out the Sunday morning crew is much easier to deal with than the Thursday night crew. We lost one close fight, had an easy-peasy 5-capper (since we outnumbered them 9 to 4), and won the other matches thanks to really good defense and communication. I took it upon myself to coach the team a bit. I’d occasionally call out which nodes needed defense, encouraged people to fight by the flags and not let the enemy pull them out onto the road, and was relentlessly positive about our progress. I thought I might be overdoing it a bit, but one teammate said, “I love your positive attitude!” Heh… it’s all good while you’re winning, I guess. It helped that there were a few others in there that agreed with the strategy of capturing three nodes and defending them, so I wasn’t the only voice reminding people not to get greedy. I encountered these same players in BG after BG that morning, and I’m hoping to run into them next weekend, too.

Last night, I finished my weekend of WoW with a few matches in AV. In the first two, I did something I’ve never done before: I stayed and defended the graveyards until they capped. I’ve always heard people yelling for others to do this, and have never been sure if anyone bothered. It’s a little boring to stand there for two minutes doing nothing but buffing whoever runs by, but we did have to fend off a few attackers. There was another guy who was following the same pattern, and we met up at both graveyards in both BGs. “Come here often?” he asked. Heh. We won both of those matches.

Somewhere along the line, I picked up a few AV quests, and managed to satisfy one of them (to kill Vanndar Stormpike) during one of the first two runs. The other involved getting a banner from a cave in the south part of AV. On my third trip through, I decided to check it out. I wandered south and found the cave, and was bummed to find that it was filled with gnolls. They were below my level, not hard to kill, but what a pain. I started chipping away at them, and hoped nobody would think I was hiding or afk. After a few minutes, a shadow priest appeared and we killed a few gnolls together. I conjured some water for him and asked if he was looking for the banner, and he said yes. I thought we’d work together, but instead he decided to dart in and try to run past a bunch of them. Uhh… yeah. Didn’t work. He was killed and fortunately, I didn’t grab aggro on any of them, so was safe to keep picking them off one by one. He apparently got far enough in that he couldn’t retrieve his body safely, so I had to kill my way back to his body before we could work together. Fortunately, in ghost form, he was able to find the banner, so at least we knew where to go. We retrieved his body, got the banner, and then decided that allowing ourselves to be squished and rez in the graveyard would be much faster. πŸ™‚ Within just a few minutes of our resurrecting in the graveyard, the Alliance won the BG. Alas… but at least I got that stinking quest done. I ended up getting loads of XP from it, too. There was the initial prize of the trinket, and then I got to upgrade it a few times (because my rep with Frostwolf was pretty good), getting about 9000 XP each time. Wowsa. Wish I’d known about that before! I should really check for other BG quests soon!


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