No more BGs on weeknights…

…unless I am going in with a group of folks I know, because it is just. Too. Annoying. Also, it apparently turns me into a raving lunatic. Last night…

[Scene: WSG ends, the Alliance wins, and I storm into the living room where Mr. Ess is reading his book.]

Me: You would not &*#*ing believe what just happened. We had the Alliance flag all the way at our base, but both flags were out so our carrier couldn’t cap it yet. A bunch of us were defending him in the flag room and when a wave of Alliance came in, we all attacked but the kid with the flag just #*&^ing stood there, not moving, not defending himself at all. We all died, they got their flag back.

Mr. Ess: (looks up)

Me: The @*&#ing kid just just #*&^ing STOOD THERE. So, someone said, “dude, why didn’t you attack or anything?” And the kid said, “I was afk i had to let the dog out lol.” WHAT THE $%^&%$!!! You were letting the ^&#&@ dog out??? If you’ve got the flag and you need to go afk, give the #(*&$ing flag to someone else!! Who DOES that kind of thing??!! RAR!!!!!! (storms back into the office)

Mr. Ess: 😮

[Curtains close.]

So… yeah. I’m reminded of when I realized I needed to quit tournament Scrabble. (Don’t laugh, it’s true!) I was playing in the lowest division and my opponent was a little old man named Herb who played only three letter words and muttered the entire game. “Bat, bat, bat, as in baseball bat, I like baseball, 13 for me.” “Hoe, hoe in my garden like a spade in my shed, that’s 16.” As if that weren’t bad enough, every time I tried to open parts of the board, he closed them, and we ended up building the diagonal staircase of doom. I felt myself reduced to his horrifying style of play, lobbing off three letter words, fishing for better tiles and praying for a bingo there wouldn’t be a spot for anyway. He beat me (by a slim margin, but it was a win) and I left the board disgusted with him and myself. After the game, I went to my Scrabble friend I was there with and completely trashed the old man. Sure, much of my reaction was rooted in frustration with myself in this particular case, but my response toward this other player was still needlessly nasty.

It’s not something I’m proud of, but I realize I have a competitive streak that can make me unpleasant and unforgiving at times. I can forgive noobness (because we all have to start somewhere), but not passing off the flag if you’re going afk is just stupid. Yes, if I had a dog and it looked like it was about to relieve itself on the carpet, I would go afk to let it out, too, but I would first pass the flag to one of the many people helping to defend it. That’s common sense.

I should clarify: I don’t vent my spleen in the battlegrounds themselves, just like I didn’t blow up at Herb. I’m not one of those people crying the BG chat in all caps how stupid everyone is or how everyone is a noob. Instead, I shout at my monitor or my poor husband (receiver of all my venting — that was in the vows, right?). Unfortunately, I’m betting after last night, Mr. Ess (and now, maybe all of you) would hesitate to step into the battlegrounds with me. That sucks because you’re an intelligent lot that would certainly pass the flag if you were going afk, I’m sure. But still, I understand. I don’t like that cursing madwoman I have the potential to become either.

So, I think I’ll give the BGs a rest for a while. I got enough marks last night to buy my Red Skeletal Warhorse, so now I’ll level my mage to 60 and proceed through Outland. From here on out, unless I’m going into the BGs with people I know, I’ll limit my BG play to early mornings on the weekends when there seem to be more sensible people around.


4 responses

  1. I have been there myself, there are so many “idjits”, as my friend would say, out there you can’t rely on anyone but yourself or your friends…unfortunately, pretty much the same thing applies to real life as well.

  2. Yay for an Alliance win?


    Just kidding, Ess…I feel your pain. I was so pissed on Sunday after an AV match when our tank just stood around looking at Drek, until he must have gotten word from his Horde buddies that it was okay to start on Drek, because there’s no way we’d beat Drek down before Vann died. I confess I WAS typing in /bg: “Can we get just ONE tank to GROW A PAIR and hit Drek? Because we rogues don’t tank so good.”


  3. @Sean

    Hehe, idjits indeed. So frustrating. I’ve never actually gone into the BGs with friends before, but I’m looking forward to trying it!


    That’s right! *swings her tile bag over her head bolas-style, and targets her next victim*


    Oh gosh, I’ve seen that before with both Bal and Van. We all stand there in the room waiting for someone with the nuts to make the first move. A few times I’ve been tempted to send my pet in just to get people moving, but I never have. Those are situations where it would be awesome to go in as a tank/healer duo just to be sure those encounters move along a little faster. AV is a race of sorts, after all. 🙂

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