Breaking the Bank

All these alts are really clearing out my bank account now that they need epic mounts. Last night after finishing up with the poxers, I leveled my frost mage up to 60 and shelled out for her epic riding skill. Expensive, yes, but it’s not like I could not do this. And isn’t the mount cool-looking? Much better than the chicken.

You can also see from the photo that she seems to be going through a trampy phase in her wardrobe. She was able to equip one of the pairs of Leggings of Consecrated Darkness my hunter picked up during her Outland adventures.

I like the stats on them, so I’m hoping to replace the tunic with some robes soon to cover myself up a bit. Not only are the leggings a bit drafty, they invite more flirtation than I’m interested in. But I digress…

I stopped playing the auction house aggressively quite a while ago, turned off by that annoying undercutter on my server. I was making plenty of money in Outland, so decided to just set the AH mini-game aside. Now I’m wishing I’d stuck with it. I’ll do a bit of looking there tonight to see if my arch enemy is still there, and check the markets I used to be active in.

Alt addiction gets expensive at the higher levels. Ouch!


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